We should bite the bullet and shut the Airshow for this round

We should bite the bullet and shut the Airshow for this round.

A simple company meeting at Grand Hyatt Hotel has turned us into an unofficial “WUHAN VIRUS HUB of international transmission”.

If this Airshow becomes another example of Hub of International Transmission, we might face blockade of travel between Singapore and other countries. Not to mention we are now Number One in the number of infections outside Mainland China!

We will be really be in bigger trouble if these happened.


* Facebook post by Goh Meng Seng.




18 Responses to “We should bite the bullet and shut the Airshow for this round”

  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    I am waiting for the news that somebody who attended the airshow got the virus and infected others.

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  • tan kin lian is pea brained:

    S$m needed by pap to pay each other under pap ownself pay ownself S$m system.

    S$m disappears if Airshow is canceled and pap S$m ownself justify ownself GDP growth bonus disappears.

    cannot lah.

    anyway if kenna also the 70% sheep who bus mrt. can always import more from Msia China india.

    better S$m in pap ownself happy ownself bank accounts than ensuring safety of 70% sheep.

    what’s wrong in making more money?

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Wuhan virus will “participate” in airshow because it is airborne and many stupids will be there following MOH advise not wearing a mask because they are not sick.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    No problem. Singapore always wants to be No. 1. It became no. 1 in ranking of stupid schools. Remember the slogan “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation”. Actually, this is an oxymoron. Cannot think means being stupid. Cannot learn if stupid. Lastly, no cure for stupidity.

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  • Bapak:

    Do you not realized the Organizer is semi-quasi company where the G has a stake? If the Organizer is 100% private, you know the talk & walk will be different. All the g machineries will come down hard on you. You would be “advised” to postpone the show.

    But if you voted & chose to have different treatments, whose fault? Open your eyes to see, open your mind to think – you wont die so fast.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    GMS is very quick to point out faults.

    Lets give credit when its due.

    Shutting down is damn easy, might as well suggest that we close all our borders and declare code RED!

    GMS, do you have a solution? Otherwise, shut the f..k up .

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  • The palace:

    Yes we should shut it down. Maybe ng n pinklee can represent Sinkiland!

    I can tell you the whole pappy machinery is now frighten, very frighten of the disease!

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  • Pioneer:

    What if F1 Race starts tmr ? Will they cancel the money spining event ? Just wandering only.

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  • classified as a solution:

    //GMS, do you have a solution? Otherwise, shut the f..k up .//

    hahaha. i thought he said shut down (not solution meh ?) ? so shutting down should not be classified as a solution ?

    //Shutting down is damn easy, might as well suggest that we close all our borders and declare code RED!//

    hahaha. well, frankly that could be a ‘good’ solution (to minimize the spread from one another or among countries) ? orelse, what other solution unless the virus dies their own ‘natural’ death (either no other “weak” hosts to help spread it further OR due to change of seasonal climates which may affect / kill off the survival chance of the virus which may or may not happen due to the possibility of mutation into a stronger variant OR a quick vaccine being created ???) ??

    as for going code RED or shutting down totally, a lot of people are going to cry about work stoppage and economy and disrupted business flows as they are more familiar of / used to business / jobs going on and running THAN a virus going / running in their daily lives as long as latter does not hit them directly to feel the extreme discomfort / pain ???

    and the white idiots are going to do their best balancing these two important factors (gradual restriction / shut down VERSUS economy ?) while too bad along the way certain people will just be collateral damages (either further confirmed infections and touch wood deaths ?) ??

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:



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  • Harder Truths:

    Only a matter of time until a really DEADLY pathogen comes to $G and all $G are wiped out. Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking warned about this some time ago.

    No other country is foolish enough to allow unrestricted access to any disease which cannot be controlled or has a known cure. Bu $G is special – we excel in doing stupid things.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Also $ingapore is condemned as a BIG RISK by other countries for allowing the virus to spread.


    The key to transmission is control of people movement. $G government says anyone can come and go. Chinse citizens free entry mix with other nations and $G visitor already infect EU. Next time WHO will quarantine $G.

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  • I beg to differ:

    @ I can tell you the whole pappy machinery is now frighten, very frighten of the disease!

    Overly exaggerated.
    Sars also not scare. Let alone coronavirus.

    At the moment zero death from Sg locals.

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  • Get Real:

    The show must go on to calm fear and panic; to convince the public that it is still safe to go about in a crowd without wearing a mask. What if a few more people get infected? Simply add them to the statistics.

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  • The show muz go on ....:

    The show muz go on …..

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  • Contradiction:

    Looks like most of the actions are status quo. No school closures, no cancellation of mass events.

    Just advisories. No wonder the Singaporeans are panic buying.

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  • GDP Claims:

    I now like to summon Economist Yeoh Lam Keong to the stand.

    Mr Yeoh, have you, in your decades of being economist, ever independently audited the published GDP?

    Before CORONA , SG shockingly surprised everyone it did not reported a recession.

    Now, with Corona, do you expect a recession to be announced ?

    If not then we must really say kudos to MAS and MOF.

    These people are really hardworking talents. Always reporting truths and never faking the GDP.

    OK, what have you learnt as an economist?

    Supplementary question:
    How does IMF or world bank know which country gdp is fake if they never can independently audit any gdp of any country?

    I shall now adjourn this session for 10minutes and then mr Yeoh please report back to testify.

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