United Kingdom’s Covid-19 ‘super carrier’ has recovered

Steve Walsh

The British businessman who became known as a “super-spreader” of the COVID-19 said on Tuesday (11 Feb) that he had fully recovered but remained in isolation at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, central London.

Steve Walsh is believed to have infected at least 11 other Britons — 5 in a ski chalet in the French Alps and another 5 who have since returned to their home city of Brighton on England’s southeast coast. Hundreds of his close contacts from various countries have reportedly been quarantined.

The 54-year-old had attended a business seminar at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore from January 20 to January 22, along with 109 business participants from various countries. It is believed that he had contracted the Covid-19 there but was asymptomatic.

Walsh then left Singapore and joined his family and friends at the Les Contamines Montjoie ski chalet in the French Alps on a 4-day vacation.  Still asymptomatic, he supposedly infected the resort’s owner, his 9-year-old son, a tourist from Spain and 3 Britons.

He and his family then returned to his home in Hove, East Sussex on January 28, still remaining asymptomatic.  His wife, who by then had already been infected, went back to work at a local hospital and was diagnosed infected on February 9, registering as UK’s 4th confirmed case of Covid-19 infection. As a result, the hospital where his wife worked, was shut down and all staff were ordered into self-quarantine.

On February 6, despite showing no symptoms, Walsh contacted the state-run National Health Service after learning that some of the business participants at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore have been infected. He was confirmed infected despite being asymptomatic.

A day later, on February 10, 4 of his friends in Brighton who were vacationing with Walsh in the Ski chalet in France were also confirmed infected.

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Meanwhile, Servomex, a British gas company where Walsh is employed had on Tuesday (11 Feb) issued a statement on his behalf.

As soon as I knew I had been exposed to a confirmed case of coronavirus, I contacted my GP, NHS 111 and Public Health England.

I was advised to attend an isolated room at hospital, despite showing no symptoms, and subsequently self-isolated at home as instructed.

When the diagnosis was confirmed I was sent to an isolation unit in hospital, where I remain, and, as a precaution, my family was also asked to isolate themselves.


Since then, Walsh has been released from hospital on Thursday (13 Feb) after 2 tests for the virus returned negative.

In a statement on his release from hospital, Mr Walsh said: “I’m happy to be home and feeling well.”

I want to give a big thank you to the NHS who have been great throughout and my thoughts are with everyone around the world who continues to be affected by the virus.

It’s good to be back with my family and I would ask you please to respect our privacy from this point on.

A further statement from Servomex, said: “We are very pleased that Steve Walsh has made a full recovery. We continue to provide support to him and his family.

We are working with public health authorities to ensure the welfare of our staff and communities and wish anyone with the virus a quick and full recovery.




8 Responses to “United Kingdom’s Covid-19 ‘super carrier’ has recovered”

  • Aiyo:

    Not surprising. It’s a bioweapon engineered to most affect those with Chinese genes.

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  • Truth Seeker:

    Not surprising. It’s a bioweapon engineered to most affect those with Chinese genes.

    That make who the prime suspect? Some more before Chinese New Year when most Chinese are traveling around the Asia region. Who has been attacking China and Asian countries since some BEAST 666 took over that cuntry??? Not forgetting also saying China virus is good for their economy.

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  • Bapak:

    Read this first – Eight-month-old baby ‘youngest suspected coronavirus case’ as doctors warn it could spread ‘quickly’ on London Underground – https://sg.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-london-underground-080620302.html.

    Under PAP G’s suggestion, you have to be responsible for your own hygiene. Don’t go around touching things and touch your face.

    A question to PAP G – How an eight-month-old baby got it?

    To all the PAP plps, don’t tell me is the parents’ fault!!!

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  • Bapak:

    The day Kelvin Cheng gets the virus, I will open a bottle of Corona Extra.

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  • Is SG getting Safer?:

    I think SG REPUTATION Has Nose Dived.

    Jia Liao Bee 4G

    GD Star Rating
  • If I am not mistaken, London GP surgery is where Walsh’s wife worked. The place was closed after she was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

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  • Bapak:

    Look like the end of Dr. Kenneth Mak’s career is near.

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  • Orange Alert:

    With so many “escapees” from China entering SG from before the lcok-down of Wuhan city and the travel ban, has the govt been able to trace them? How many of these have already been infected? How come they can enter the country so easily? They don’t need visa? Are they SG PRs but residing in Wuhan? How many entered as tourists? What about the rest of the work-permit holders? Have they been allowed to re-enter the country after the CNY?

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