Two experts think Wuhan virus is juz ‘bad cold’

Update on 16 February at 10.55 am: World Health Organisation (WHO) found 82% of infected have mild symptoms, 15% severe and 3% critical. COVID-19 fatality rate far lower than SARS, closer to H1N1 according to WHO. Sounds like common flu to me.

PAP govt says:

COVID-19 spreads easily

– Infectious as influenza
– Infectious even if symptoms mild
– Stay home even with mild flu-like symptoms)


“Fear spreads faster than infection?” the BBC asks. “Social media was giving people partial information, but not all the facts, and that magnified their concerns,” Dr Lee Riley, professor of infectious diseases and vaccinology at the University of California

First coronavirus death outside Asia as China toll passes 1,500 is what media is reporting now.

But first, John Nicholls, a professor in pathology at the University of Hong Kong compares the novel coronavirus to a bad cold. It’s a rare upbeat assessment that defies consensus. Nicholls has said this on CNN and elsewhere.

Nicholls downplays the severity of the epidemic as fear and panic were spreading. His hometown, Hong Kong,  closed schools for over a month and speculation of shortages has prompted shoppers to hoard toilet paper and other goods.

Then there is Dr Lee Riley, professor of infectious diseases and vaccinology at the University of California – a man who has spent his career studying epidemics, including a spell at the World Health Organization.

He was surprisingly sanguine about the coronavirus, pointing out that common-or-garden influenza was far more deadly, though he said he understood that uncertainty about the nature of the disease was bound to make people fearful.

But he said a 24/7 news culture and the rise of social media made that fear spread faster than the virus itself – especially as the coronavirus was being diagnosed far more rapidly than Sars was 20 years ago.

“They do the diagnosis, and then we hear about the news of the diagnosis right away throughout the world instantaneously. They’re constantly getting updates on this… and I think that feeds into some of the anxiety that people have.”

Social media was giving people partial information, but not all the facts, and that magnified their concerns.

He seemed surprised when we told him there was talk of cancelling Mobile World Congress. He said that would be an “over-reaction”. Even if people were attending the show from China, he said, “we have new ways to diagnose these types of infections very quickly and accurately so that shouldn’t be a concern.”

What do you think?

“Better safe than sorry” is the BS response. But what is “safe” and what is “sorry”?

Answers pls.



Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor




8 Responses to “Two experts think Wuhan virus is juz ‘bad cold’”

  • Unaudited like GDP:

    As much a mystery as GDP which i dont know who has ever independently audited before.

    I wonder has even Yeoh Lam Keong ever audited any GDP in his entire life as economist ?

    What scientifically proofs a gdp ?

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  • Bobo:

    “What is “safe” and what is “sorry”?”.
    Ans. should be “Sorry, we have to ensure growth in GDP is safe. Your health is your own responsibility to take care. When they said not dangerous, means it is dangerous, not neccessary to wear mask means better wear mask. Be vigilant and stay alert.

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  • backslam:

    Whitewashing the sheep that the slit on its throat will be entirely painless.

    For money they do anything, including selling their own siblings,.

    You know how to play backslam?

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    “What is “safe”? What is “sorry”?

    The Government encourages people to take flu vaccination each year, especially for the elderly. It is even subsidized. Some even go the expensive (not subsidized) pneumococcal vaccination to protect against pneumonia. (Pneumonia killed LKY.). Not everybody gets the flu or not very many dies from pneumonia each year but they nonetheless, get the two vaccinations and even pay a lot for them. Why? Because it is better to be safe than sorry.

    There is NO vaccine against Covid-19. It kills over a hundred people daily in China.

    The “experts” who think it is just the flu should put their health where their mouth is and go to Wuhan.

    When is CI going to China to observe the “flu” epidemic?

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  • TruBlu:

    So now they will place blame on Covid19 for a slowdown.
    Later if GOD WILLING,economy improves becos of PENT-UP DEMAND,would the SAME SCHOLOR-MINISTERS CLAIM *GLORY* N SAY TO sgs it is due to their XO PLANNING?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Catching a Bad Flu is Bad enough…catching Wuhan Virus???…’sorry’ lah!!!… CI… you can have it…I would prefer to be ‘safe’ leh!!!

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  • pap IB cynical inceestor shame:

    it is called putting words into someone else’s mouth.

    The two experts, who have qualifications which pap IB cynical incestor does not have, did not say, just bad cold.

    They said it is cold like.

    Cold like and just bad cold are two different things. Cold like is the true assessment of two experts who have earned the right to say so. Just bad cold is a bad hat trying to stir his own shit.

    Pathetic piece of shit this pap IB.

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  • oxygen:

    JUST IMAGINE THIS HYPOTHESIS – if the entire population is encouraged to wear mask on outdoor from day one, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN for PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomic’s POPULATION RECYCLING ECONOMIC policy?

    This policy will be sinned, infected too and tossed into the ditch and dustbin of another monumental policy disaster and failure.

    PAPpy IB is trivialising serious matter – another facile fart.

    The undercurrent in the the financial market, particularly gold, is panicky.

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