Give Singaporeans a real choice

It is good that there are 3 cornered fights. It is time that the opposition consolidate. We do not need so many tiny parties. After the election, those who lose out, I hope will either shut their doors or be absorbed into the bigger parties.

Time to get real and get serious. It does not do Singaporean voters any good to keep having these tiny parties who keep losing (including their election deposits) at elections.

These smaller parties seem to be nothing more than ego vehicles for some of the party leaders.

Let’s get serious.

Give Singaporeans a real choice.

The PSP and WP are right to engage in 3-cornered fights. It might benefit the PAP for now, but long term it is good for the opposition.

I support Dr Tan’s move.


Andrew Loh




12 Responses to “Give Singaporeans a real choice”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    the writing style is NOT Andrew Loh leh!!!

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  • Anonymous:

    patriot of TUMASIK:
    the writing style is NOT Andrew Loh leh!!!

    Do a Search on “Andrew Loh”. Name is not unique & unpatented.

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  • HereCumZombie:

    Many People rightfully, I think, will distrust this Andrew when they read his hollow, empty of basis praise for the PAP under “The government should be applauded”.

    3 cornered fight must be absolutely avoided totally. It has no benefit whether near or far or long future whatsoever, a lost is a 5 years of waiting.

    Oppositions votes are divided but most of PAPi voters are fixed as their supporters work in “promised” large institution or government link companies or have multiples assets and rich properties to protect for their interests.

    I suspect this ‘Andrew’ maybe under PAPi conditional redemption or what? but I would consider him bitten by zombies to be safe.

    Hence it would be safe when zombie from North, you head South way.

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  • Not "opposition":

    Please, stop using the word “opposition”.

    These are alternative parties.
    WP – an alternative party that Singaporeans can choose to be their favorite politicians.
    SDP – same, same.
    PAP – same, same.

    No more “opposition”. Every party trying their best.

    patriot of TUMASIK:
    the writing style is NOT Andrew Loh leh!!!

    Suspect a fake A Loh, or that fellow got converted.

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  • TruBlu:

    if COVID still persist when GE called for,will the govt COMPENSATE those voters or their family members who kena infected simply becos they are COMPELLED TO GO AND VOTE and got infected from the POLLING STATION after polling?

    why must have GE together with COVID?

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  • Voting is not compulsory:

    99.99% of Singaporeans will be shocked to hear that voting is not compulsory. But this is the truth.

    For decades, people and propaganda machines have been saying that voting is compulsory. But.

    Is there a law that fine or jail people for not voting? NO.
    Do people get charged for not voting? NO. Because there is no law that makes not voting a crime.

    So why do people believe that voting is compulsory? Pure propaganda.

    There is a bit of inconvenience if you don’t vote. For the next election, you have to ask for your name to be added for voting, and you may have to pay a few dollars for this “privilege”. Nothing else. No fine. No jail.

    So please, it’s time to stop this fake news.

    if COVID still persist when GE called for,will the govt COMPENSATE those voters or their family members who kena infected simply becos they are COMPELLED TO GO AND VOTE and got infected from the POLLING STATION after polling?

    why must have GE together with COVID?

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  • opposition dude:

    Dr Tan is making a very big gamble so I hope he gets rewarded for it. 7 SMCs and 8 GRCs is a formidable task for a new party which we do not even know if a majority of Singaporeans support or not.

    I know that Dr Tan has said he is getting old and needs to find a successor and all that but I’m sure he can easily be a mentor and assist in the background in some capacity at least.

    If he does go ahead with his plan then there will be plenty of 3 cornered fights. I just hope he manages to galvanise a lot of support during the election rally as that is where most people will decide if they want to support his party or not.

    Good luck Dr Tan!

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  • no 3 corner fight lah:

    The opposition should get its act together. Come under one National Opposition group.
    Should be no 3 corner fight.Simple logic.
    Better still reduce the number of Opposition parties before the election, especially the weak ones.

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  • Realistically:

    Desmond Lim was involved in a 3-corner fight during the BE and got only less than 200 votes.

    Just because a certain party has contested in a certain constituency in past elections does not entitle the same party to stake its claim to that constituency. One good example is the voters in the Bukit Batok SMC rejecting the SDP candidate by a wide margin during the 2015 GE and also the voters rejection of Chee Soon Juan during the subsequent by-election and yet the SDP wants to claim the Bukit Batok SMC as its preserve…… farcical……and not that the SDP has ANY constructive input or new ideas, except to try and pander to populist policies which would, in the long term, ruin SINKaPOOR.

    Many, if not most of the so-called oppos are just charlatans hopign to get the $16k monthly MP allowance with no constructive contributions towards national policies and lives of sinkies & should never have contested, except that they see the so-called ‘push factor’.

    The FACT is that NO ONE can constructively engage me about the FAILURES of so-called oppos, especially the wayang party. I only endorse and support Kenneth Jeyaretnam for his contribution to our understanding of the SHAM budget & his positive idea in economic policies.

    Oh, I don’t entertain TROLLS & others with no shame.

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  • Asd:

    Tiny party be humble la you cannot do anything but make noise go join forces and do good for the people… give up your ego.. we need action and not noise

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  • Hopelesslyuseless:

    The Big Read: Singapore has been buttressing its food security for decades. Now, people realise why

    Download the TODAY app at

    Hello how about buying back Christmas Island from Australia. Fishing fleet to fish southern indian ocean, ckicken farms n vege farms, even nuclear plant n air force training ground.

    All ministers take no pay for 1 term is enough to buy Christmas Island.

    Referendum required ?

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  • Lie Con U:

    Just before the Second World War a MAD man came to power in Germany and caused a lot of suffering and dead only only to the Jews but whoever opposed him. Many good man lost their lives to this monster.
    In present Singapore there is a similar MAD man who has never teased defeat being born with a silver spoon.Anyone who do not agreed with him will be FIXED including family. Now this MAD man wants to have an election in the mids of an epidemic.

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