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Quality disposable mask @$0.92 should you need it

A few readers have reflected that although disposable masks are available in some outlets in Singapore and Malaysia, it is either too expensive or very limited in stocks and many have not been able to get their hands on a pack or two.

With Covid-19 infections tally increasing daily (455 currently) and the possibility of a General Election around the corner, contrary to the official narrative, disposable masks would surely be needed sooner than later.

Our techie, who has just been released from a province-wide lock-down in China has indicated that he is able and willing to assist our readers procure small quantities of disposable masks for personal use should there be such a need. (* These are not made of cloth.)

The masks which our techie is able to procure are export-quality ones which are being used in some hospitals and by residents during the Covid-19 pandemic in China (pictured below).

Due to Paypal’s foreign exchange rates, fees and delivery charges (by Air via EMS International), a single mask would cost about SG$0.92 and our techie is only able to offer SG$130 nett for a pack of 140 pieces. This is the most optimal package based on the cost of the masks, fees, delivery charges and with Health Science Authorities’s (HSA) regulations taken into consideration.

Per Singapore HSA’s regulation on importation of masks:

In a nutshell:

  • SG$130 for 140 pieces of disposable masks (1 package vacuum-packed), price inclusive of delivery.
  • Package will be dispatched within 36 hours of receipt of order (via PayPal) and is expected to arrive in about 7-21 days.
  • Once the package has been dispatched, a tracking number will be provided via PayPal’s registered email for realtime online tracking.

Due to HSA’s regulations, each reader is limited to place an order for 1 package only. Those who are ordering on behalf of relatives or friends, please place a fresh order with a new name and/or address for delivery.

Although our techie is more than willing to assist in procuring masks, he is recommending that those in immediate need should get their masks from local outlets whenever possible, especially if there is no huge differences in price.

For those who have been able to get their hands on masks in local outlets, kindly do share with our readers the name of the outlet, price and location.

Please feel free to contact our techie for further information or click on Paypal’s “Buy Now” link below to proceed to place an order.

Thank you for your continued support and do stay healthy and safe always.
* Malaysian readers are also welcome to place an order at the same price and terms. Orders with delivery addresses neither in Singapore or Malaysia will be rejected and payment refunded.

** Businesses intending to import masks in large quantity may consider doing a search on Alibaba International for the best quote.



6 Responses to “Quality disposable mask @$0.92 should you need it”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Clementi Central has lots of mask in most shops TRY it there leh!!! price not out of this world too

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  • ShamYew:

    If not high difference in quantum should not be holding a Bangla mindset now. This means Singaporeans have been having a use Bangla buy China mentality in exchange for getting inferior services or goods.

    This is why SG is said by one Tom to be third world .

    Most of our construction is by third world low skilled workers. It’s a this standard level.

    If $1 per mask or even $1.50 we should not be too choosey.

    Sellers have the merit as they had the stock. As long as not priced too immorally supply and demand should be allowed to dictate pricing. This is healthy for economy.

    Singaporeans killed Singaporean jobs. A singkee would not understand this. OverGhe decades , Singaporeans shunned construction, painter and electrician jobs and landscaping because of cheap influx allowing employers to offer lower salaries to Singaporeans. Over time the Influz intensifies leading to further stagnation or lowering wage against a constantly rising cost of living .

    Singaporeans prefer cheap over quality. Illegal painters by bangalas all over this island . This pool are on construction permit tied to one company but moonlighting. Elderlies love to use them illegally. It’s blatant practice island wide.

    This illegal market is so higher that Singaporeans pushed out and priced out.

    Singaporeans kill Singaporeans jobs.

    Likewise , Singaporeans do not care about democracy as long as they yet affected by injustice. A social justice bankrupt Singapore. Not in my backyard mentality. Selfish. When they cum for me, there is no one left to help me. Neighbors shun one another. Kampong spirit is rarely existing. When need help they realise they paiseh ask neighbors, proving my point.

    This present culture can lead to civilisation extinction replaced by new citizens.

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  • make your own masks:

    cloth reusable ones at mcpherson $5 each!
    at jur.east 3pcs for $10..
    acc to the seller its selling like hot cakes…but when i was there ppl were just looking n walking away..
    clever sales person.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:
    Clementi Central has lots of mask in most shops TRY it there leh!!! price not out of this world too

    This is indeed good news. If you can provide the name of the shop and more precise location including price, it would help our readers a lot. Thank you.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    ABC for one good place for cheap goods and most of the shops placing the mask outside their shops…even set stalls on weekends

    TRE Techie: This is indeed good news. If you can provide the name of the shop and more precise location including price, it would help our readers a lot. Thank you.

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  • Note to interested readers:

    I have over a thousand pieces in ready stock, which are balance from an earlier bulk order for fellow residents last week. Therefore once the stocks have been depleted, I may not be able to get further stocks at the current low pricing. So do place your order early should you need it. Its really a small price to pay for your health as opposed to kenna first then wear.

    I am not sure if virus needs oxygen to breath or not but as an added precaution, I will vacuum-pack the masks so that even if there are virus, it would have died of suffocation by the time it reaches the recipient. lol

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