Suspend GST, Raise Wages, Lower Rental ate Some SDP Measures to Help S’poreans During COVID19 Period

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a major blow to the global economy. Singapore will also be adversely affected. In dealing with deteriorating economic circumstances, the SDP calls on the government to implement the following five measures immediately:

1. Raise wages. The SDP calls for the wages to be raised for middle- and lower-income earners across professions and industries. This must apply to foreign workers to prevent employers from discriminating against Singaporeans and hiring foreigners solely for lower wages.

Singaporeans’ wages have been suppressed for far too long with the PAP resorting to using cheap foreign labour to improve the profit-margins of companies, many of which are GLCs.

It is time that Singaporeans are paid salary levels commensurate with the cost of living in Singapore. Ministers cannot insist that they be paid millions of dollars while making middle- and lower-income Singaporeans compete with foreign workers on wages that our workers cannot survive on.

2. Reduce rental. Raising wages will add a great burden for businesses especially SMEs. To overcome this problem, the SDP calls on the government to reduce rent which it controls through government bodies like HDB, JTC, CapitaLand, Mapletree, and Surbana. The Government is the biggest landlord and high rent is killing businesses especially SMEs.

Some of the savings can then to passed on to raise wages for employees. This will increase Singaporeans’ spending power thereby benefiting businesses. It is a win-win situation for employers and employees.

3. Suspend GST until pandemic is over and then cut GST to 5%. Not only must Mr Heng Swee Keat renounce his decision to increase the GST to 9%, the government can and must also, with immediate effect, suspend the GST until such time when the Covid-19 spread is over and the economy has stabilised.

To further assist the economy to recover following the pandemic, the GST must be cut from 7% to 5%. Increasing the GST to 9% (even if it is held off until 2022) is economic suicide. The move will only hurt spending and cause the economy to slump just when recovery needs to take place after the pandemic is over.

4. Return CPF funds. A study found that the major portion of income of retirees come from their children. This is because their CPF funds are insufficient as they are retained by the government. With the anticipated deterioration of the economy, there will be more layoffs and pay cuts. Working couples will find it even more difficult to provide for their elderly parents and at the same time raise their children.

It is for this reason that the government must return retirees their CPF as originally promised. It is not only morally wrong to deprive retirees of their retirement savings – savings which they worked their entire lives to accumulate, it is also economically irresponsible to withhold their funds which will help the stimulate economy in these difficult times.

5. Introduce retrenchment insurance. With anticipated increase in retrenchments, the government must introduce a national retrenchment insurance scheme which pays out 75% of a retrenched worker’s salary for the first 6 months, 50% for the second 6 months and 25% for the final 6 months if those retrenched cannot find re-employment in this 18-month period.

These SDP measures will allow Singaporeans the financial security and confidence to plan ahead and rebuild the economy. Governments across the world are taking bold steps to help their citizens to get over this crisis. We must do the same for our own people.

Singapore Democrats


9 Responses to “Suspend GST, Raise Wages, Lower Rental ate Some SDP Measures to Help S’poreans During COVID19 Period”

  • Bobo:

    PAP should encourage employers to replace their current FTs with local Singaporeans instantly and stop the import of FTs immediately. PAP gov agencies should start the lead right away. But too bad, this will never happen with 70% supporting their master in welcoming more and more FTs including their elderly parents to live here. We do not believe that there’s no SG talents, it is just that PAP favours the import of FTs and treat them like KINGS.

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  • Realistically:

    The SDP’s proposals are totally irresponsible and dangerous.

    The SDP should first show how those losses would be financed.

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  • AUS , MY allow retirement fund:

    Also, SDP should fight for partial release of our CPF . For this covid crisis, Australia and Malaysia have allowed citizens affected to withdraw some money from their retirement funds aka superannuation and EPF respectively.

    SG govt pales in comparison.

    HdB toilet renovation subsidise HDB lessees the Reno costs using the cpf funds. This is in addition to lessees paying between 5 to 10% using their own for. Two toilets Reno costs about $13k or more. While lessees use their cpf to pay about 5% the rest 95% or so is subsidised not by govt but by the country’s CPF.

    SO , how many billions of cpf money which does not belong to govt has been spent?

    Singaporeans have yet understood this problem. They believe govt is subsidizing them. This money is the People’s money.

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  • SDP Boleh:

    Brilliant !!! We want an SDP Government. Bring it on man, sooner the better. Be prepared, be very prepared. We are all behind you.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Good suggestions but the Crisis should be addressed IMMEDIATELY with Drastic actions if need be…

    Shut DOWN or LOCKDOWN for a month with a curfew from 6pm to 6am except for essentials…monitor the progress on NO NEW cases during this period and giving our health Warriors the relief they need to manage the current cases

    It will be “costly” BUT it is a NECESSITY to manage and CONTROL an evil that is invisible unlike those we can see and still unable to DEFEAT

    Money & Economy is in their evil minds…your Health & Safety??? Hell with it they have a lifestyle to UPKEEP even in this Dire Time…you Die your Pasal lah!!!

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  • Straight "As" Marlboro Tan:

    these old wrinkled half dead corpses also wiping tables and cleaning toilets. They are the victims of this old fart Lee sponsored ideology of no education – clean toilet. Got education – become minister. O level only – Ok settle for $1200 job. Degree _ ok u take $2500… above that? ok u take millions.

    ALl agreed yes sir. Now decades later still follow that old ideology and their children even though have degree are even worst – unemployed . Typical PAP voters. Smelly, stupid, scaredy cat. Quite justified call them idiots

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  • Help please:

    Need direct help to those who are suffering , especially those that lost their jobs and are facing difficulties to pay the bills for the basic needs of their family.

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  • Tough Questions:

    Could my these questions get no answers from PAP if I am in parliament ?

    1. Which of you MP has independently audited any if the GDP ?

    If not, you are basing on trust?

    2. Which MP can independently audit how much of the budget is actually spent on what ?

    These two questions may shock their socks off?

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  • Help the needy please:

    Good to see Government coming up to help individual and Companies to survive this difficult period.
    One group that needs special help will be those that lost their jobs and have very little savings. Need to do more for them.
    Maybe support them 50% of last pay for 6 months or until they found another job within 6 months.
    Or allowed them to draw a sum from their CPF for up to 6 months. Better than for them to get a very high interest loan from legal loan sharks to survive.

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