Yesterday was a very sobering day for Singapore

Yesterday was a very sobering day for Singapore. Our reported new Covid-19 cases climbed to an all time high of 54 cases with 48 of that number being imported cases.

If our “exceptional pap ministerial Covid-19 taskforce” merely knows how to continue doing what they are currently doing when it is now clearly shown that about 80% or more of our new cases are imported cases and they are not effectively tackling Covid-19 on that front, it is only a matter of time before we see a 3 digit increase in new cases.

I almost puke when I watch a video clip of that useless lhl distributing hand sanitizer to a growing crowd gathering around him. I ask loudly where was safe-distancing in that case even though he has to be more visible to the public at this time when the GE maybe near?

It is utmost recklessness, callousness and irresponsibility when pap mps and ministers such as Murali Pillair, Ann Sim, Indrani Rajah, Amy Khor, Josephine Teo etc and now, that dishonorable son so carelessly threw caution of our citizens’ health and safety to the wind in their community events. I consider them as not only unworthy leaders and examples, I consider their behaviours as very dangerous behaviours, no less because many unthinking and simple-minded citizens look up to them, trust them and even ape them.

When political leaders behaved so recklessly in this time of Covid-19 pandemic for selfish agendas, they must be nakedly exposed, strongly called out, strongly shamed and strongly condemned whatever their status or standing in society. Think.


Simon Lim




15 Responses to “Yesterday was a very sobering day for Singapore”

  • General Custer:

    Very soon, the dishonorable son will be lining up at the Bukit Merah hawker stall to buy chicken wings as PR for the coming GE!
    This time around, social distancing is not a problem as his large number of bodyguards will turn people away from him. But sadly, the hawker stalls around will not have business as no one is allowed to come near!
    This is the reality of life…some are allowed to do it whereas others are forbidden!

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  • DORSCON orange doors unclosed:

    when Msia did the right thing to close borders, the pap cocks and hens say no problem, those Msians can stay in Singapore.

    even get money from sheep CPF. more than sheep who need to serve NSF NSR. those who say pap is right are either pap PA paid IBs or Msians getting money from sheep CPF or both.

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    “not effectively tackling Covid 19…” Are you serious Simon? They are lettting Covid 19 into Spre!

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  • oxygen:

    GONAD-less TRUMP DID THE SAME THING as a politician – right in front of the television and media camera last night in NY.

    Not everyone is serious about social distancing.

    Why Trump’s hint about resuming our normal lives and reopening businesses would be the wrong thing to do now.

    CNBC says Wall Street honchos talk to Trump about re-opening economy. Guest suggests this was a bad look. Chaos ensues


    Ben White of Politico, a guest on the CNBC program, said

    “I can’t tell you how awful the politics are of the idea that President Trump is on the phone with these billionaire investors who are losing money in the stock market and want all the plebes and the blue-collar folks to go back to work,” White said.

    “These are the richest Americans who can easily socially distance themselves, telling everyone else to put themselves at risk,”


    GONAD-less Trump wants to fire up the economy, he wants his RE-ELECTION. In history, no American incumbent president wins a re-election in a recession.

    WITH LOCK-DOWN AND SOCIAL DISTANCING, the economy is DEAD in the coffin of a recession.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    do the right thing. vote wisely for our children and grandchildren.

    kick him out.

    give AMK to the opposition.

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  • Singaporeans spreading C19:

    China is right to close off Wuhan.

    Singapore, in contrast, allows free import-export of viruses.

    There was news earlier about a UK man who got covid-19 from a Singapore conference and spread it widely in France, Spain and UK.

    Now, there is news of a Singaporean pastor who super-spread to more than 30 Canadians.

    In this fight against a highly infectious virus, any weak spot in the world is a danger to people everywhere. Singapore has been a very weak spot with free flow of covid-19.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Now we know how much those accolades from the WHO cost! $750,000!

    Cheap right? I only wonder who paid for it?

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  • PAPVID-20:

    The only way to wake these irresponsible leaders up is to ….. see them ownself get infected. Pardon me for being evil but I hope that one amongst those he has distributed hand sanitizer to is an asymptomatic carrier.

    If he’s infected and ended up in ICU, let’s see if he’d still call for an election soon.

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  • Sgreans brainwashed:

    SK govt salaries are peanuts compared to SG govt. But outshines.

    SK has local start up culture resourceful and innovative . They developed booth type test stations for quick tests. Their govt encourage citizens to wear masks contrary to SG and yet they able to provide sufficient masks

    SG on the other hand is simply easy to handle being small

    And helped by warm weather else coffeeshops would have created epidemic.

    All SG has done is nothing as impressive or proprietary

    Take into account that sg govt is world highest paid using our tax dollars.

    Mistake of SG govt :
    1. Sufficient masks. Washable masks also can help though even surgical masks are not 100% effective. Better than naked.

    2. Ask you not to wear masks if not sick despite asymptomatic infections can be about 2 weeks before symptoms and can infect.

    3. Wearing masks they claim, leads to panic. Contrary, SK govt proves it’s good for citizens. Wearing masks when not sick gives a sense of security and defence and provides more defence than not wearing.

    4. Social distancing is other country idea. SG try to use a different name . Intellectually dishonest like wanting to take credit . They call it safe distancing. Like copying a product changing the design from red color to grey.

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  • Eddie:

    Political vs medical expediency!!

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  • sia sway mouths of gov:

    that kbw shd just shut up for good and do a good job.. everytime he opens his mouth a major fault happens ..and now a young tech guy got crushed to death on the job..
    paid mils$ to come out n talk nonsense…telling train n bus commuters not to talk cuz can spread the virus..
    all the inept gov ppl shd be sent for upgrading and retraining.
    total bunch of freaks led by the chief pink clown..

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  • the hardest truth:

    save your breath lah Simon please. these aunty/uncle bo LP bo CB citizens are cheapskate, no brain, no shame. remember that time give one packet chicken rice all smiling from ear to ear say “cheng hu chin ho!” this mentality will never change. in these idiot’s mind no covid will ever dare to come near to lhl, even if hundreds crowd round him to get their FREE sanitizers it’s ok coz ah pa will protect his son’s loyal dogs. end of the day, even if GE called tomorrow, they will win with 80% of the mandate. this i promise you! just watch!

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  • this is sobering otherwise NOT:

    sobering is when pap higher echelon son daughter spouse kenna.

    then and only then the correct measures are taken.

    until then nothing that affects pap GDP growth bonus (the 24 months ownself pay ownself type) is allowed to take place.

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  • Truth:

    Mbe he’s immuned to it..being from another Planet Pink.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    What the silly sheep that apes their LEEDers are so stoopid…

    they do NOT realize that the LEEDers upon reaching their well-sanitized HOME will in turn fully sanitize themselves in Saunas & Jacuzzi with disinfectant sprayed all over and maids and whatever paid cleaners to scrub them from tip to toe…and they the silly sheeple??? 10-minute bath with soap and water

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