Closing of schools

There’s a good debate on whether the G should close all the schools as the COVID19 spreads through Singapore.

On one side, we have people who are adamant that schools should be closed. The reason being that children are being exposed unnecessarily during this pandemic. And it’s irresponsible to put children’s lives at risk.

On the other side, they oppose this suggestion giving the reason that no one would be taking care of the kids if schools are closed as many families have dual income parents where both husband and wife needs to work. Thus, it will affect either parents to take a no pay leave and care for their child’s well being. That would also mean lesser income for the family.

It’s not an easy position to stand on. Both sides have merits on their arguments. If I really have to choose which side of the fence to lean on, I would go along to close all the schools just to be safe.

The health of any individual is the utmost importance. If we have to take home lesser pay and inconvenience ourselves to care for the kid, so be it.

Our children’s lives are more important than getting them to school. No sane person will refute this.

We dont wanna be taking any risk to anyone’s health. Furthermore, it involves children who have no control over their own safety. As a parent, the most responsible thing to do is to keep them safe from harm’s way.

Should that happen (school closure), the G will then have to play a role and assuage any problems parents will be facing in caring for our next generation of leaders.


Khan Osman Sulaiman




14 Responses to “Closing of schools”

  • Asd:

    I think the president should declare state of emergency because the goverment refuse to solve the virus crisis via lock down which is widely undertaken by many other country but choose to have the crisis lingering with possible increasing infection and death

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  • Tremendous:

    In a village, the village chief has finally come out to say schools should not be closed. The reason he gave was schools are controlled environments. If he had given a complete plan, his argument would have been entirely sound. Since he didn’t give a complete plan, he got 50 marks out of 100, and 50 marks for the world’s highest paid chief is a F Grade. He chose to keep mum on how the risks of children taking buses, Mrts or walking past crowded places could be handled. There are a few guesses why he responded the way he did.
    Guess 1 : he knew that his village could not match HK land in terms of elearning solutions, and his highly paid chief does not have the calibre. HK land also has lots of dual incomes not just his village,
    Guess 2 : he chose to remain silent on risks of transport and journey after so many days because he knew he would have to pressurise his transport chief. Unfortunately, he cannot squeeze the transport chief too hard because if he resigns, the village chief would have no one to assign to transport.
    Guess 3 : schools are going for elearning at home once per week and by his logic, it would not be as controlled an environment as when children are in schools. In other words, he told the whole world it’s ok to ‘increase’ the risk once a week.
    Guess 4 : he could not and did not want to understand the life of lots of children who don’t go to school on public transport. His children have been taking private transport to schools year after year. Maybe he thought that schools have to remain open for disadvantaged children but the truth is disadvantaged children don’t come from families with private transport like his.
    Heard that the village chief was mentored by an older chief for 14 years. The older chief must be an idiot.
    Next, his education chief came out and announced syllabus cuts for exams. That was 30% of a solution. Frankly, to only announce a 30% solution after the public made noise said a lot about his calibre.

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  • Fence Sitter:

    The closing of schools should only be done under the following:

    1) The country’s viral infection rate is extreme. This is not true of Singapore. As at 27 March, we have about 750 cases out of a population of 5.5 million, or 0.01% infection rate. This is among the lowest in the world. The virus is contained in Singapore, no need for panic.

    2) The schools lack resources to enforce preventive measures. This is again not true of Singapore, where we are in full compliance of government regulations.

    3) Children are typically in very poor health. This is again not true of Singapore, where our children get the best food and malnutrition rates are negligible.

    Conclusion: Our schools must remain open. Children’s learning opportunities must not be compromised.

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  • S$m money faced pap folks:

    we are as old as the pap clown.

    we like S$m but between S$m and children lives, children lives come first, unlike pap clown. that is why pap clown feud with brother feud with sister disobeyed lky orders to demolish 38 Oxy Road house.

    what is the point?

    money faced cheapskate sheep who wants S$ want schools to remain open so that they can make a few more S$, and translating into S$m GDP growth bonus for pap folks.

    this is utter stupidity. in the scheme of things, a few S$ ain’t worth the risk to children lives. after all, such risking only enriches pap folks who pay each other S$m GDP growth bonus.

    that is why only 30% parents want schools to close. because these 30% folks know difference between S$ and children lives.

    sad but true. sheep just cannot distinguish from being used and being abused. that is why 70% of them want schools to remain open.

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  • Vote for Change:

    They literally gamble away with our lives to sacrifice for somebody else rich economy instead of a full lock-down and then big-bang restart like once we have started and succeeded before.

    Or, I won’t say purposely created but intentionally utilize the situational “scares” to ask for another united and Mandate and terms in Office to fight the virus and with fake promises of For you, With you pools of lies.

    I say, PAPi will fail badly. The virus will be wide spread, economy continue to take a very big serious hit, the past national reserves draw down will never end, $55B will not be enough, and these failure may bankrupt our past reserves savings entirely as the epidemic become wider spread. UNLESS SCIENTIST FROM OTHER NATIONS FIND A CURE AND A VACCINE, PAPi will go down in history with the virus.

    Strictly speaking, anyone that will neglect and risk my life will not be getting my vote. If they won’t defend for me, don’t expect me to risk my life to defend for them.

    Vote for Change.

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  • PAPVID-20:

    Don’t trust their BS. Since when has our govt showed concern and think for us? If they ever worry about parents taking leave, it’s only bcoz they fear companies will feel the effect and thus our economy will be affected.

    If MOE is truly well-prepared for any disease outbreak, they would not be carrying out this 1 day a week e-learning thingy only now. They should have implemented e-learning at least once every month when time was good. Not trying it out only when we need to.

    If they’ve been well-prepared, by now they’d have a good home based learning system which will effectively keep children occupied and busy learning at home as if they’re in schools. Liddat most children would need little guidance or supervision learning from home. Then there’s no reason why schools can’t be closed for just a period of time?

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  • WakeupSG:

    Let the govt do the right thing by closing the schools just like the way they close bars, discos, night clubs, karaoke outlets so as not to put the vulnerable children at risk of being infected & killed by this deadly Covid-19 virus!

    The govt can help the parents with stay-home-care-budget to solve this problem!

    Tio boh?

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  • Aiyah no need to worry lar, the party will close schools one.

    When they intend to call for GE, they will wayang wayang close schools then, wanna bet?


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  • Uselesspap:

    Close the freaking border.

    No one allowed in, stupid GREEDY SHAMELESS PAP….

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  • NotMyProblem:

    PAP is now holding Singaporeans at ransom. Vote PAP “We will continues to control the virus”, otherwise “You die your business”.

    PAP can also invite Iranian, Italians, and other Europeans to Singapore for “conferences”, if Singaporeans refuse to vote for PAP.

    Singaporeans must understand, PAP is incapable of controlling the virus because their agenda is on something else.

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  • PAPs got to go VTO:

    every day i see the gov continuing to implement measures after measures to contain the virus.
    but its only getting worse.
    its like closing the barn door after the horses have bolted.
    so many citizens have given good feedback but are ignored eg a total lockdown…not a half hearted one with 101 restrictions.
    after all this is over our health ministries all over will have to deal with another epidemic ie depression…
    there is only so much ppl can take.
    i hope WHO is ready.

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  • Harder Truths:

    By the time the schools close – if they close – the CoV will probably have infected a lot of schoolkids anyway. The move will come too late and is just another retroactive way to pretend something was done.

    This CoV shows the government is less than useless. And when – not if – a future very deadly virus come to $G you can bet that there will be no need to worry because most of us will be dead, and the clowns already run off the safety.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    PAPs got to go VTO:
    every day i see the gov continuing to implement measures after measures to contain the virus.
    but its only getting worse.
    its like closing the barn door after the horses have bolted.


    Did you realize these measures were not to contain the virus. They are paving the way for coming General Election.

    PAP is trying to make the Covid-19 more serious to held the voters at ransom. That’s why PAP threatens voters to give them the new mandate to fight this virus, otherwise, you die.

    Anyway they are incapable of fighting this virus, they just buy time with budget after budget to make everyone happy. After the GE, it will be the same.

    You can tell, PAP knew other countries have already contained the virus, but refuses to do the same. It just want to drag it long enough for the purpose of GE.

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  • Anonymous incognito:

    Schools should be closed. The govt closed Sparkletors no? So why the double standards?
    Further let’s not confuse schoolingveith learning. The 2 are totally separate things.

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