Four young children infected by Covid-19 at PCF Sparkletots Preschool

Four young children related/at PCF Sparkletots (Fengshan) have been infected by Covid-19, according to the latest figures released by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

MOH announced on Friday (27 Mar) that it has confirmed and verified an additional 49 cases of Covid-19 infections in Singapore, of which 22 are imported and 27 are local cases who have no recent travel history abroad.

This makes a total of 732 cases of Covid-19 infections to date.

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Of the local confirmed infected cases related to the cluster at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan, four of them are children between the age of 2 to 13.

The 4 cases (705-708) are a 2 year-old female, 6 year-old female, 11 year-old male and a 13 year-old female. All of them are currently being treated at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

PCF Sparkletots @ Fengshan reported its first case of Covid-19 on 23 March after a nursery 2 teacher from the preschool had been confirmed to be infected with Covid-19. Then 2 days later on Wednesday (25 Mar), about 13 more staff at the preschool, including non-teaching staff as well as its principal, were also tested positive with the virus after they began to show symptoms.

The preschool was initially allowed to continue operation after closing for a day to “disinfect” but the closure was extended to 7th April after more staff were infected. However other branches were ordered to be closed for only 4 days effective 26th March.

PCF Sparkletots is the island city’s largest preschool operator, operating over 360 preschools island-wide with an enrollment of over 40,000 children.




18 Responses to “Four young children infected by Covid-19 at PCF Sparkletots Preschool”

  • uselessgov:

    all the prc is allowed to come back, just take temperature only , prior to all wuhan lockdown.

    freak gov just don’t CARE !!!

    only wants IMPORTS, ‘talent’

    sinkies are not, will not vote pap , so must target them with children…

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  • Shut down PCF sparkletots:

    Better to shut down all PCF Sparketots for 2 weeks to prevent spreading there.
    Need to break the chain there.
    Some weakness in their SOP.
    Better safe than sorry.

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  • N.Jungne:

    This is called “under control”, mia kia lah

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  • Taking Chances:

    If social distancing is so crucial in fighting Covid-19, kindergartens and pre-schools should have been one of the first places to lock-down. Parents send their children there not only to learn but to develop social skills through play and interaction with other kids. They should count themselves “lucky” if their children are not infected by this community spread. The 14 days aren’t over yet; so, keep your fingers crossed.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Anyone related to residents of the white ivory tower?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Suffer Little Ones…Not their Children what!!!

    Carrots for GE???…

    when porridge daily should be the way to go for Singaporeans during a LOCKDOWN…

    But NO!!! everything is under CONtrol and a GE is a MUST!!!…

    NOT the safety of the People especially the Little Ones and the Elderly

    Evil Never Dies… it is a MARK on their Forehead and Eyes that can Never be Erased when SOLD for $$$

    GD Star Rating
  • Halimah totally useless:

    WTF !!!
    Just close for a day to “disinfect” after so many got infected !!!
    Just what the hell is the PAPIGS thinking , especially the Edu Minister.
    The health of the children is secondary to their image ??

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  • Lie Con U:

    PM LEE and the education minister Ong Ye Kung MUST RESIGN.Mr Ong is just a parapet and just takes order from the DISHONOURABLE SON.The government have brushed aside people’s concerns about schools being open.The DISHONOURABLE SON ALWAYS GETS HIS WAY.So from now on expect body bags from these PFC Sparkletots.Thanks to the DISHONOURABLE SON.I am permanently getting my kids from there and every parent who love their kids should do so.These places are DEATH TRAPES.
    The PAP government CANNOT CONTAIN the virus. The PAP is an EPIC FAILURE in regards to their sky high pay.

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  • Great Asia:

    LEE monster is willing to risk the health of Singaporean in exchange for his political legacy.

    PAP monkeys purposely kept Singapore “business as usual”, so that they can plan and execute the General Election. Monster LEE is expecting the coronavirus crisis to give him a big win. This would be his last GE as the PM of Singapore – he wants a big win.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • PAPVID-20:

    Our education minister says there is sufficient evidence that shows Covid-19 does not affect the young as much as the adults. So he gambled and refused to close our schools. But I guess these 4 cases might still not convince him to close schools bcoz the 4 young children when they’re not related to him is considered a small number only.

    The pap and their elites are trying to tell the world that they’re world highest paid leaders and thus are the smartest. They wanna show the world that sg is so successful that we’re different from the rest of the world.

    One NUH Dr Fisher says, “In sg, we want life to go on as normal. We want businesses, churches, restaurants and schools to stay open. This is what success looks like.”

    Success or failure? Let’s wait and see how many life will be harmed and lost in their gambles.

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  • For those that may not be aware, it has been proven by medical experts in China that even IF one recovers from a Covid-19 infection, the recovery is not total and the lungs would have been damaged. There will be long-term repercussions like shortness of breath, etc. Fot those oldies who supposedly “recovered”, there will be side effects and many would remain weak for a long long time.

    I think the ivory tower residents are banking on the gullible not knowing this fact and that the death rate is low and many can be “cured”, so they therefore for the sake of the party, are willing to take the risk.

    Don’t just trust my word, go do a search on Baidu and you will find many information on this.

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  • Clueless taskforce:

    Now, people asked to avoid malls.
    A few days back, people asked to go mall for free liquid. So, has that “free” distribution with no social distancing caused infections?

    The clueless taskforce is getting people into trouble.

    The same problem they had with big dinners. Ministers said no problem with big dinners (that Funan centre minister). Then big dinners become big clusters.

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  • Harder Truths:

    This kind of crisis was bound to happen one day.

    This is just the start of the fall of $G – there is worse coming.

    The pandemic has not reached its top – with a population density of over 30 times that of Wuhan the virus is just getting started and the government does not know what to do about it.

    Assuming that mots of us survive this (for how long? one year? more?) – the idiots at the top will not know how to restart the economy except by MASS POPULATION INFLUX to make up for loss of income.

    So in reality $G citizens to mati one way or the other.

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  • All Decision Made By One Man:

    All the Ministers dare not disagree with the King becos of their million dollar salary.

    So in Singapore all decision are made by Pinky. And Pinky said no lock down because the businessmen will suffer. Lives of your countrymen or business is more important here ? KNNBCCB

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  • Trublu:





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  • TruBlu:

    I took a look at the CHARTS for STOCKS VD COVID CASES fron January.
    As STOCK INDICES FALL,COVUD RISES,vice versa,in an exponential manner.

    So,if COVID continues increasing,expect stocks to fall until vaccine is found or the germ *disappear*

    So,NO AMOUNTS OF RELIEF FUNDS/*BAIL-OUT$ into the economy is going to help much.

    Countries shud concentrate on finding n FUNDING RESEARCH FOR VACCINE ASAP especially RICH COUNTRIES.


    As COVID CAUSES PNEUMONIA,the conclusion is true.

    Even older ppl who recover from COVID will likely have PNEUMONIA for rest of their life?

    For older jobless SGS,if NO GOVT HELP,IT WILL BE VERY TOUGH.

    GD Star Rating
  • Red dot is surely doomed:

    All Decision Made By One Man:
    All the Ministers dare not disagree with the King becos of their million dollar salary.

    So in Singapore all decision are made by Pinky. And Pinky said no lock down because the businessmen will suffer. Lives of your countrymen or business is more important here ? KNNBCCB

    We have a son of a Gan who is in charge of health but do FO.

    Instead two JLBs kee chiu and lanlan wong are put to chair a Con.mittee. But they are also incompetent and appear wishy washy, rather indecisive to go all out, just going by trials and errors. Shamefully, kee chiu can’t cope and got worked up, start ped to badmouth people as xia suay and idiots.

    There is one chap who is supposed to sit on the throne soon and take the opportunity to show some colours to handle crises. Instead he is not in the thick and thin of the actions other then come out with ah kong $$$$.

    Ultimately, everything falls on the spoilt brat…..

    GD Star Rating
  • Anonymous incognito:

    The politicians need to shut up about the youth. Right now in the U.S. a baby of less than 1 dies. 26 university age students became infected during soeing break addingvto the 56. In Spain 2 ages 21 and 25 respectively died.

    So shut already, close the dam schools down,then figure out how to hold virtual PLSE exams. If not possible cancel them. The kids won’t die and there are alternatives to assess suitability for higher education or trades

    GD Star Rating
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