Singaporeans must do their part to prevent leaks in fight against virus

While I understand that the number of imported Covid-19 cases will rise as Singapore receives more returnees, I am concerned that the number of local Covid-19 infections seems to be rising.

That indicates that there are leaks somewhere in our fight against the virus.

In Singapore, we have erected three basic layers of defence to stop the spread of the virus. The first is at the airport where arrivals are screened. We have heard of people taking medication to bring their body temperature down and evade temperature screening.

The second layer of containment is home quarantine. The number of people issued with stay-home notices is in the thousands. These people are not tagged, and cannot possibly be monitored 24 hours a day. Not surprisingly, there are reports of violations by people who are either ignorant or irresponsible.

The third layer of defence is at clinics, where people who feel sick seek help. Because of the difficulties in making diagnoses on the spot, quite a few cases who were infected with Covid-19 but lacked clear symptoms were sent home with flu medications.

There are no foolproof measures against the spread of Covid-19, but the Government can look into quarantining all arrivals and making them wear electronic tags.

But ultimately, it is down to the people of Singapore to step up and fight the virus. We cannot carry on as usual and let the Government do the fighting, then blame the Government when the number of infections rises.

We must do social distancing; we should not go to school or work if we feel unwell; we must not travel; and we must stay at home as much as possible during this period. We must demonstrate that Singaporeans are socially responsible.

Kwok Shao Jong


* Letter first appeared on ST forum and is reproduced for discussion.




14 Responses to “Singaporeans must do their part to prevent leaks in fight against virus”

  • Wu Chee bo?:

    Lock down 2 weeks sure no leaks! Returnees go to Tekong………noleaks better still go to Istana!

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  • Let It Begin With Me:

    Everyone of us has a part to play in this fight against the virus. Don’t be a friend of the virus by being negligent or waiting for instruction from the authorities. Everyone should try to understand compounding and exponential functions and act urgently before GAME OVER.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A LOCKDOWN for 3-6 weeks to CONTAINED and eventually STOP the Spread…

    Whatever the Evil PAP comes up with “MUST” be discounted like what Big Nose say about the GE…

    MONEY$$$ and Economy is 1st and FOREMOST in their Greedy and Evil Minds…

    SAFETY & Health for the Public takes 2nd spot or if any at all!!!

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  • TruBlu:


    they came form the gahmen themselves,they FORCE OPEN OUR LEGS WIDE WIDE lah!

    SGS ARE AT RISKS all the time,not just from COVID-19 but from other kinds of germs brought and dumped here by STOOOPID FT POLICY.


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  • A PAP parrot?:

    Just repeat the gov line, blame Singaporeans, praise gov.

    SPH at its best.

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  • HIP HOP:

    A Foreign Worker Dormitory has 4 cases.

    But it’s not mentioned what jobs these are working in and are they Bangladesh workers who are typically housed in dormitories .

    Is it HDB toilet renovation or HDB upgrading projects or some other types of projects?

    Why these info OMITTED?

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  • @ A PAP parrot?:

    U…A PAP hater ? But too coward to be a vigilante.

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  • into their portfolio / resume:

    //But too coward to be a vigilante.//

    aiyoh. be what vigilante lar ? be a vigilante, somemore got coward or not meh ? use stick and stone to enforce compliance, is it ?

    open-leg policy by the white idiots got more than enough vigilante (many will do it to add it into their portfolio / resume to become citizens lar) around lar to do the work already lar ?

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  • WakeupSG:

    Singaporeans are “kuai” waiting for govt to issue advisories to wear mask only unwell, self-isolate when feeling unwell & safe distancing etc but you know the “sweeping measures” come too late only when the Covid-19 virus is surging!


    Who to blame huh for the slowness in issuing advisories & govt tend to react after another situation develops? Can we not blame govt for the way they tackle this SARS-COV-2 virus given their past SARS 2003 experience?

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  • Everybody business:

    Yes,We need to do our part to reduce the spread.It is everybody business to fight this Virus.
    Do all the necessary measures and steps recommended include wearing of mask if possible.
    Should consider making masks and PPE here.
    GLCs like ST Engineering should take the lead together with so many experts in our Centres of Excellence.Time for them to do National Service and contribute for the nation health.

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  • Sufficient Masks:

    Intellectual honesty in question :

    1. Sufficient masks definition.
    2. Lessee owns property owned by landlord.

    Leadership character is in question.

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  • Bernard TAN:

    Yes, not enough mask is another matter. But to tell people not to wear mask unless unwell is totally fallacious. Yes some medical experts came out(I guess doing the bidding of the government who controls them) highlighting that wearing mask even increase chances of infection. We can argue about that till the cows come home but if those argument are true why when then nurses and doctors are wearing masks?
    Some people who flout quarantine are getting flak from the people and general public. Yes it is wrong to flout quarantine. But isn’t the purpose of quarantine is to assume these people may be carrier of the virus even though they are not feeling unwell hence the need to quarantine till they are certified free from the virus? By the same logic shouldn’t all of us be wearing mask (especially in crowded places)even when we are not feeling unwell? The ones who flout the quarantine did so because they were not feeling unwell(same for the argument of not wearing masks if not feeling unwell). So before throwing blames or bashing these people one should start questioning if not wearing mask in the first place is a good practice.
    If all had worn masks from day one would the the transmission to so wide spread as today? No wonder Singaporean are called “sheeps”. Just because the government said so, most don’t wear a mask. But an MP “shepherd” wears a mask when she goes knocking at residents doors.

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  • Be street smart.:

    The book smart tells you “not to wear mask unless unwell”. The street smart show you and tell you to wear mask at all times when you go out. Ever wondered why Sinkees get swallowed up by their PRC, Hongkee, and Taiwanese partners when they do business ? Its because we simply follow instructions, without thinking !

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  • Enforcement:

    Seem only strict enforcement works here.Fine and jailed.
    Sad but true.
    Failure of our system.People should have the civil mindness to do what is right for the common good.We are in it together.
    Start from educating our young with good values.
    We need to do our part if we want to limit the destruction of this Virus,both in lives and our economy.The worst in Singapore history.
    Stay home.Be safe.

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