To become a politician, must learn how to count first….

Received this from a friend, the figures don’t tally???!!!


Where are the other 298 patients?

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*COVID-19: 1 Apr Update*

New imported cases: 20 [Travelled from Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, ASEAN and other parts of Asia]

New local cases: 54 [29 linked to previous cases or clusters, 25 currently unlinked]

Total cases in Singapore: 1000
Discharged today: 5
Total discharged: 245
Total remaining in Hospital: 457

Most in hospital stable or improving. 24 in ICU.

*Keep our seniors safe* ❤️


Goh Meng Seng




11 Responses to “To become a politician, must learn how to count first….”

  • Missing:

    The missing numbers are unaccounted for? Maybe they include those “feeling well” but still have the virus in them and are moved to other facilities. They are technically not yet discharged. How safe are people who come into close contact with them? What if the virus decides to act up again? Will they stand a second chance at recovery?

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  • MOH scared of GMS?:

    Probably because of GMS’ comments, MOH has updated with all the components but omitted the total. Readers do the adding yourself.

    On a related note, it’s good to read between the lines. What information is there, and what is omitted.

    Case x:
    7. She is employed as a clinical research coordinator at SGH. Prior to hospital admission, she had gone to work on 30 March but had not interacted with patients.

    Case y:
    9. She is employed as a nurse at SGH. Prior to hospital admission, she had gone to work on 30 March.

    See what’s missing for case y report? That she “had not interacted with patients.”

    Jialat leow. She must have had interacted with patients. Why is MOH so reluctant to tell the public the full truth?

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics Supplementary budget last month was estimated at costing $48 billion and of this amount, only $17 billion is said to come from past reserves.

    WHERE IS THE BALANCE OF $31 billion suddenly and mysteriously come from? These money is NOT FOUND IN HSK’s February budget estimate and statement to Parly only a month earlier.


    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics better explain this to peasants. Please don’t hide behind the protection of POFMA LAW exclusive exemption only for themselves!!

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  • N.Jungne:


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  • NotMyProblem:

    Politicians know how to count very well! Only their way! Like within and inside 200m are different. Also 4=5.

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  • PAPVID-20:

    Uh-oh, GMS! To become a politician, also must learn cannot anyhow trust people. Must look it up yourself, do the counting yourself or you’ll embarrass yourself.

    Total cases = 1000
    Total discharged = 245
    Total still in hospital = 460 (23 in ICU, 1 died this morning)
    Total death = 4 (latest)

    The missing 291 from your post ……. “are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19 are isolated and cared for at Concord International Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and the Community Isolation Facility at D’Resort NTUC”.

    245 + 460 + 4 + 291 = 1000.

    Huh? Who must learn to count first?

    Don’t kanna sabo, GMS. How can you be so careless?!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The “missing” patients are most likely Banglas or Indians with some others…no headcount NEEDED for useless HEADS in their eyes…

    sent them Packing and becomes missing record lor!!!… The evil style started by an evil man…use & dispose or disposed if NOT certain of QUALITY…only Pedigrees are ACCEPTED in an Elite Society of AristoCRAPS…”White Horses at worse will sire a Grey never a MULE”…Mules were for those of a non Pedigree horse and a Donkey…

    but all patients “MUST” register like the GE is a “MUST”…hence the Discrepancy that is so Glaring of the OBVIOUS EVIL!!!

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  • Bobo:

    This virus has got one or more similarities….”Nvrmd wat the ppl said, just do wat u think is right”. This virus does not know wat is enough. It is too hungry so can’t wait to devour lives and money. It is strong and unbeatable. Teoh bo?

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  • massaged numbers:

    cute heading.
    nothing much adds up anymore in sunkland.
    we shd know by now here 2+2 never equals 4.

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  • MarBowling:

    Where are the other 298 patients?

    Somewhere Probably flying kites or playing marbles and spiders!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Where are the other 298 patients?

    Somewhere Probably flying kites or playing marbles and spiders!

    Have you tried looking in Buk-ku-teh shops or Batam?

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