Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home scored a bull’s eye yesterday

In my Facebook commentary on 25 March 2020, I have singled out our old folks home as one potential Covid-19 infection cluster along with our many rental flats where most of the residents are seniors. True enough, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (LAMOAH) scored a bull’s eye yesterday.

Senior infection is ominous for obvious reasons. Apart from LAMOAH, the taskforce must double down its efforts to prevent seniors in rental flats from being infected because any one infection case among rental flat seniors could very likely lead to an out of control situation.

Those elderly people stay in close proximity to each other, mingle closely with each other daily, many have multiple health issues and last but not least, their living environments are dirty and unhygienic.

Sam Tan, that useless pap mp for Radin Mas once admitted to me personally that the rental blocks in his constituency are the dirtiest estate in Singapore. I repeat. Pap mp, Sam Tan, once admitted to me personally in response to my complains about the very filthy and dirty conditions of those rental blocks in his estate that they are the dirtiest estate in the whole of Singapore! Just imagine. A pap constituency estate, no less!

Contrary to what that useless son said about Covid-19 situation is severe but under control, the ever increasing numbers of local transmissions very, very convincingly debunk his hot-air lalala which are so sweet in the ears of his unthinking believers.

I very urgently appeal to Lawrence Wong and his taskforce to really come down hard on people who flagrantly flout safe-distancing and to also strongly encourage our people to wear masks, especially when they are travelling on public transport. Now, incompetence and clever official rhetoric such as no need to wear mask if you are not sick must give way to the safety, live and death considerations of our citizens.

If we cannot effectively control local transmission, Singapore will come to grief sooner rather than later.

Dear LW and the Covid-19 taskforce, please act firmly and urgently. You have been warned. Think.


Simon Lim




12 Responses to “Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home scored a bull’s eye yesterday”

  • countering pap lies:

    It is almost an amazement the 2 casinos NOT even a single case until today.


    As unbelievable as the INDIAN is selected as malay president.

    YET, in pap Singapore, when pap lies run rampant, just like the INDIAN is the selected pap malay president, probably it is true according to pap lying dictionary that NOT a single one kenna in the 2 casinos.


    Maybe sheep who doesn’t want to kenna should frequent the 2 casinos. This way, according to pap lying dictionary, sure won’t kenna one.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    They are praying in the white ivory tower for a magic solution. Please do not disturb!

    With millions dollars salary, they should be able to come out with a miracle solution.

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  • Do more:

    Do more to reduce the spread of the virus.
    Protect the vulnerable.
    Wear Masks if it helps.

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  • TruBlu:

    Older folks are most vulnerable especually the ones with hypertension,diabetes n heart ailments.



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  • How come no magic?:

    Where is the co-chair kee chiu? LW looks tired and so stressed up!

    Missing in action? How come so xia suay?

    C19 cases piling up day by day.

    4Gs are hyped as top gun working together as A team but looks like only one or two chaps are very struggling hard to handle the crisis.

    The rest including son of a Gan are kooning at home.

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  • Stupidity of Believing:

    We see in the news all govt leaders wear masks except one country.

    This mistake will never be admitted unless forced.

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  • Under Control in Chinese:

    Does that sounds familiar in Chinese?

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  • COVID 19 Task Force ?:

    Simon, well articulated !!

    Its disgraceful to know a PAP MP is making such a statement.

    As for Lawrence Wong, I can see he is genuinely trying to be objective and doing his best. But not sure if his crying in Parliament was genuine.

    BUT, what’s the point?

    If the whole PAP Machinery is working towards an election soon, LW has been left alone to be the good cop to manage the public.

    The mastermind behind the election preparation is still very active and waiting for the right chance to dissolve Parliament. But God is great and He is whacking PAP with more virus clusters, to prevent election being called during a pandemic. God has finally woke up to PAP’s nonsense election tactics.

    I guess, the dreams to become a Minister Mentor is fading. MPs are waiting for orders, as they are lining up RC and CC people for election soon. Too bad, they can’t bring bus loads of old people (with free chicken rice packet) to attend their rallies to make a “crowd”.

    Singaporeans MUST oppose any election during this pandemic.

    Thanks Simon for speaking up for all Singaporeans.

    May God bless you and your family with good health.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Elderly are USELESS in their eyes and a BURDEN to society especially a self-acclaimed AristoCrap Elite one…should they NOT be able to fend for themselves when OLD they deserve whatever that befalls them…(this was from a retired civil servant a spinster whom I had the BAD LUCK to be acquainted with) reflecting govt. “thinking”???

    NOTWITHSTANDING that they Built this Nation with their Blood Sweat & Tears as Trisha riders, construction workers and cleaners before the arrival of cheap Banglas & Indians…

    As for the young children???… if they can be murdered while in their mother’s womb who happen to be lesser-educated through LEEgal Abortion to the TUNE of 1,000,000+++ since 1974…what is a couple here and there

    When $$$ & POWER is plastered in the eyes of The Evil there is NO LIMIT of their DESTRUCTION and the evil “Crown of Thorns” virus is a common flu to them

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  • many dirty areas not just one:

    once when NEA officers came around doing house to house checks during the previous dengue outbreaks, i just brot to his attention about some issues around my area…which he answered “this area is one of the dirtiest areas in SG”!
    (mcpherson’s circuit road blks 40s & 50s vicinity).
    but now cleaning has been ramped up i noticed.. but off n on i see posters being put up saying the area is still a hotbed of dengue clusters). i dunno why.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    I read somewhere on Internet that the distance 1 Meter apart is not effective enough for corona virus. To block corona virus, need at least 8 meters to be effective . Can our buses allow 8 meter or even 1 meter for social distance? Can our passenger sit 1 meter apart or in mrt 1 meter apart ?I really doubt so especially Singapore has 5 million population.

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  • Harder Truths:

    You hope in vain. And you can write until you cannot write – they will do nothing. The people mean nothing to them.

    And since these same people living in dirty filthy housing estates continue to vote in high numbers to put these goons into power very single time – the conclusion is that the people are not worth bothering about

    Some may think there will be a change in voting after the CoV – I say too bad, the clowns will get back in with another high majority. The opposition will lose heart and you can forget anyone trying to go into politics against the familee after that.

    There will be worse things to come as the world is going to a depression and $G will become just another fishing village with too many imported and local gangsters living off the ballsless locals

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