Additional 4 new clusters with 75 new Covid-19 infection

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced 75 new cases of Covid-19 infection in Singapore, with 1 death.

As of 4th April @ 12 pm, the new cases are:

  • 6 imported cases had travel history to multiple countries.
  • 40 cases linked to previous cases or clusters.
  • 29 cases currently unlinked, and contact tracing is ongoing.

An additional 4 new clusters (24-27) were also announced, bringing the total number of known clusters on the island city to 27.

The clusters are:

  1. Life Church and Missions Singapore,
  2. Yong Thai Hang health products shop,
  3. a business meeting at Grand Hyatt hotel,
  4. the Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site,
  5. the Grace Assembly of God church,
  6. Wizlearn Technologies @ Singapore Science Park,
  7. a private singing event at SAFRA Jurong,
  8. a PAP Community Foundation centre in Fengshan (Sparkletots),
  9. Dover Court International School, – 9 cases
  10. SingPost Centre @ 10 Eunos Road 8,
  11. The Wedding Brocade @ Yishun,
  12. S11 Dormitory  @  Punggol, – 41 cases
  13. the Wilby Residences, – 9 cases
  14. Hero’s Pub @ Circular Road, – 9 cases
  15. Westlite Toh Guan dormitory, – 18 cases
  16. Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home @ 1 Thomson Lane, – 13 cases, 1 death
  17. the 55 Sungei Kadut Loop dormitory,
  18. Mustafa Centre @ 145 Syed Alwi Road, – 19 cases
  19. Keppel Shipyard @ Pioneer Sector 1, – 6 cases
  20. Maxwell MRT station construction [email protected] Neil Road, – 6 cases
  21. Ce La Vi @ 1 Bay Front Avenue (Marina Bay Sands), – 4 cases
  22. Singapore Cricket Club @ A Connaught Drive, – 6 cases, 1 death
  23. a construction site at Project Glory, – 9 cases
  24. Sungei Tengah Lodge @ Old Choa Chu Kang Road, – 3 cases
  25. Toh Guan Dormitory @ 19A Toh Guan Road East, – 5 cases
  26. Cochrane Lodge II @ 49 Admiralty Road West, and – 4 cases
  27. The Orange Ballroom @ 845 Geylang Road. – 4 cases

On the same day, MOH also announced the death of a patient from the cluster at Singapore Cricket Club, who succumbed to the Covid-19 on Saturday (4 Apr @ 5:41 am), the 6th person on the island city to have died from the disease.

The 88 year-old male Singapore Permanent Resident was case 855, who was confirmed infected on 29th March.

With the additional 75 cases announced, the total tally of Covid-19 infections in Singapore currently stands at 1189.





11 Responses to “Additional 4 new clusters with 75 new Covid-19 infection”

  • The total number of infections is very likely to double by end of April as restrictive measures weren’t taken when the pandemic started.

    Since SMRT and buses have been zooming around the island covering every corner, whoever that needs to be infected has already been infected, especially those that take smrt and buses on a daily fixed routine basis.

    While the newer measures on 7th April are slightly more restrictive than the former half-baked ones, it will at most slow the infections but not contain it. There will still be infections and will not stop the pandemic at all like Wuhan.

    Wuhan did it in 2 months and Sinkapore I expect maybe even a year for the pandemic to wear off. Factor in GE and the pandemic may get worst unless every voter is in a space suit and teleported to the polling station.

    The virus can survive in the air and travel a much longer distance than expected, medical experts have found.

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  • Wilson:

    Travel in taxis and PHV are safer way. We should lock down all affect Custer areas. We also need to lock down all worker dormitory and construction site as high chance many might got covid19 from Mustafa.

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  • Hopelesslyuseless:

    Angel Gabriel appears to Mother Mary, 300 to 500 years before Mohammad to tell her a saviour will be born in the line of King David.

    How can the same Angel be telling Mohd another thing, unless we all know Lucifer can appear as anything he wish.

    Wake up !!!


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  • N.Jungne:

    Too little and far too late, still selfish and Dishonorable

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  • Sulaiman:

    Based on the latest available figures:

    USA, with a population of 320 millions, number of people infected with the virus is @ 270000. Even out, one infected Uncle Sam for every 1185 people.

    Singapore has a population of @5.5 million, number of infection so far is 1189. Even out, one infection for every 4625 people.

    Singapore has done way better than the USA, the most “ Toa Kee” country in the world!

    Do not worry too much about the situation in Singapore as it is in good hands.

    Situation in the world fourth most populous country in the world is worrisome!

    Just watched some videos on how serious the problem they are facing now….people are virtually dropping dead on the streets in board daylight and passers by rush up to help with out any protective gears…. If the videos are true descriptions of the situation now, the problem is developing rapidly into a mammoth one, it will hit the place very hard and the ripple effects on us will be difficult to bear as they are so near to us! Imagine just a boatload of of them landed at any of our deserted shoreline and scattered throughout the island, and among them, some are infected……

    Our marine police and Navy have to be double vigilant in the months to come!

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  • WakeupSG:

    The govt is still saying that the Covid-19 situation is still under control but have started to escalate the measures to control the virus spread!

    This is the consequence of an ownself check ownself govt self-praising themselves!

    When WHO declared Covid-19 is a pandemic, the govt should have started to implement shutdown of places, buildings, facilities etc that are potential virus-spreading clusters!

    It is too late! As of 4th April, we have 27 known clusters!

    By holding a Pandemic GE the govt is exposing our senior voters who are not internet savvy & other vulnerable voters with hypertension & other medical-related risk factors to this deadly virus! This is the No. 1 circuit breaker that need to be broken because it will undo all the “circuit breaker” measures that are announced by Pinky on national TV on 3rd April.

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  • Harder Truths:

    The CoVID-19 has already discovered how to use the MRT, bus system and where the best hawker centres and shopping malls are.

    Do not worry. The heroes of the 70% are on the job. They will protect themselves to the last drop of your blood.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on TOC Website :Quote – “120 cases of COVID-19 infection confirmed; Highest ever spike of cases
    The Online Citizen by The Online Citizen 2020-04-052 min read

    As of Sunday (5 April), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed 120 additional Covid-19 cases, four were imported cases and 116 local cases.

    This is the highest number of daily increase since Singapore saw its first case in January this year.

    The local cases include 39 Singapore citizens or permanent residents and 76 long-term work pass holders.

    MOH has not revealed how many of these new cases are linked to clusters or unlinked.

    This brings the total number of infected cases in Singapore to 1,309 cases….. “Unquote.

    Response : Now everyday seems to have more and more cases of corona virus cases. That e*** Puthucheary of Pasir Ris Punggol only previously distributed 4 disposable masks for the purpose of wearing only when unwell and on the way to see the doctor.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G could have stopped everything the same as Taiwan and Macau. Bu tthe lives of the people mean nothing to the Dishonorable Son. You are only a production digit that is used to make sure he gets his salary and emperor lifestyle.

    All the MSM and pappy gangsters who do nothing but repeat his polices – the CoV will not spare them either. Neither does the pappy elite care bout such things.

    If you die – MSM, pappy supporter or oppo – it is your business after all. There are more than enough FT to replace you once this is all over.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Why is Singapore not doing mass testing? It appears it has no problem producing the testing kits. It even gave 40,000 testing kits to the Philippines. Germany and South Korea are doing well coping with the pandemic. Both countries are doing mass testing.

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  • Denyse Harrisow:

    In the awesome pattern of things you’ll secure a B+ just for hard work. Where exactly you confused me was first in the facts. As they say, details make or break the argument.. And it could not be much more accurate at this point. Having said that, let me tell you just what did work. Your writing is certainly highly powerful and that is probably why I am making the effort to comment. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. Secondly, even though I can notice the jumps in reason you make, I am not certain of exactly how you seem to unite the details that make your final result. For now I will, no doubt yield to your point but wish in the near future you actually connect your dots much better.

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