Wearing a mask

We are alearly more than 2 months into the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 1000 infected cases and 4 fatalities and the Director of Medical Services at Ministry of Health (MOH), Kenneth Mak was only recently quoted as saying that “his ministry is looking at medical evidence very carefully and conducting a review on its stance on masks”.

Many hundreds of millions of masks have been used by many hundreds of millions of people in China, South Korea, Japan, Macau, Hongkong and Taiwan etc and even now as I compose my post, our MOH is only conducting a review on its stance on the wearing mask? Can you believe that? It doesn’t take any pap generals or scholars to suspect that the relatively low Covid-19 cases in those countries that I have mentioned and their ability to keep their local transmissions in check most likely have something to do with their population widespread wearing of masks.

Lhl’s by now very famous “no need to wear mask if you are not sick” line can very easily vy for the stupidest and sickest advice that was ever dished out to its population by a prime minister anywhere in the world.

I believe that people give face to him and not openly mock or condemn him for his utter stupidity because of the official office that he holds. Any lesser mortal who gave the same advice would have by now been f hard by our 30% thinking citizens left, right and centre alearly. I ask if there is any lessons from this episode that we Singaporeans can learn from and the answer is a clear and loud Yes.

The lesson is that as political leaders, if one screws-up, eg, by failing to stock-up sufficient masks for its population to meet sudden and unexpected demands like in this pandemic, worse in this case because they boasted that they have learned much from the SARS experiences, be honest with your people but don’t try to cover up your incompetence by giving “advice” to those millions of your citizens that even until today, our MOH and their learned doctors and scientists are still unsure of. Their lives are not betting chips for politicians’ incompetence.

Our local transmission is increasing and many are unlinked to any covid-19 patients or clusters. For the sake of your loved ones and yourself, please wear a mask and advise your family members to do likewise when outside.

Wearing a mask is not foolproof protection and we mustn’t delude ourselves about that but it is an added protection. We must still practise safe-distancing, wash our hands with soap often and stay away from crowded places no less. Don’t forget that your family needs you and you need your family too. Think.


Simon Lim




21 Responses to “Wearing a mask”

  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    They likely said wear a mask only if sick because they stupidly did not stockpile enough masks. They also likely knew it was the wrong advise. But after US CDC advise to wear one, they had an excuse to change their mind without admitting they made a mistake.

    LKY (and PAP) never admitted to making a mistake. That is why Singapore needs regime change.

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  • TanKinLian Lao Quee:

    if you can remember, Tan kin Lian predicted on 26 March 2020 that “In a few weeks time, they will reduce the extreme measures.”

    I want to remind him to be accountable to himself and do Tremeritus’s readers a favor not to continue with those rubbish of his and not Ti-cum, Ti-cum here , try his luck and waste our time.

    Sia Suey and Lao Quee really.


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  • Sojoürner of Truth:

    It is astonishing that every single statement the Govt. makes about our national crisis – every single one – is designed PRIMARILY either: (a) to exonerate himself from responsibility or condemnation; (b) to claim unjustified credit and to pat himself on the back for skills or knowledge that he does not have; or (c) to blame someone else for anything that constitutes a misstep by his administration or any other problem. There have been no exceptions to this rule.

    Their total lack of accountability, responsibility, integrity, and truth (never mind compassion or empathy) is breathtaking.
    What should they have done? Everything possible to acquire more masks. Did they? Apparently not.

    Only when US authorities acknowledged symptomatic individuals could be transmitters – and that a mask could limit the spread of droplets, they take the logical next step.

    Presumably, that was because they wanted MOH to obtain masks — and not have a run on them by the general public.
    That may have been reasonable, but it was still a lie.


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  • PAPVID-20:

    Ladies and gentlemen, if you didn’t hear him yesterday, this was what our naked emperor went on TV to tell the whole nation:-

    “We also now have evidence that an infected person can show no symptoms, and yet still pass on the virus to others… Therefore, we will no longer discourage people from wearing masks.”

    “The wearing of a mask may also help to protect others, in case a person has the virus but does not know it.”

    Walaoeh! I really can’t believe it! What he’s said is actually something that majority singaporeans have alerady been saying since 2 months ago when we heard and learnt from China’s experience with the virus. We already long knew it but the naked emperor now then go on TV to unashamedly tell us they NOW have evidence so they’ll not stop us from wearing mask now. Did he not even feel at all stupid?

    This emperor is so naked yet he’s still feeling so proud of himself. I really no eyes see, mo gnun tai!

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  • TruBlu:

    These $cholars merely COPY N PASTE from OTHER PEOPLE.




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  • JLB minister:

    Kee chiu is a real xia suay and idiot given that he is army genital and scooter from scambridge.

    During ns days, army boys learned this common sense technique called improvised. If no boat to cross river, then improvise, make simple raft. If not enough masks, improvise first, use clean handkerchief or cloth.

    People living in deserts improvise and use a piece of cloth to cover head and face from sand storm, warm sheet for cold nights, etc. If they think like kee chiu, nomads would have become extinct long ago.

    Wake up lah, boy.

    We lost two months of preventive and protective improvisation against the virus coz of his bird brain.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Simon…When you have a Gathering of IDIOTS instead of Eagles that Soar…you get a Sitting of Comedians lah!!! so forgive them for they are IDIOTS don’t expect much leh!!!

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  • believe pap, sure kenna:

    when every other country posture is wear mask, pap position before yesterday was, don’t wear mask unless kenna.

    everyone with a brain knows pap is wrong and the other countries are right on the wearing of mask.

    WHY did pap make the obvious error?

    insider information says pap knows, actually, must wear mask before kenna. but due to too much money spent on aircraft fighters, forgot to spend much on masks so much so not sufficient masks to go around.

    WHAT to do if sheep is told pap has bought very expensive fighter aircraft but not S$0.20 per piece mask?

    sheep votes OPPO to topple pap.

    SO pap lied about mask wearing, saying, kenna then wear.

    alas for pap. community spread is widespread. NO choice lah. other than BS about washing hands, what else to do? obvious to pap is to unravel the lie about mask, saying now the truth, when going out of house wear mask.

    all along every OPPO in TRE has told sheep, believe pap about mask, die. true as sunrise, many sheep believed pap and didn’t wear mask so much so many kenna. NOW pap 180 degree turn, saying, not yet kenna wear mask, the washable kind to be supplied by pap.

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  • Saimoonsimilology:

    China’s mask production is half the world total and yet they were running short of mask severely.

    Many millions of masks had been used by many millions of people since the onset of the virus, but Still all kpkb for more masks and protective gears!

    Just name the country in the world where masks and protective gears are enough for use to shame the pap zhenfu lah!

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  • One millimeter:

    Rather than swallow their pride and admit they were wrong, they draw one meter safety distance lines thru-out sinkieland.
    One millimeter mask acts as far better a barrier.The whole world is telling us.
    Only pappy paper-Generals want to wait for evidence; meantime more will be infected.
    Seems like this was not one of the past-year question in the 10-year series that our scholar paper General practised on.
    ”The Government will “no longer discourage” people from wearing masks, Mr Lee said”
    …….What the f#@% is ‘no longer discourage’.
    …….Maybe can also say ‘no longer discourage staying home’
    ………’no longer discourage washing of hands’
    Since 1959, has piggies-pappy ever admit they were wrong!

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  • Wear mask lah:

    Wear mask lah…
    Should help to reduce the spread.

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  • Realistically:

    @ Simon Lim

    “We are alearly more than 2 months into the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 1000 infected cases and 4 fatalities and the Director of Medical Services at Ministry of Health (MOH), Kenneth Mak was only recently quoted as saying that “his ministry is looking at medical evidence very carefully and conducting a review on its stance on masks”.”

    I am afraid you, like most commenters/sinkies/oppos etc do not seem to know the root cause or underlying FACTS.

    Assoc Prof Kenneth Mak was only appointed MOH Director of Medical Services from the beginning of February 2020, whereas it was the emperor without clothes who publicly announced in January 2020 that people who are well should not wear the mask……I think the reason given was that it did not prevent the wearer from catching the virus and that it would make the wearer worse off.

    A/P Mak is a senior consultant doctor who was, before being appointed DMS, the head of the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. From the time he worked as a junior doctor in the public hospitals until being appointed as DMS, I am sure that he, like almost all the doctors and nurses – in polyclinics and hospitals – had worn mask as a first line defence against the spread of infectious diseases.

    Being the scientific face of the Task force, he is forced to defend the emperor without clothes for the latter’s untruths about wearing the mask…………so he has to find a way out for the emperor.

    You got the wrong culprit for the widespread cases of the COVID-19……..all blame should fall on the emperor without clothes, and NOT A/P Mak.

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  • C wong:

    Always quoting WHO. why must we follow what others say. Can’t we use common sense annd good instinct to decide what’s best for us. WHO may be wrong. Right?

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    We have our number 6th death cases.

    Little doubt that the scared shitless people of opposition supporters here will utilize the situation to ” sing like a canary ” and ” hood ” ruling party.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “… A/P Mak is a senior consultant doctor who was, before being appointed DMS, the head of the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital ……. – had worn mask as a first line defence against the spread of infectious diseases.

    Being the scientific face of the Task force, he is forced to defend the emperor without clothes for the latter’s untruths about wearing the mask …………”

    @Realistically: the best way to cover the backside and front side of the naked emperor was using his hands.

    This shows Dr. Mak has no spine, no balls. It was in his profession to advise, he had disgraced his colleague.

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  • SG doctors disappoint:

    There are three major issues here:

    1. Stock level of masks.
    2. Explicitly Telling people Not to wear masks up till yesterday.

    3. SG doctors morality and ethics and moral courage.

    1. Stock level :
    It seems that the main issue is govt fear not sufficient masks for hospitals.

    Years ago, washable masks already used in many countries like Taiwan, SKorea, China.

    Doctors should also know the size of the virus makes even a headscarf, bandana, cloth mask able to block to some extent.

    But why only now the advisory to wear even cloth masks?

    Medical training they taken decades ago should already enable them to be able to know that any mask better than no mask, assuming proper usage of course.

    In fact, a toilet cleaner already knew usong her commonsense.

    Given its more important to tell people to wear mask than not to wear masks, why only 4 sg doctors voiced up on the advisory not to wear? What is the moral standards of the CDC ?

    What is the professional ethics of sg doctors ?

    To say they only know to tell people to wear masks after the last few weeks of covid experience is not acceptable.

    Moreover, one Chan said sufficient stock.
    And washable masks do not take away surgical mask stocks.
    And stocks can be controlled to large extent just like food at ntuc fp.





    I conclude GAME OVER for SG.

    Better to just abolish elections from Constitution and i am optimistic this can be done Democratically with landslide support from super majority.

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  • Realistically:

    @ NotMyProblem:
    April 4, 2020 at 9:19 pm (Quote)

    “This shows Dr. Mak has no spine, no balls. It was in his profession to advise, he had disgraced his colleague.”

    You are of course entitled to your opinion which I do not agree, especially that he “had disgraced his colleague(s)”.

    As far as I know, the doctors, nurses and other front line staff in the health care system still have access to and do wear protective items like the surgical face mask and also the N95 mask, so I don’t see how A/P Mak had “disgraced his colleagues”.

    As I said, it is the emperor without clothes who should be held accountable for the 1000+ people who have been infected with 6 dying as a result, and NOT A/P Mak or others who have no choice but to try and cover up for the emperor or risk losing their jobs and the security of $ which comes with it? Integrity and lose their jobs? I think we each have our values and views.

    What I find contemptible is the law profession who would even breach their oath of office pursuant to the First Schedule (Form 6) of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore and those like Prof Tommy Koh who go out of their way to sing the emperor’s praises, to boost the false image of the emperor.

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  • Wear mask lah:

    Better to wear surgical masks.Likely will be able to help reduce the spread.
    Meanwhile try to stockpile more of the surgical masks.
    Better still should produce enough surgical mask here to be safe.Cannot trust oversea supply at time like this.It can be stop any moment,looking at the serious world Covid-19 situation.
    Make producing the masks a national project and get it done on urgent basis like in China.In 7 days not 30 days.
    Our GLCs should take the lead with the many centre of Engineering Excellence here.Should not rely on a private company to do the job.
    Too slow and too little.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on sgnews/(mothership) website :Quote – “Reusable masks will not be mailed as not all households want them: Chan Chun Sing
    Sending the reusable masks by post could mean wasting one million masks.

    Jason Fan | April 4, 09:39 pm

    The reusable masks allocated to each household will not be sent via post, in order to prevent wastage, according to Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing.

    This is in line with a previous explanation given by Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong, when the Singapore government previously distributed surgical masks to households in February.

    This includes implementing priority queues for seniors and spacing out collection times.

    30 per cent of households did not collect masks, or think they needed the masks during last exercise
    Chan explained that although the government has considered sending the masks via post, they have declined to do so for several reasons.

    Firstly, not all households may need or want the masks, so posting masks to every household will be a huge waste of resources.

    He cited the fact that during the previous surgical mask collection exercise, more than 30 per cent of households did not collect them, or think that they needed the masks.

    “That would mean wasting more than a million precious masks,” said Chan…. “Unquote.

    Response :The Minister Chan Chin Sing explanation is a dumb unbelievable reason.
    And he failed to even understand the basic point of not wasting resident time by self collection.And when such masks are send and deliver by mail to letterbox, how could household not want it in the first place? Of course, if really ask resident to self collect, due to some residents no time to collect, too lazy to collect, long distance travel to collect,handicapped, or the hassle of self collection of mask, a lot of masks will not be collected by residents.
    And the reason given by the Minister that some may not want it and so decline and no need to send by mail to letterbox of resident look “ugly” . For those resident that don’t want it, is probably they are too “rich”,and the government can send a letter attached together to the mask to inform them that if resident don’t want it,simply drop it back to Singpost mailbox to return to government, or give it to whoever needy who wants it, or drop it inside a box on any bus/mrt for other needy residents to just pick up/collect on bus/mrt.So how will any masks be wasted?Really, got one million mask wasted meh?Where did Chan Chun Sing get his information from?
    And who knows whether all those e*** women wing may siphon off those masks as their own as very easy to fake some signature of resident to indicate as “collected by resident” but reality may not be so? And who knows whether those extra masks will be sold off behind by those e*** women wing to pocket some pocket cash which may be substantial?

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:


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  • A Threat to World Health:

    C wong:
    Always quoting WHO. why must we follow what others say. Can’t we use common sense annd good instinct to decide what’s best for us. WHO may be wrong. Right?

    WHO is a threat to global health. This has been repeated many times here (but not always published). Countries who believe in WHO earlier advisories now suffer terribly.

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