The govt deserves some blame for the spread in the dormitories

I’ve so far refrained from criticising the govt’s effort in tackling the outbreak, because I know it is not easy to deal with what is a global pandemic.

But I have to say that I am quite disappointed about the spread in the foreign workers dormitories.

The dorms are an obvious area of concern, and I would have thought the govt would have focused quite a bit of resources to ensure the workers are taken care of.

You have hundreds, even thousands, of workers all packed in together in dormitories, all day and all night, everyday.

Like in the S11 dormitory here in Punggol, which is the first dorm to have an infection. The dorm consists of several buildings, housing hundreds of workers.

All it takes is one case of coronavirus and the fire is lit.

The S11 dorm now has 41 cases of infection. I expect more will emerge.

The news have somehow refrained from or avoided reporting how many foreign workers exactly are infected. Strange.

Now that it has happened (several dormitories now have the infection), I hope more will be done, and all dorms are locked down, and measures put in place to help the workers.

The govt deserves some blame for this spread in the dormitories, I feel.


Andrew Loh




24 Responses to “The govt deserves some blame for the spread in the dormitories”

  • Money Above Lives:

    Business first, money first, border open big big.
    Lick the brother of big liar dictator up north.
    Totally brainwashed, infiltrated and succumbed.

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  • Pink Alert?:

    If these 41 cases mingled with the crowd on their off-days or came into contact with the public in the course of their work before any knowlege of having been infected, you will have a spike in new cases of community spread.

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  • Hopelesslyuselessgov:





    WAKE UP PAP !!!


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  • hopelessnuselesspap:




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  • better late than never:

    Better to take more drastic action at the dormitory to reduce the spread.
    A danger hot spot if the spread is not contained fast.
    Better late than never.
    Another area to pay special attention is the elderly nursing homes.

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  • N.Jungne:

    LHL is not LKY.

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  • RS:

    All because $$$$$$ collection levies, kind of taxes…etc…
    That is why FT dogs are invited crowded this our beloved Red dot…
    We are not safe as population grow in this small little dot….mind you, they will project for 10 million….
    The Pappy cannot think out of box; run out of ideas on how bring to prosperity, well-being of true blue Singapore.
    Again is $$$

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    No Problem lah!!! sent them packing if they show signs of the Evil “THORN” virus…is that NOT the way???…even with their own Citizens they decimate if the pedigree is NOT to their LIKING!!!

    Pray that SG will NOT end up similar to S-odom & G-omorrah…SG is the world’s most “STRIKE by Lightning” place in the world…Sulphuric Hailstones has yet to arrive but some Cold Hailstone does…hopefully the HOT one does NOT arrive we have at least 30%, righteous people…

    Right or Wrong in their thoughts but NOT Evil in their ways…Like the killing of babies in their wombs and Receiving Jesus on Sundays

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  • Sg is doomed with 4Gs:

    That’s the crux of the problem when these 4G keep harping that they are always working as a team. Every decision is made and shared.

    No one would take the lead, ownership and accountability. In other words, each eunuch just play it very safe and do something to please the emperor without clothes and to show he is contributing. Why must act smart Alex and jeopardize the million dollars job if it doesn’t work?

    No prob whenever the bunch blunders or fumbles, chief clown would always come to the rescue and speak to the sheeps.

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  • Educating Singaporeans:

    Let me educate you, Singaporeans.

    Andrew Loh are purposely finding fault with my master PM Lee PAP Party who is faultless.

    Like our founding father LKY said, we paid top dollars for top talents. As such, we have quality people at the top.

    Grace Fu, Josephine Teo, Khaw Boon Wan, Saw Pek Hua, Vivien. All these are top talents and faultless.

    You want quality iphone, you pay more and buy Apple iPhone. (PAP)
    You cheapo want cheap iphone, you pay less and buy PRC Hiphone.
    Watch :

    And PRC not only give you cheap Hiphone, PRC also give you extras like virus and diseases hahahaha….

    I believe the answer is clear.Vote PAP… Please share my post to all social media.

    Vote PAP, Vote for 9% GST to give PAP 9 months bonus.
    PAP Huat, Huat, Huat arh

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  • Educating Singaporeans:

    Let me educate you, Singaporeans.

    From Andrew writing, you can see that he is FT first Singaporeans last.

    Andrew does not bother with their own Singaporeans and instead speak for FT.

    We at PAP are always Singaporeans First.

    FT are the responsibility of their own countries government.

    FT must ask their own countries to buy service packages from our PAP to take care of their own citizens.

    If FT own countries does not want to buy service packages for their citizens, than they must not use our Singaporeans only medical facilities.

    No money no honey mate.

    Andrew, you want to be a carrot head like Gilbert Goh ?

    Vote PAP, Vote for 9% GST to give PAP millionaires more 9 months bonus.
    PAP Huat, Huat, Huat arh

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  • John Lim:

    Why nobody say about crowding in trains and buses???

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  • Over to You:

    Now is the time to tear up that piece of Paper known as the White Paper to increase the sinky Population to 10 million.

    To increase to this number and with don’t friend practice or social distancing, Pink n Gang need to use taxpayer money to build a double or 3-storey Singapore including Tekong, Sentosa and Brain! Not forgetting the seafront, causeway and roads.

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    Send them back to respective countries? As a lot of places aren;t operational?

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  • Bernard:

    Of course the people in charge should be blamed!!

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  • Tremendous:

    Look at the way they report and you know the chiefs want the reporting to be done in such a way as to show they are not doing badly.
    Only reporting on absolute numbers than compared with the village’s absolutes. You know the whole team is not honest if it has to resort to this.
    It’s a no-brainer that if you have 10000 people in village A with 5 people infected, and you have 1000000 people in village B with 5 people infected, the chiefs of village B are better performers.
    As of today,
    In the village, the rate of infections is 203 per million, and 1 death per million
    In HK land, the rate of infection is 115 per million, and 0.5 death per million
    In TW land, the rate of infection is 15 per million, and 0.2 death per million
    In Viet land, the rate of infection is 2 per million, and 0 deaths
    In Cambo land, the rate of infection is 7 per million, and 0 deaths
    In Bangla land, the rate of infection is 0.4 per million, and deaths 0.05 million
    In Macao land, the rate of infection is 68 per million, and 0 deaths
    Are chiefs of a certain party are really the best team in the world, tell the villagers everything, no need to censor performance results. All other villages are watching.

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  • opposition dude:

    Andrew Loh the PAP loves doing coverups. Remember the Hep C deaths from 2015 which were only announced AFTER the election was over? Or the MRT bogey cracks which were exposed by that HK website when the trains wee being shipped out in the wee hours of the morning completely covered up?

    Even with all these coverups there is no need for any amount of feel good newspaper stories on how “well” PAP are doing to fight this pandemic. We have already seen just how shit they are anyway, now with the numbers of cases reported daily.

    Time to do some house cleaning in parliament once the election is announced I think.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Most, if not all residents of dormitories are foreigners from India or China. They work mainly in construction or bus driver.

    In construction works, it is hard to maintain a safe distance, they need to work with each other in close contact, shouting instruction at the same time.

    Bus captains meet thousand of commuter each day, answering question from commuters in close proximity.

    When return to the dormitories, they gather around for meals and recreation.

    Are the dormitories operators going to do anything?

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  • To wear or Not to wear masks:

    Of course the PAP Govt has made a bloody big blunder by advising the public no need to wear Masks if one is healthy. In the ST it was a big NO right from the beginning but yesterday the ST made a u-turn to a YES if one is going out or to meet others. In the first place Who was the bloody smart arsehole who advised only the sick need to wear a mask ?

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  • Sia:

    If you’re aware of SG workforce, you’ll anticipate & know that its inevitable that infection clusters will come from some worker dormitories.

    Pandemic strikes globally & S’pore, with its large no. of foreign workers, will be badly affected. Local community unlinked infections will increase exponentially.
    SG infection rates will hit above 2000 soon. Hopefully the fatality rate remains low.

    But sadly some of our citizens in our nursing/old folks home are infected. Thats really bad due to their senior age.

    After this pandemic is over, this freakin govt must wakeup & force all companies to reduce their reliance on massive no. of foreign workers.

    Its impossible to have zero foreign workers, but its possible for companies to reduce the no. of foreign workers!!

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  • Realistically:

    @ Andrew Loh

    “I’ve so far refrained from criticising the govt’s effort in tackling the outbreak, because I know it is not easy to deal with what is a global pandemic.”

    To me, whether you have criticised the PAPie govt or not is of no importance.

    “But I have to say that I am quite disappointed about the spread in the foreign workers dormitories.”

    Why single out the foreign workers dormitories when there is now a community spread other than the foreign workers?

    “The govt deserves some blame for this spread in the dormitories, I feel”

    It is not that “the govt deserves some blame” but is TOTALLY responsible and accountable for its self-interests at the expense of the public in general. Remember the apparent PAPie etho: YOU DIE YOUR BIZ”, “what’s wrong with collecting more money from sinkies”?

    The emperor without clothes must be held accountable for saying that wearing of mask by those without the COVID-19 symptoms served no purpose but would deprive the doctors and nurses access to such masks when it was obvious that he was trying to hide his failure to stockpile such masks.

    I believe the community spread would have been ameliorated had the PAPie govt encouraged the wearing of masks from the beginning.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    John Lim:
    Why nobody say about crowding in trains and buses???

    Simple lah!!! put an X on every alternate seat and a box for each standing leh!!! and there you have your problem solved lor!!!

    courtesy of hawker centre & 4D-TOTO outlets

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  • Harder Truths:

    We live on this small overpopulated smelly and disease infested island because of the pappies – if you breathe air it is someone else’s exhalation – outside, inside or in MRT or public transport – the CoV or any other disease will get you sooner or later.

    That is not an issue for the evil ones. You are expendable. You can be easily replaced. If you are an older citizen then it is a blessing for the elites to get rid of you and avoid healthcare costs.

    $G is an immigrant nation – the old dead despot made sure his main law was never changed – ‘let only the strong survive’. $G citizens forever whine and beg the pappies for their ‘rights’.

    If people are not willing to stand up for their rights then be prepared to lose your life as well.

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    As above….

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