New 618 Covid-19 cases totaling 12,693 as of 25th April 2020

As of 25th April 2020, 12pm, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed and verified an additional 618 cases of Covid-19 infection in Singapore. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Imported Cases: 0
  • Dormitory Cases: 597
  • Community Cases: 21
  • Community Un-linked* : 12 (Total: 682)

* Un-linked cases in the community regardless of nationality and excluding “Dormitory Cases”. Total indicates the number of un-linked cases to date. [SOURCE: MOH]

Status of Confirmed Cases

Of the total confirmed cases, 1002 have fully recovered and been discharged from hospital while 24 are in critical condition.

Known Clusters

An additional 7 (new) clusters were announced, bringing the total number of known clusters to 113.

The new clusters are ASPRIWestlite Papan, Kian Teck Hostel, SCM Tuas Lodge, Northpoint City, 21 Defu South Street 1, 8 Martin Place Construction Site snd 107 West Coast Vale Construction Site.

A detailed list of the known clusters have been omitted from our daily updates as the stats provided by MOH may not have been accurate.

The island city is currently the most infected country in Southeast Asia and the 2nd most infected country in the world in terms of residential land mass. [LINK]




9 Responses to “New 618 Covid-19 cases totaling 12,693 as of 25th April 2020”

  • Soccerbetting2:

    Stated above in TR Emeritus :Quote – “New 618 Covid-19 cases totaling 12,693 as of 25th April 2020″ Unquote.

    Response : From 1037 (3 days back), 897(2 day back),618(yesterday), it look like a declining figure). Just wonder whether MOH tested all the suspects yesterday? Will the figure today be less than 618 of yesterday ? I am not suggesting that the figures stated here above are fake in anyway. Obviously, those figures above are real. However, it cannot be denied that there exist a method to make figures look nice – just test lesser at dormitories and figures may be reduced.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on TOC Website :Quote – “Social-enterprise owner airs shockingly classist views on Facebook
    Ghui by Ghui 25/04/2020…

    According to news reports, an alleged social worker has aired some rather scarily ignorant and bigoted comments on her Facebook (FB) page.

    It would appear that this individual is not a social worker. Rather, it has come to our attention that she runs a social enterprise that helps a marginalised group of people in Singapore. The headline is therefore misleading by calling her a social worker.

    Nevertheless. as an individual who runs a social enterprise, it is shocking that she could possibly hold such views.

    In her FB post, she has allegedly said: “Foreign workers now live comfortably in army camp, SCDF Academy, stadium, cruise ship, floating housing, HDB flat. They are beginning to get used to this comfortable life how to go back to slum living when Covid is over. Obviously these workers don’t make an effort to recover”

    The other post said, “Are tax monies used to pay for these foreign workers accommodation, medical and their leave of absence? Since they’re paid to stay at 3* staycations and don’t need to work why bother to recover soon? If these workers don’t recover in 2 weeks, shouldn’t the government sent them packing home? How is the government going to penalize the dorm operators?”

    There are so many things wrong with her posts. Firstly, COVID-19 is a physical disease that has affected the entire world. Many people have lost their lives and continue to lose their lives to it. It is not about “making the effort to recover”. Clearly, this so called do-gooder has no concept of medical science whatsoever…. “Unquote.

    Response : So this social enterprise owner woman is obviously has a link and most likely is making use of all these social workers to run errands for her and make more money for her. However what she says may needs some answers from the government – “Are tax monies used to pay for these foreign workers accommodation, medical and their leave of absence?”.

    As for her other point that since they are so comfortable, it is obvious that they don’t want to recover so soon, no doubt. And by sending them back if they don’t recover in two weeks, that would be best before anyone of us got killed by their corona virus.

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  • Numbers:

    How many of the FW already tested ?
    What is the infected rate so far ? 20% ?
    The numbers should go up if there is still a large numbers of FW not tested yet going by what happen in New York testing results…
    No need to be alarmed by the numbers..more important is the effective measures to contain the spread at the Dormitories ,especially preventing the spread to the community at Large.
    Testing,testing,testing to detect and isolate the infected ASAP.

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  • @Soccerbetting2

    Ah, this may be the “positive results” the LEEders wanted. So can remove the CB liao and call for a GE soon.

    After GE is over, then the figures will go up again. lol

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  • Profits After People:

    We are now in a warfare with an enemy which is invisible to our naked eyes, but are out there and everywhere. Where is our generals who are so highly skilled in exercises day in day out to fight our unseen enemies? This is the time for you to come out and fight this enemy. WTF?
    Screwed up Pro Alien Party (PAP) asked army generals to lead corporations ((NOL, SPH) and let civilians lead warfare……..why? these million dollar ministers and generals are clueless because their leader is clueless, without his papa ……still thinking of his GE and the economy (his KPI) when we are in deep-shit.

    I hope people will see them for the incompetence and useless minister and leader that they are.


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  • SG Boleh:

    What does it mean by those “feeling well” or “clinically well” but still tested positive for Covid-19 – i.e those who were transfered to community hospitals/facilities? Does it mean they have the antibody? Will their health be the same as before they were infected by the virus? Will the virus stay in the body and resurface again? Is it safe for them to return to work?

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  • WakeupSG:

    Community unlinked cases (682) is WORRYING!


    MMTF needs to escalate the tests in the AT RISK COMMUNITIES to seek them out FAST to isolate the confirmed cases to stop the community circulation when silent spreaders still going out to exercise, buy food & groceries, work etc under CB!


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  • Stupid idea!:

    Fu asks Singaporeans to display flags.

    Is this right during the heightened CB measures when we are told strictly to stay at home.

    RC members would be going out in troops, knocking on doors to ask residents to do this. What happens if families unwittingly get infected because of contacts from them?

    If put on display, it also means that families have to step outside regularly to check whether the flag is in good condition and not upside down blown by gushes of wind.

    Why are we doing this unnecessary chore since national day is still months away?

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  • WakeupSG:

    According to Kokila Annamalai, MOH has said the high no. of confirmed COVID cases recorded was due to “aggressive testing” but this does not mean large scale testing of asymptomatic & mildly symptomatic patients for FWs at all the dorms as advocated by public health experts.



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