PM’s May Day speech a waste of everybody’s time

I consider lhl’s May Day speech as a waste of everybody’s time. Besides uttering plenty of motherhood statements and saying things that most people alearly knew, there was hardly anything else. Inspiring, impressive and invigorating are words buried with the old guards ministers.

The few key points in his speech are:
1) Workers must be prepared to accept lower wages.
2) He urged employers to keep their workers as far as possible.
3) Businesses will be opened up in stages.
4) Over the longer term, there will be more restrictions on the movements of goods and people.

I ask apart from taking a 3 months pay cut for all political office holders, why are ministers not taking a further and meaningful pay cut to stand together and show solidarity with our workers, after all, isn’t that what true leadership is about?

And especially so when times were good, they knew how to peg their salaries to top income earners in the private sector and pay themselves all sort of bonuses, performance, national and other bonuses and many months of each. At the very, very least, why is the NTUC chief, a full cabinet minister no less and all his labour mps so quiet about volunteering a pay cut, standing and showing solidarity with our workers in a time like this? I ask again, what is so difficult about that?

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way- John Maxwell. In Singapore, it is more like a leeder is one who knows the way, shows the way but you do it alone.

For lhl to tell businesses not to lay off workers is useful but I would like to remind him that businessmen are not fools even though many of them may not be impeccably educated and unable to articulate eloquently like him. They will all do their own sums.

I do not believe that lhl ever wrote a single job application letter in his life and I do not believe that any of his parliamentary generals ever risk $10,000/ of their personal savings to go into business either, so please, in our local parlance, there is no need to teach one’s father how to do that thing because you are not qualified.

What is up in the minds of many ordinary Singaporeans is how to continue putting food on the table for their families and how to juggle and cover 10 bottles with 8 caps in their finances, so to speak.

The first tranche of $600/ was to help them through the 1st CB period ending 4 May 20. Lhl and his superstar ministars must have forgotten that they, their elderly parents and children also need to eat in the extended CB period of May 20 too.

I ask how can his May Day speech not disappoint our many out of job or those placed on no pay leave citizens? I hope that more Singaporeans can now better understand and have a better idea of what a useless government looks like or at the very least, what a clever and sweet talking but cannot perform government looks like.

The best pap days are behind us alearly. However unwilling, we must wake up and recognise it! Think.


Simon Lim




16 Responses to “PM’s May Day speech a waste of everybody’s time”

  • Pinky not so pink:

    Ownself talking to ownself.

    Nothing new, just motherhood here and there.

    Big yawn…..

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  • Scumbags of Singapore:

    Each of these MFcukers would come out and take turn to speak but the situation is not getting any better.

    Other countries with the gold standard have started to reopen their livelihood and economy.

    These chaps never admit their mistakes but are only good in giving lame excuses for the big screw ups and lapses, conveniently blaming everything to no benefits of hindsight.

    What are the use of paying them extraordinarily high pays when they cannot present fresh ideas and work with foresight?

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  • only know how to tkss:

    will there still be the NDRally speech to entertain all his bizness cronies and union chiefs etc..
    oredy 15min ND speech pm had nought to say..
    last year he spoke about diabetes..this year???

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  • oxygen:

    CHEAPER FASTER AND BETTER mantra has its twist of XXX in a tight spot version of “what is wrong with lifting the lid of competition” urging BUT APPARENTLY these motherhood teaching DOES NOT APPLY to PAPpypolitics.

    @ Better, betterer, betterest has gone MUTE.

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  • No Way:

    Say NO to Emperor becoming the next Minister Mentor (MM).

    His Dynasty is dead and did not even wake up from grave when Singapore is in a crisis due to pure incompetency of the so called the “4G” Team.

    We will never know Empress’s salary if he becomes MM.

    Singaporeans, he has been asking for strong mandate. Please do NOT give.

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  • MarBowling:

    Hopefully his this year May Day Bird Talk will NOT BE ABLE TO CONVINCE THOSE BIRDS(esp the 69.9% DAFTS)perching on top the Shaking Tree from COMING DOWN which they have been OBLIGING and WILLING to do so after EVERY May Day Crap Talk since he squatted on the Imperial Throne in 2004!

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  • Sovereignwealth fun bedfellows:

    Between these two haughty heads sheeple ain’t gonna get our cpf savings back wait long long; and that excruciating loan repayment for the hdb pigeonholes from cpf. Thirty years of mysterious public funds accounting…. now gonna be exposed by a tiny virus. Errr, it’s what their own selfish hands have wrought. In stark contrast, look at healthy democratic Taiwan.

    Inside Taiwan’s response to Covid19

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  • trublu:

    Honestly,i used to enjoy LKY’s speeches.He was a good orator n mostly dished out cogent ldeas but, later on,i realised its MORE TALK TO THAN WALK WITH the PEOPLE.

    I have stopped listening to MAY DAY RALLY N ND SPEECHES a long time ago,maybe 30 years or so.

    I rather watch National Geograhic n listen to the birds n bees or watch butterflies.

    As for lee ah long,i never wasted any time.
    At least lky was interesting.

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  • Tighter CB best:

    Is it just me or is it
    His face at times look frail and sunken skinny like this photo and at times looking more young and alive?

    Why the rush for GE?

    I like CB. The tighter the bester.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “The first tranche of $600/ was to help them through the 1st CB period ending 4 May 20″ ….

    HDB already eyeing on this $600. You cannot say you have no money, HDB reminded you of the $600 you received to pay for rent!!

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  • PAP is Problem Not Solution:

    A good commander demonstrate leadership qualities – motivation and rallying his troops to fight and conquer.

    In this fight against Covid-19, aside from this clueless, flip flopping SG commander from making mistakes of asking citizens not to wear mask and changing his views, and asking citizens to go out often while supporting his economy because of his and his Ministers million dollar pay, also risking citizens by the 1000s getting coronavirus infection -

    I didn’t find Loong himself standing up, be counted, motivating Singaporeans not be disheartened, getting Singaporeans be strong and defeat this enemy Covid-19.

    In fact what we’re seeing plentiful is endless rush thru laws designed to punish Singaporeans instead of constructive leadership from PAP to tell citizens we all are in it together.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The Istana Owl’s Day of Reckoning is Fast Approaching…

    Repent & Repay before 26 August…
    …his gaunt look will only get WORSE…and it is NOT Stress… similar to the Portrait of Dorian Gray…Pray with all sincerity and REPAY…

    God may just listen and NOT turn His Face the way he did to your father who calls through Chanting to Him out of FEAR not Remorse and keeping his Billions while asking for more and what is wrong with having more now that it is Cheaper costing only a Dollar for a WHOLE STACK in August when the Gates open!!!

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  • SAFE:

    What is critical for SG’s survival post-pandemic should be the dominant focus of SG Covid-19 leadership’s agenda – no more status quo! How about thinking along these 4 areas:

    SAFETY – how safe is it for investors, manufacturers, etc to do biz in the light of preparedness to protect workers & biz & handle health crisis etc

    ATTRACTIVENESS – cost effective workforce; excellent ROI; comprehensive transport infrastructure; global trading network etc

    FIGHT – preparedness in terms of sufficiency of test kits for mass testing, adequate supplies of masks, healthcare system etc to effectively fight the next pandemic wave

    EQUALITY – relative equality of living conditions in dorms; quality of life; cost of living etc

    The approach towards the post-pandemic era should be RADICAL to face a new world order!

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  • Harder Truths:

    My d*g fell asleep after 2 minutes – I will keep this speech for his future insomnia.

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  • opposition dude:

    The kiasees voted in a useless bugger so all they will get are nice sounding motherhood statements about how they will be cared for. These kiasees do enjoy living in a delusional world after all.

    Goondu Loong was never any good. He is easily the worst PM we have had. I’m sure if there was a poll going around on this question he would be at the top of the list.

    So let us see just how well he has done in the last 5 years once the election is announced.

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  • 无业游民:

    I feel he care more for fws. Damn tudan.

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