Children Could Still Be A Vector For The Contagion

Ong Ye Kung told us that according to expert advice he had received, children are not a vector for the spread of coronavirus. He refused to close schools until the dramatic U-turn made by the government on 3 April.

But according to other experts, children could still be a vector for the contagion and many governments are still wrestling with the issue of whether to reopen schools.

It is a myth that children are not severely stricken by the virus. There are an increasing number who have become very ill and exhibited terrible symptoms including the inflammation of blood vessels. Some have even died. Recently, there has been concern that in Western countries such as the UK , France and other European countries, and also in the US, that an increasing number of children who were infected with Coronavirus, have also experienced symptoms very similar to the so called Kawasaki disease.

We should not have this idea that children can recover easily from this disease. Many myths are being propagated during this crisis, principally by people who are against a lockdown because of the economic damage wrought by it.

My answer to them is that when the flame of life is extinguished from a young life or that of an old one, no amount of money can bring that flame back. Let’s put things in the proper perspective. Every life is priceless.


Lim Tean




12 Responses to “Children Could Still Be A Vector For The Contagion”

  • PAP is Doomed:

    Mr Lim, the one statement in your article summarizes it all: “Every life is priceless”

    For PAP’s Emperor and the 4G Team – Every vote is Priceless.

    PAP has been exposed with their pants down for their incompetence and weak LEEdership in handling this Pandemic.

    Singaporeans believe that PAP is placing Politics above health. PAP just wants to win the election with a high margin of votes.

    Given their current poor performance in handling the pandemic at the Workers Dorm, PAP is doing all kinds of drama to win back Singaporeans trust and confidence, but it is tool late. Damaged is already done. 4G team has been classified as incompetent, given the huge negative feedback in recent weeks.

    PAP is facing the toughest election soon. Most likely PAP will lose at least 2 GRCS and 5 SMCs.

    Singaporeans must be angry, disgusted and feel short-changed with the harm caused by POFMA and CECA.

    All dishonorable people must not be given any Minister posts or even the Minister Mentor position.

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  • 20 students/Classroom:

    If school needs to resume, limit the number of students per classroom to 20, so as to
    enable safe-distancing to be strictly observed by each student, especially those sitting for national exams.

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  • trublu:

    Minister Ong,MBA?
    What crap was he uttering?
    What nonsense!
    Even parents catch normal pneumonis germs from their sick kids?



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  • opposition dude:

    Well then who is/are the experts that advised Ong Useless Kung on children not being a vector?

    It’s shocking that the education minister can publicly say this and not feel embarrassed. Please don’t wait for your children to be infected and then start panicking and regretting it. Prevention is way better than cure.

    No parent would want their children to be infected. I’m surprised that no parents admonished Ong for even saying that children are not a vector.

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  • SG Boeh:

    Covid-19 is going to be around for awhile. Parents should expect MOE to ensure safe-distancing in schools and kindergarten. 30 students to a class will not provide the recommended 6 ft for safe-distancing. Furthermore, the school canteen or cafeteria will be crowded during recess time.

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  • Another PAP idiot:

    Ong Ye Kung is another PAP idiot just like Tan Chuan Jin, Josephine Teo, Gan Kim Yong, Lawrence Yong, Chan Chun Sing and their boss (and his successor).

    While the virus might be less dangerous for children they can easily bring home the virus and wind up infecting even killing their parents and/or grandparents.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    SG Boeh:
    Covid-19 is going to be around for awhile. Parents should expect MOE to ensure safe-distancing in schools and kindergarten. 30 students to a class will not provide the recommended 6 ft for safe-distancing. Furthermore, the school canteen or cafeteria will be crowded during recess time.

    Please consult Minister Khaw. Before social distancing in public transport, he recommended not to talk in public transport to prevent saliva flying. Now he insisted that mask is mandatory in public transport.

    Maybe Minister Khaw could provide some “brilliant” ideas for schools!!

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  • Sg Boleh:

    When CB is lifted and life returns back to some kind of normalcy, there will be new community cases as we now see in Wuhan and S/ Korea. This is when the schools become potential clusters that could spread into the homes. If the foreign workers return back to work after the CB, they too could be infected and bring it back to their new housing. There is still no word on the 23,000, whether or not they are safe to be returned back to society. So, second wave cannot be discounted.

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  • Shamed by Failures:

    A truly responsible and caring leader placing citizen lives before GDP is one that ERRS ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION.

    I POINT OUT their Hypocrisy:

    1. They keep using excuse of ignorance of the virus to escape from blame when they have been reactive or adopted a false advice. But all it took was Commonsense to err on the side of caution to wear a mask given lack of knowledge of virus.

    2. They say children low chance of getting when they claim ignorance.

    Sibei siasuay. Knnb! World highest paid hypocrites!

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  • Buses n Trains:

    Most students take buses and/or trains to school. Is safe-distancing made possible?

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  • Theng Sor Hai Beeech:

    When is schools repoen?

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  • Why is SG democracy?:

    Barber shops is essential? Knn no hair cut will die? Cannot trim yourself? So useless and unresourceful?

    Pet shops?

    Computer shops should be essential!

    Knnb ! Wtf

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