They are doing this because?

Why do I get the feeling that the authorities are doing all this – going out of their way, giving the workers bento meals, special video messages from the Manpower Minister herself, the PM mentioning them specially and giving them assurances, ministers personally handing out food to the workers (pictured here), etc – they are doing all this because they are afraid there will be another Little India-like riot, this time in the dormitories and involving more people.

Imagine the international headlines. But more importantly, imagine the international damage to our image and reputation.
Call me cynical, but I will only be convinced if such attention continues after the pandemic is over.

But I fear that all this being done now is for political reasons, even for national security reasons.

Still, it means if they feel the threat is over, things will go back to what it was before – and the workers return to watery curry and stale meals, along with all the other problems they face.


Andrew Loh




11 Responses to “They are doing this because?”

  • NotMyProblem:

    “But I fear that all this being done now is for political reasons, even for national security reasons.”

    @Andrew, the political reasons is this;

    LHL has to take good care of the foreign workers as there are many foreigners turned citizens in Singapore. In fact 46% of the total Singapore population are foreigners turned citizens. These new citizens are all voting age.

    New citizens out vote true blue Singaporeans. To ensure these new citizens vote the PAP, the PM has to take good care of them. PAP does not need Singaporeans’ votes. Even if all eligible Singaporean voters vote against PAP, there are enough new citizens to vote PAP and win.

    This also attracts more foreign workers to come. Especially Modi would be very happy.

    You do not see poor new citizens, but you see poor homeless Singaporeans.

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  • PAP is Doomed:

    I thought the “Total Defence” concept died long ago.

    After spending billions of taxpayer money for last 30 years, Total Defence was no match to a pandemic. To make things more laughable, the “war” was in is being fought in our Dorms, where obviously PAP Govt lost, with 30K infections and 28 Deaths, so far.

    Even our “Smart Nation” concept has also died. The word “Smart” is no more applicable to our incompetent 4G Ministerial team.

    What a shame and a scam !!

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  • PAP d problem Not d solution:

    I will feel very very sad for the PAP if they don’t win Hollywood’s Best Picture, Best Production, Best Acting awards of all time.

    And indeed Singapore and Singaporeans cannot complain if the PAP are not up to mark, again.

    In addition, SG has the right to complain, why are taxes utilized in this way – when dorm operators and businessmen live like Kings and Queens in their Sentosa Palaces.

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    They should give free meals, money, free transport, waive HDB loans payment, free utilities to Singaporeans.

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  • MarBowling:

    The workers are very happy and smiling when they receive the food. It will like the PAPigs are giving them a THAWED FROZEN CHICKEN WING Now, BUT aftermath Covid 19, the PAPigs will TAKE BACK ONE WHOLE FRESH CHICKEN from these folks!

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  • TKL's doppelganger Tan Kim Lan:

    Andrew, despite doing all these, what happen if still deja vu another “Little India” this time will be whole Singapore?

    If this Govt. already got any cow sense should start thinking how to limit future influxes of these migrants workers. Worse come to worse about time to use another mercenary workforce, Gurkhas, if they don’t want to go back to watery curry rice after enjoying their months of bentos, resort-livings and special attentions.

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  • trublu:

    Andrew Loh,it seems you totally forgot about that old bended lady excercising sweatily collecting cardboard litters?
    You forgot about the aged sick retirees who still need to pay GST on BIG MEDICAL BILLS like heart ops,kidney problems etc.

    Guess these FWs seem not to mind.
    At least i saw them praising the PAPple who abuse them?

    You shud speak more for poor n needy sgs?

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  • AristoCATs - PR Machine:

    It is “Erection Time” . . .

    Remember the Ballot Box !

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  • Sg is certainly doomed with 4G:

    Pinky erection coming soon, Monkey Pappies are getting desperate and worry.

    Must wayang mah to show love and care otherwise many will be kicked out for the miserable handling of the virus and dorms especially Jojo.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Indeed. Optics is the name of the game.

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  • Do more:

    Do more for Singaporean badly hit by the Virus and CB.
    Needed targeted help…
    Make sure all needy Singaporean has from Jan 2020 at least 50% of their pay during this Crisis to help them cope with the CB.

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