Running on empty, the PAP is incredibly able to pull Singaporeans along for the ride

The gas tank is empty. The same old story is repeated, the same old tricks and tactics are regurgitated.

But we have to brace ourselves for a lot more of the same from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in the weeks ahead because in a general election, they go into full swing.

A tried and tested tactic is to conflate loyalty to country with loyalty to government.

We are already told that national flags will be distributed to every household. The same goes for National Day Parade funpacks.

The message: It is everyone’s duty to display patriotism.

Of course, those of us who know better know that loyalty to government is not patriotism, patriotism is loyalty to country. But they always choose to conflate the issue, which is especially important for them in election season.

Then they will evoke how late Lee Kuan Yew and his comrades defeated the communists and how they secured independence for Singapore.

The message: If our founding fathers could make such grave sacrifices, why can’t Singaporeans show their undying allegiance and support to the PAP?

Talk of the founding fathers and past accomplishments will go into overdrive, that’s for sure. This must be the only country in the world that keeps harping on the past as a way to remind its people of what the future holds. Yet there are those who continue to get suckered into it.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said last week that this year’s NDP will showcase the Singapore Spirit, turning adversity into triumph.

This is one message they endlessly harp on: Let’s display the Singapore Spirit, let’s rally together as one people, one nation. It also means we have to support the PAP to show the world that we are SG United, so investors will not run away, the economy will stay resilient, all challenges will be overcome, all uncertainties will be dealt with.

For those of us who have heard the same old story, and been at the receiving end of the same old tricks and tactics, it will be deja vu!

But it has worked for the PAP for decades, so why wouldn’t work it work for them again?

Singaporeans, it seems, are an easy lot to bamboozle.


Augustine Low




23 Responses to “Running on empty, the PAP is incredibly able to pull Singaporeans along for the ride”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    I WAS present during the Era that WAS The Coronation of Queen E II in 1953 and a Sattelite Town named Queenstown where an IDIOT stood on a Bridge a few years back in Dawson Road and Declared this was a SWAMP now a High Rise PAP wonder…

    The BULLSHIT like the father’s ‘Hard Truth’ is simply that!!!…

    PURE BULL!!!

    and the Violin Plays on and the BullSHIT continues till TODAY!!!

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  • Rin:

    Good piece from Augustine Low. The PAP will still get away with hogwash because the 70% let them.

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  • is our sg still ours?:

    sgs had been brainwashed for 5decades, thats why theyre so timid and easy to be bamboozled.
    its was in PAPs masterplan so they could control and hold in to power till kingdom come.
    hopefully a majority has broken from their chains and see reality or else we’re doomed.
    one last chance to do the right thing this GE.
    the alternative parties should target n speak to the older folk in their own dialects cus the pioneer generation are still living in the LKY/PAP time warp.
    as we oredy seen time n time again lhl and his band of clowns dont know how to bring our sg forward except to keep regurgitating what the founding fathers had done and shed his crocodile tears, at every blooming chance he especially repeating his papa’s name..

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  • AristoCATs - subliminal msg ?:

    > “This is one message they endlessly harp on:
    . . .It also means we have to support the PAP to show the world that we are SG United, . . .

    For those of us who who have heard the same old story, and been at the receiving end of the same old tricks and tactics, it will be deja vu!”

    “fly the flag”
    The writer is spot on.
    The AristoCATs are “marketing expert” –
    with psychology twist . . .

    their message translates to -
    “Please do not complain / criticize. . .”
    They assume the Peasants can’t do both –
    fly flag + complain,
    got it?

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  • REGIME CHNGE is the solution:

    Is PAP trying to “wrap itself with the flag” distributing the national flag? Laughable. Singaporeans knows that PAP is NOT Singapore and Singapore is NOT PAP. PAP is LKY’s “spent” political party. Singaporeans should “give it back” to LKY so it can be buried with him and Singapore can move on to better times.

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  • opposition dude:

    I blame it more on the daft kiasees not having the guts to vote opposition than anything else. PAP’s tricks didn’t quite work for them in 2011 and this time it won’t work either since the perception on the ground is how badly managed this pandmic has been.

    If PAP can’t even handle a pandemic how can you expect them to handle anything bigger? You already have public enemy #1 Jo Teo being blasted by the public to high heaven so who actually has faith in her?

    Not to mention Gan Kim Yong’s ineptness at losing 1.5 million patient records PLUS thousands of HIV records AND being unable to prevent the spread of Covid in the dorms until today?

    You have heard of 3 strikes and you are out. Should PAP lose more than they anticipated in the next GE you can be rest assured that both Teo and Gan will be demoted to MPs like Wong and Mah before them.

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  • No one suckers better:

    [Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said last week that this year’s NDP will showcase the Singapore Spirit, turning adversity into triumph. This is one message they endlessly harp on: Let’s display the Singapore Spirit, let’s rally together as one people, one nation. It also means we have to support the PAP to show the world that we are SG United, so investors will not run away, the economy will stay resilient, all challenges will be overcome, all uncertainties will be dealt with.]

    Which is the Singapore Spirit that National Service sheeples should defend? Is it sheeples’ Republic of Singapore? Or surgeon Ng’s Sinchiapor Elitists? We’ve been trying for two decades to rally together as one nation of equals before the law …. but you’ve been thriving as filthy rich crony-capitalists while you subject us sheeples to your ignominious Swiss salaries without a minimum wage to survive in your failed trickle-down papeconomics with runaway costs inflation in one little island city state!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Let’s hope our Singaporean youths to be like their counterpart in Hong Kong. Not that their protests were right, it just shows the youths care about their country’s future. They are conscious and know every move and policy made by their government.

    Also I wish our Singapore youths can be as sensitive as their Malaysia counterpart. Malaysians knew the opportunity of kicking out the crooks in the country and now they are in the process of uncovering the dark secret of 1MDB and recovering the missing million dollars.

    I am not very sure if our youths could name all the Ministers or just the name of the MP in his/her constituency. Do they know what is the purpose of the GRC. Or do they know what MPs were supposed to do!!

    Never mind, a simpler question; do they want to know about the National Reserve, GLC, GIC?

    The answers will be known coming pandemic General Election!!

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  • Hu Chian:


    “In Benedict Anderson’s famous phrase, nations are “imagined communities” where total strangers nonetheless recognize and acknowledge each other as belonging to the same group.

    Moreover, as John Mearsheimer points out in his recent book The Great Delusion, the power of nationalism rests in part on its symbiotic relationship with the state. Given the competitive pressures inherent in a world with no central authority, states have powerful incentives to encourage national unity within their borders, so that citizens are loyal and more willing to sacrifice for the state when necessary. Promoting nationalism—and especially a common language—also helped create more unified national economies and more productive populations, thereby enhancing the state’s overall capacity.”

    The Bandwagon Effect | Psychology Today Singapore

    You Can’t Defeat Nationalism, So Stop Trying – Foreign Policy

    Mao’s Great Famine, Chinese subtitled [毛澤東的大飢荒][毛泽东的大饥荒]

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  • Old man rolling in his grave:

    The name of the dead old coot will be mentioned again and again for the coming GE.

    His spirit will be summoned from his grave to help the d*shonourable son.

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  • Hu Chian:


    “All the happy-story analogies to past pandemics being mere bumps in the road miss the mark. A popular claim is that the 1918-1919 flu pandemic killed millions but no biggie, the Roaring 20s started the following year. It’s onward and upward, baby, once we toss the masks.

    Wrong. Completely, totally, dead wrong. The drivers of the past 75 years of growth– globalization and financialization–are dead, and so is everything that depended on them for “growth”. (Growth is in quotes because once external costs and currency arbitrage are factored in, most of what’s been glorified as “growth” is nothing but losses covered by accounting trickery.)

    Here’s what’s poorly understood: globalization and financialization die when they stop expanding. Just as a shark dies if it stops swimming forward, globalization and financialization die once they stop expanding, because their viability depends on expansion.”

    Of Two Minds – Globalization and Financialization Are Dead, and so Is

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  • trublu:

    to say we rely on FWs is not hard to accept.


    I say GO ON,GET FWs,young and good ones,to take up PRs.
    this will help SG build a new batch of our own construction workers gradually as we settle for fairer wages and some of these good FWs may become new citizens and their kids may not mind working in construction by then?

    FTs can be easily replaced as most are UNPRODUCTIVE COMPARED TO OUR OWN PMEs,in all honesty!!!!

    get our JOBLESS PMEs back to the banks,it,health-care etc.

    i am sure many will turn out to be much more productive on agreegate vis-a-vis the over-hyped ang mohs ,indians,peenoise!!!

    will the govt dare to take the challenge?

    that is the big question!

    FTAs have been one-sided ,mostly written against our own PMEs as far as jobs are concerned!

    STOP CONNING THE PEOPLE,YOU HAVE MADE BIG MISTAKES IN SIGNING THOSE FTAs with stupid one-sided labour flow and you keep telling sgs we need FTs?


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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote – “Singapore considering Malaysia’s request to further suspend KL-S’pore HSR project: Khaw

    An artist’s impression of the High Speed Rail Terminal in Jurong East.PHOTO: FARRELLS
    Toh Ting Wei
    SINGAPORE – Malaysia has asked for a further suspension of the proposed Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) line, ahead of a May 31 deadline to decide whether to proceed with the project.

    Disclosing this on Friday (May 29), Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said: “A few days ago, Malaysia asked us for the possibility of extending the suspension so that we can continue the discussion on what changes they have in mind.”

    “We are giving their request a strong consideration,” he added.”Unquote.

    Response : Forget about the HSR project. Malaysia have a $1 trillion ringgit debt previously. So Malaysia have no money to built. The dragging on by Malaysia is maybe they are expecting Singapore to come up with the money to foot their side of HSR for them, maybe they are hoping that way? However Singapore now is also needing a lot of money in every sector of Singapore, Singapore don’t have extra money too. Too bad, just scrap off HSR and buy Punggol North HDB instead of lakeside. At least nearer Changi Airport for flight transport overseas yo KL.

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  • MarBowling:

    We have STOPPED DISPLAYING the Flag since Lee Kayu had paid himself and his whole bunch of so-called World Class Ministers humongous obscene salary, period.

    Upon receiving the funpacks which are paid by taxpayers money, we will DONATE all of them to the POORER FOLKS staying nearby!

    Like Simon always say: THINK. Think all of us should HELP OUT THE POORER FOLKS! They NEED the funpacks more than us!

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  • PAP Weakness exposed !!:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    ― Abraham Lincoln

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  • the dafts!:

    Well, one old man didn’t called Sinkies dafts for nothing!!

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  • uselesstankinl:

    Economists love debt slaves.

    The report explains why.

    Because it means growing GDP, and the economic system moves heaven
    and earth to get ordinary people to borrow more so that they buy more
    and add to GDP.

    That’s how these households become enslaved to their debts and their financiers.

    Do you see people who are all too eager to spend money they don’t have?

    However a vast majority are swimming in the ocean of debt not of their own making.

    And the problem of debt is going to get much worse because of the economic fallout of the global pandemic.

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  • PAP Weakness exposed:

    “But it has worked for the PAP for decades” – It’s 2020 now and the Year of Covid-19. PAP’s credibility is at it’s lowest after the 30,000 infections and more than 20 deaths.

    PAP’s 55 yrs of threats, using HDB upgrading is not valid anymore. ​

    ​With this threat gone, what other threats will PAP use now ?

    Examples :

    1. If PAP don’t make the Govt on election day, Singapore will lose its status as global financial centre using the China-US Trade War as backdrop.​

    2. The 4G Team of highly educated and well trained Ministers cannot be replaced by Opposition, who are mediocre and no experience in running a Ministry or even a Town Council.​

    3. Singapore is not ready for a Coalition Govt and this has failed in many countries​

    4. Opposition MPs are out to cause destruction to all the good things PAP has done for last 50 yrs.​

    5. Expect much fights in Parliament if more Opposition candidates are elected into Parliament and it will ruin our Parliamentary Democracy.​

    6. Character Assassination – PAP is expected to use gutter politics by create a damaging image of Opposition candidates. This was clearly seen in Bukit Batok Bi-Election.​

    7. Opposition will fail our country because they don’t have a concrete and sustainable plan to bring Singapore out of a recession.

    And so on…

    Singaporeans had enough of such BS. In this coming election PAP will lose at least 2 GRCs, minimum.

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  • The dilemma mindset:

    They will always be a question of if we do not vote them vote who. If this question had been asked for decades means something is very wrong with our HR and intellectual development in the country after so many generations. So many decades we are still not vibrant in the diversity of talents and new leaders that we can only rely on that particular pool of leaders and technocrats for ideas.

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  • Michael:

    Need more opposition party to check Pap

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  • Teo CB Josephina:

    The PAP lost its shine from the movie handling. What is amazing is not pap but the Super Majority. Those are really amazingly daft and weak unable to survive without instructions or being spoon-fed..

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  • LHL fly kite:

    The PAP is not SINGAPORE and SINGAPORE is not PAP. VTO.

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  • LHL fly kite:

    The OLD BASTARD is DEAD AND GONE and he is NOT EVER RISKING FROM HIS GRAVE as he promised.The present day PAP call should not call out the achievements of the OLD BASTARD and the first generation leaders.They should show them their own achievements which is pertatic compared to the sky high pay they get.
    PAP has and almost monopoly of parliament yet could not contain the epidemic.LHL you piece of shit,New Zealand PM only earns a fraction of your pay and she has a minority government yet her performance is BRILLIANT.Shame on you LHL.

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