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In the last GE I dropped my voting slip into the ballot box in the Embassy of Singapore in Beijing. Although I would very much want to be back in Singapore to catch the excitement of a GE but was stuck in Beijing due to work commitment. I am still in China but in a different city now. This time round, I have not confirmed to vote in Beijing because I want to be back home for the action. Goosh, I missed the invigorating atmosphere of the opposition rallies and the mundane ones of PAP, anticipating the results announcement on TV late into dawn with screams of disappointment from the neighbourhood.

With Covid-19 as an international pandemic, travel restrictions are secondary to personal safety. 14 days quarantine coming in to Singapore and 14 days on returning to China just for the action of GE cannot be justified.

With 200,000 voters all over the world and only 10 locations to cast votes during this pandemic seemed far-fetched, this is not a time to travel even locally in USA or Europe. It is also a logistic nightmare.

Extraordinary period calls for extraordinary measures and action. Arrangement can be made for overseas voters to vote online, all of us have Singpass, secured access with One-Time-Password (OTP). All it takes is a few webpages linked and it can be done in a couple of days. Have to arrange it very well to be fair and transparent, it would save time and costs of travel, it may very well save lives too.

I do not kaopei for the sake of kaopeiing, I have a brain for simple solutions that do not cost a bomb and ideas for free too.


M Gen




7 Responses to “Safe to vote”

  • Python 5:

    Vote online??? the ones who consolidate the votes online can certainly determine an outcome favorable to themselves isn’t it??

    Trautman: That camp… was supposed to be empty. Rambo goes in, a decorated vet, he finds no POWs, the Congress buys it – case closed! And if he happens to get caught, nobody knows he’s alive except you and your computers… and you can REPROGRAM that can’t you?

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  • their way or the highway:

    this gov thinks they know everything..they never listen to good feedback from the people.
    the cv19 pandemic n fw dorms proves it…many professionals n ordinary citizens were calling for the gov to do this or that but were ignored…then later how? pusing balek …lost face oredy but still tak boleh kalah …they always manage to justify wat they did–the usual PAP way…wayang big time plus blame everyone else but themselves.

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  • What is there to vote?:

    PAP is guaranteed to win by record margins.

    National reserves inexistence of opposition. Arbiter of truth vs self-preservation.

    What is there to vote?
    It’s a gonner farker.

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  • trublu:

    yes,IT IS SAFE TO VOTE FOR OPPO MPs,go ahead.


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  • cant wait for GE:

    the gov is hurrying to open up our country cuz they die die want the GE to happen asap..
    nevermind that fw infection rates still around the 500mark daily n others single digits.
    look at some of the countries who opened up too quickly like skorea,japan, china and certain parts of europe..theyre all suffering a 2nd wave of infections.
    in all this our citizens must stay vigilant n be responsible for few months more.
    protect yourself and family.

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  • another clown:

    Come on folks, don’t be so naïve, don’t ever think that they have never thought that thru’ and thru’!! Anything ideas and solutions to their advantage and favor, they would have implemented them, without second thought!!

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  • Priority:

    Priority should be to solve the citizen problem…Take care of their immediate need.Many are suffering now…especially the bottom 30%.
    First responsibility of any Government.

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