Singapore citizen Daniel De Costa files constitutional challenge against holding GE under present circumstances

Singapore citizen Daniel De Costa has filed a constitutional challenge against the decision to call for an election under current circumstances.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday night (23 June), Mr De Costa — who is represented by M Ravi of Carson Law Chambers — sought court declarations that “the right to vote and the right to free and fair elections are fundamental rights guaranteed to all citizens of Singapore under the Constitution”.

“I have just filed a constitutional challenge on behalf of Daniel De Costa that he be granted a Prohibitory Order enjoining the Returning Officer from proceeding with the holding of the general election as per section 24(3) of the Parliamentary Elections Act,” said Mr Ravi.

“The application is premised on the ground that the calling of the election is in breach of the right to free and fair elections under the current circumstances,” he added.

The court has accepted the application and the application has been served to the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Mr Ravi noted that a case number has been assigned.

Mr Ravi’s application came after the announcement on the dissolution of the Parliament by President Halimah Yacob earlier today at the request of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The dissolution of Parliament comes three months after the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) released its report on the modified electoral map on 13 March.

Mr De Costa, alongside TOC editor-in-chief Terry Xu, was charged with criminal defamation over an article alleging “corruption at the highest echelons” among members of the Singapore Cabinet.


* Editorial by The Online Citizen Asia.




12 Responses to “Singapore citizen Daniel De Costa files constitutional challenge against holding GE under present circumstances”

  • trublu:


    thumbs up! I KEE CHIU for you.sir!!!

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  • Top Money for Top Talents:

    Dear Singaporeans,
    Beware of this chap Daniel.

    He is out to create havoc to Singapore stability to crash Singapore economy.

    If you support him, our SGD will crash to SGD 4.00 to RM 1.00

    Vote PAP for more good years and Swiss Standard of Living.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • Realistically:

    @ Editorial by The Online Citizen Asia

    Thank goodness……..I was hoping someone would do so.

    I suggest that we donate to a fund to fight for justice and democracy.

    Mr da Costa should also submit that the holding of a PREMATURE GE would endanger lives…….

    Read the link below:

    What they don’t tell you about surviving COVID-19

    Mike Moffitt, SFGATE 2 days ago

    What they don’t tell you about surviving COVID-19
    Most people who catch the new coronavirus don’t experience severe symptoms, and some have no symptoms at all. COVID-19 saves its worst for relatively few.

    ICU nurse Sherie Antoinette has seen the serious cases first hand

    The lucky ones — if you can call them that — recover, but not in the sense that their lives are back to normal. For some, the damage is permanent. Their organs will never fully heal.

    “When they say ’recovered,’ they don’t tell you that that means you may need a lung transplant,” Antoinette wrote in a Twitter post. “Or that you may come back after discharge with a massive heart attack or stroke, because COVID makes your blood thick as hell. Or that you may have to be on oxygen for the rest of your life.”

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  • He has a point:

    The unfair elections are getting worse.

    Rallies not allowed.

    TV monopolized weeks before election.

    Any thinking citizen should not be an accomplice to such action.

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  • left to australia:

    over the decades singapore elections have been getting more unfair

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  • hoping someone would do so:

    hoping someone would do so ?

    Why someone and not yourself or a few of your kakis ?

    Only good at doing ” blow jobs ” is it ? Comes to real action, i wait for u u wait for me.

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  • Realistically:

    It is disappointing that others are not joining da Costa in a similar suit against the emperor without clothes……..even as they all issued statement expressing concern about holding a GE when the COVID-19 virus is still around & no vaccine has received approval for use.

    Talk about genuine oppos? Whither the SDP, PSP, Lim Tean etc?

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  • garbage pap:

    why is Ravi bro not standing in this election

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  • Realistically:

    Dun tok cok lah……..I AM prepared to join with Daniel da Costa……ARE YOU prepared to FUND me?

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  • DLLM:

    Majullah $SDP$ $PSP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

    Shut you stinking mouth Mr. LOW LIFE. Go and fiack spider.

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  • Realistically:

    I saw a post asking why I am not doing the same as Daniel da Costa. I believe that post was by Chee Soon Juan.

    I countered that I would gladly join Daniel da Costa challenging the emperor without clothes decision to hold a premature GE, if that person who I believe is Chee Soon Juan, if he would FUND me. Both the alleged Chee’s post and my response are not published. Why?

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  • what happen ?:

    what happen to the case ?
    Any outcome ?

    Mod: Dismissed as expected.

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