On Opposition Complainers, Working Attitudes of Singaporean PMETs and the Need for Illiberal Policies: A Refutation of Other PAP Talking Points

Ever since my last article contribution, “Why Singapore Seems Better than New York or London: Refuting PAP Propaganda”, I have been looking through Quora and as users of Quora would know, on topics concerning Singapore, many of the commentators there are pro-PAP.

But it is important nonetheless that one reads through what they are saying as when the hustings hit full swing, one can expect their lines to be circulated around social media or WhatsApp/Telegram chats.

And so, this is a piece containing rebuttals to some of the arguments that were raised by these PAP supporters in Quora, that one would expect to be found circulating around, that I could not cover in my last article contribution.

1. The Opposition as Complainers

As Singaporeans, most of us would have grown up reciting the national pledge every day in school, and the national pledge contains the line “to build a democratic society”.

Whilst I agree that some Opposition politicians have indeed made a fool of themselves, such as Choong Hon Meng’s “boo to PAP” and some have behaved in (from a perspective of political strategy) foolhardy ways, such as openly supporting Amos Yee, especially when he chose to insult the late LKY at a time when many Singaporeans won’t be open to such behaviour.

But at the same time, the Opposition does have good policies too. For instance, the NSP, in the last election cycle, proposed a blacklist for the relatives of the CPF withdrawee to put their (the CPF withdrawee in question) name on if the CPF withdrawal in question is a known gambling addict. This would do away with the need for the minimum sum, which was set up on such a basis, and is in line with the current policy on the 2 casinos. Similarly, the SDP proposed on setting up a database with the names of Singaporean candidates for employers to choose from for PMET positions, of which the employer could subsequently hire a foreigner if they can’t find a Singaporean with the capacity to fill that a position. The WP’s policy of nationalising the public transport system, which was initially criticised by the PAP, was implemented by them.

The line that the Opposition are a group of complainers with no/bad policies also ignores that, the PAP also has its fair share of bad policies. Firstly, on food security. While former YPAP member and (former) NMP Calvin Cheng claimed that MTI did a good work in sourcing for Ukrainian eggs amidst the tightening of global supply chains, which indeed the people at MTI deserve praise for, it also raises key questions on how we got to this state where we could be so easily held hostage to global supply chains. And how we got to this state was a result of the PAP’s haste in urbanising Singapore and this resulted in clearing away of pig and poultry farms and vegetable gardens in Punggol and Hougang, and based on accounts, these clearing outs were done so at what can be said to be at the snap of a finger. The PAP’s claim was that these farms were unhygienic and pose issues to the cleaning up of the Singapore River. However, this problem, which is real, does not necessitate the wholesale clearing out of these farms and could have been solved through the introduction of new technology and training in sanitary farming means. Yes, there is a need for increased space for public housing. But ironically, there is a huge space of land between Yio Chu Kang and Khatib MRT stations, which was slated for a proposed Disneyland that never took off, that to this day stands undeveloped. Similarly, there could be a plausible reclaimed offshore island for HDB flats, connected to the mainland a causeway, on Singapore’s southeast coast, that would allow for the retention of the pig and poultry farms in Hougang and Punggol, allowing them to contribute to our food security instead of cutting off that source completely altogether. Unfortunately, these farms all had to go for the sake of Lee Kuan Yew’s desire to show that he could turn Singapore into a city. And while the PAP often boasts of its success in its HDB policy, there is a potential flip side to this policy which could easily put us in a highly vulnerable position in terms of our food security, and this has shown itself in this current coronavirus pandemic.

The second bad policy is that of using taxpayers’ money to sponsor scholarships to foreign students to study in our own public universities, competing for university admission space with our local students. I am not calling for lower admission standards into our public universities, but as a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for polytechnic graduates with good grades, e.g. those having a cGPA of more that 3.5 having to go to Australia or New Zealand or a private institution to further their studies even if that same course is offered in our public unis. And this rigs the game against them – some of these polytechnic graduates come from families who can’t afford to send them to Australia, and this means that they start work at a lower starting pay, only to spend the bulk of these savings from their working on their studies, while a foreign student, at the same life stage as the poly grad from the poor family, comes on taxpayers’ money, to get an education in our public university and thereafter swiftly start work in a local company/organisation here, draw a university graduate’s pay and after the end of his/her contract, uproots himself/herself and settles in another land. Or, if the poly grad has to make do with a private university, in spite of having a cGPA at least or above 3.5, he/she has to face the tendency for employers to discriminate against graduates from private universities (LINK). There may have been stories of Singaporeans who beat the rigged system and built a success story of their own. But it is still a matter of the principle of fairness that Singaporeans should not be made to pay taxes which would in turn rig the game of the system against them. Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said that these scholarships, amounting to $238 million, are necessary to foster ties in a globalised world (LINK). But the need to do so can be better done by using these $238 million to send as many of our students on exchange and learning trips, over spending them on foreigners who in turn compete with deserving students in our ranks for already limited public university places.

It is to be noted that the issue of foreign students on taxpayer funded scholarships, that come and compete with our local students for public universities, forcing local students to make do with private or overseas university options, is an issue that former WP NCMP Yee Jenn Jong raised (LINK), is a point which to date the PAP has yet to issue a refutation on at this point of writing or called out as a falsehood, which indicates that there could be huge element of truth to this issue and question, though WP’s Yee acknowledged that due to the uproar in GE 2011, the amount of taxpayers’ money spent on scholarships for foreign students has been reduced from an initial amount of around $400 million.

The third policy mistake is that of the foreign worker dormitories during the coronavirus crisis. When super clusters started appearing there in end-March/early-April, the PAP government should have quarantined all foreign worker dorms by the first 3-4 days of April while sorting out accommodation later, especially in view of the cultural norms of these foreign workers to aggregate in large numbers with others from other dormitories, in common areas, such as Little India, which meant that their presence in the local community in the period from end-March to mid-April would have kept our community cases high. But the PAP government waited until mid-April to finally quarantine the dormitories. They claimed that it was a hindsight issue, but I disagree – 1) there was already growing pressure on CNA’s and ST’s Facebook pages for the government to quarantine all the dorms, with some even telling the PAP government that these foreign workers are still mingling in large numbers and flirting with foreign domestic workers, in violation of “circuit breaker” rules, all in good faith, but all these petitions got stonewalled until past mid-April. 2) There was a law passed by then manpower minister Tan Chuan-Jin that dealt with the issue of the conditions in the dormitories in 2015, (LINK), just before he left for MSF, but that law wasn’t enforced by his successors, as shown by revelations of the conditions in the dormitories, one of which is shared in this article by Mothership here (LINK). The spin to the issue of foreign worker dorms and the high coronavirus numbers would be that the coronavirus cases are high because the PAP government is stepping up testing among the residents in the dormitories. But would there be a need to do so if all the dormitories were swiftly quarantined in end-March/early April, preventing an even larger super-cluster from appearing there? That was something Lee Kuan Yew and the first generation of PAP leaders would most probably have done. The failure to quarantine all the dorms until mid-April only meant a longer circuit breaker with a huge economic cost to many businesses in the services sector. DPM Heng can claim that retrenchments in this period are low and the government has helped these businesses through these payouts which drew on the reserves. But the retrenchment rates could have been even lower and less handout money would need to be doled out to keep these businesses afloat, which would be recuperated in all probability with a huge tax bill, with a shorter “circuit breaker”, if those dorms had been quarantined earlier.

So, the point is, bad policy is not just a “uniquely Opposition” thing – the PAP has their share of them too. Also, even if the Opposition does not have policies, it is part of building a democratic society to ask the tough questions on and critiquing the policies of the government of the day and that shouldn’t be seen as “complaining”, though I would agree to an extent that the quality of some of the critiques of the PAP’s policies by the Opposition needs to be improved over mere “bomb throwing”. In fact, it would be dangerous if the policies of sitting government of the day are not even questioned or critiqued.

2. Importing Foreign Talent is “Necessary” for PMET Positions are Necessary as the Quality and Attitudes of Singaporean PMET Workers are Found Wanting

Admittedly, to an extent, there is a reasonable element of truth to this line.
However, part of the problem lies in what was told and taught to Singaporeans, especially those born in the 1980s and 1990s, in some part from the government, and in large part in most of the schools, especially government-run schools in Singapore.

As a person born in the 1990s, I can say that many of my counterparts were put through a challenging and demanding education system, that brooked no room for failure or deviance and where we were constantly slave driven in our studies, literally or figuratively, at the end of a whip, figuratively speaking, for at least 10 of our good growing years, and we bit our teeth to go through these in the name of a false bill of goods sold to us – that if we work hard in these 10 years, we would have a good life once these 10 years of hell in school are over, with a big house, a nice car, yearly faraway holidays and a comfortable, happily-ever lifestyle over that of frying char kuay teow or working as a construction worker or a rubbish dump cleaner or a clerk who earns only $1000 per month.

Unfortunately, this is a largely false bill of goods, a distortion and misrepresentation of what the working world is like and sets up many Gen Ys and millennials for problems once they step into the working world. Is there any wonder why many people of my age enter the workforce expecting good perks, work-life balance, renumeration or other entitlements or go around looking for the “ideal job” when that is what we were told to expect at the end as we were going through the 10 years of hell in the school system?

I think this reflects a wider problem that has largely existed in our education system – schooling has become a reductionist thing where it is all about the performance ranking of schools and subsequently students and this in part explains the need to squeeze every drop from students to make the school look good and on the students’ part, to avoid falling through the cracks and into the garbage heap of society at all costs. And that is how this narrative of a “good life after the hell of 10-12 or more years in school” came about and became imbued into the psyches of many millennials and Gen Ys. The problem in our school system is not that of rote learning. It is much bigger, and the problem came from the reductionist purpose of education in the schools here, which solely defines a student based on the number of their scores, their ability to conform to the “t” and try to factory produce cohorts of compliant people who would serve the political agenda of the PAP, through indoctrination via social studies in a largely harsh, regimental and inherently authoritarian school environment.

The beauty of education in polytechnics is that the curriculum places less emphasis on one’s academic performance, but rather, is designed to give students a realistic understanding of what the real world and the working world is and prepare them in as realistic a manner as possible and perhaps this is the mentality needed for the curriculums in primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges over one that seeks to squeeze out the scores and overemphasises academic performances.

To the MOE’s credit, they are doing away with emphasis on scores and bandings, but I think the damage has been done to the people of my generation and it shows in the way some have approached the working world. And I think PAP supporters, using the line of poor working attitudes among Singapore PMETs to justify the PAP government’s “foreign talent” policy should also consider how the PAP government’s approaches/policies have played a contributing factor to this, in one way or another, and how these PAP supporters can work about this imbued psyche of a good life after the hell of the schooling years among millennials and Gen Ys in managing them.

3. The PAP’s Illiberal laws, Especially Those that seek to Disadvantage the Opposition, are Necessary to Enable Singapore to Survive and curb Hate Speech

This argument is deeply flawed, especially if one were to consider that there are other First World countries, which are in environments more volatile and neighbourhoods more hostile than ours, such as Israel, Taiwan and South Korea, that did not have to resort to illiberal laws and policies to skew the electoral battleground against the Opposition of the day in the manner and of the nature that the PAP does. Similarly, cities such as Hong Kong, before the 2019 protests, was able to thrive as an “Asian tiger” without any of the PAP’s illiberal laws too, despite having little natural resources.

Also, the mentality that the PAP’s illiberalism and curtailing of the Opposition is a necessary that PAP supporters would gladly accept, raises a bigger and broader issue and problem – that of the mentality that it is alright to step on and use the sharp end of the stick on others in the name and for the cause of the “greater good”.

And so, the question is, would that be the society that we want, a society marked by stepping on others and wielding the stick, especially its sharp end, in the name of the “greater good”? Unfortunately, this does not stop at macro-level. It permeates into the micro-level (school, home settings) and perhaps the question is, could that be one of the reasons why 1 in 7 Singaporeans have been reported to have mental illness (LINK)? That was what I experienced growing up in my own “micro settings” – you did not have to be “naughty” or be a maverick. You only needed one misstep or just be unable to conform to a standard or deviate even slightly from it (e.g. in mannerisms, even if you are polite, or having points of view or thinking are not in line with the authority figure in question, or just being a little noisy or restless), without being a troublemaker, to be subjected to harsh, arbitrary punishment or to be picked on, or live in constant fear of falling foul, all in the name of the “greater good”. All the psychological and emotional effects of all these can still be felt even today. And at the end of the day, is this the kind of Singapore we want?

The second aspect of the justification of the PAP’s illiberalism is the need to control hate speech. But the problem is, there are no specific perimeters to what hate speech is and leaving it to the authority figure of the day to define and police hate speech, especially given its fluid definitions, only leads to abuse. For instance, when conservative activists argue that gender is biological and not a “social construct”, or that women shouldn’t be allowed to abort babies unless if keeping the baby poses a medical safety issue to the mother, as the baby in the womb is a living being, that is coined hate speech, especially by Leftists. Similarly, as the West frequently bears the brunt of terrorist attacks by certain adherents of a religion from the Eastern Mediterranean, there are some in the West who definitely would seek to find out about the ideology behind that religion in question that fuels these acts of violence, through looking at its religious texts, and subsequently point out the role some of these texts play in the ideology behind the violence and terrorist attacks, and how as such there should be certain restrictions in place to immigration to the West by peoples from the Eastern Mediterranean or enhanced vetting for them. However, such acts are coined “hate speech”, especially by many on the Left, which is ridiculous, as many would try to find the root and nature of the evilness of Nazism through reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Unfortunately, many of these PAP supporters who justify the PAP’s illiberalism do so based on the definition of what “hate speech” is by liberal/Left-wing media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN or The Washington Post, which they accept, often wholesale and unquestioningly.

The exploiting of the fluid boundaries defining “hate speech” and how this can lead to issues and even abuses in its policing, is also seen in the way the PAP policed “hate speech” and more broadly, fake news. Amos Yee was swiftly arrested and prosecuted within days after he uploaded a video insulting the late LKY, a few hours after the state funeral, because he made a passing insult on Christianity, which as a Christian, I found it to be a nuisance at worst. But, when former PAP youth wing member Jason Neo, posted a meme of a higher inflammatory potential on a certain religious group in Singapore, he was not even prosecuted.

Also, when the PAP’s Dr Tan Wu Meng published an op-ed on the PAP’s website, accusing WP Sec-Gen and MP Pritam Singh by insinuation, of expressing support for Alfian Sa’at and hence acting in a manner that is anti-Singapore and pro-Malaysia, he got away scot free, even though Dr Tan Wu Meng admitted in the op-ed that Pritam did not mention Alfian Sa’at by name, Pritam’s speech, in context as read in the Hansard, was never intended to express support of any form for Alfian Sa’at, and Dr Tan Wu Meng connected the “loving critics” line in Pritam’s speech to his support for Alfian Sa’at without annotation or explanation on how they are connected. That, in every way, constitutes defamation, libel and fake news, and if an Opposition politician/activist published an op-ed of nature against a PAP MP/minister, he/she could expect to be POFMA-ed or sued for defamation. But to this day, a correction notice has yet to be issued against Dr Tan Wu Meng, while TOC got POFMA-ed for sharing a video from a Taiwan news, with its anchor suggesting that Ho Ching’s (PM Lee’s wife) pay is close to $90 million, even though the video was less a propagation of news but more of a hyperbolic jab at Ho Ching as can be seen by the exaggerated and hyperbolic expressions of the news anchors.

Some PAP supporters will argue that such unfair enforcements of laws are necessary as it is necessary to keep the Opposition weak and a lid on free speech to ensure Singapore’s long term security and survival. But again the question is, is this what we want of Singapore, a society where we step and trample on each other, in the name of the “greater good” or one marked by honour, mutual respect and treatment with mutual dignity for one another?


N Chan




18 Responses to “On Opposition Complainers, Working Attitudes of Singaporean PMETs and the Need for Illiberal Policies: A Refutation of Other PAP Talking Points”

  • KC:

    ‘But the need to do so can be better done by using these $238 million to send as many of our students on exchange and learning trips, over spending them on foreigners who in turn compete with deserving students in our ranks’
    I support this particular line of thought! Even with travel bans, we could offer virtual internships, in international orgs… anything to give our local grads a leg up!

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  • Fearful and Selfish:

    The typical papig supporter is a fearful character.
    He chooses to ignore contrarian evidence to keep his illusion from being shattered.
    Safely remaining in his cave, he feed himself the same propaganda that was dished out the past 6 decades by papigs.
    He will willingly vote for lift-upgrading, ignoring the plight of his Hougang fellow neighbours.
    In his heart he does not want to live in One-Party State like NKorea.
    So psychologically he is fearful, become self-centred, more selfish.
    He let Hougang voters do what he know must be done.
    Deep down he is quite mentally conficted.
    So he repeats, to pacify himself, the papig propaganda; ad nauseum.
    Think of the 100 people that you know; take out the 50 most selfish ones–these are very likely to be papig voters.

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  • Hate speech who?:

    I sheeple of Singapore profess that I was implicitly hurt by the hate speech of Lee Bee Wah the Ahgong devotee who pronounced us democratic citizens of this republic as “Siginna” for voicing our legitimate concerns about the super-inflated prices in our market economy and the abject absence of minimum wage levels for labourers. Labelling us “childish ingrates” in parliament is truly unbecoming of that filthy rich clony hokkien ahso.

    And I beheld the face of Taxit Heng beaming at her while she was indulging in her hate speech….

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A very Good Article that deserves reading by all including the silly sheeple with a little bit of Brains yet to be CONditioned…

    As I see it…it BOILS down to a bast**d and his ILLUSION of an Elite and AristoCrapic society…

    Singapore had to pay a VERY high Price Today for that Illusion (Successful in the eyes of The Beholder) who PAYS and Suffered for that ILLUSION???…

    Our Pigs are mainly sourced from Bulan an Island bought by the Salem Group and EXTREMELY well managed by a Singapore PLC to supply fresh Pork…

    an offshore Island or 2 can be sama2 leh!!! for Chicken and Pig farming…leaving Kranji Farmland exclusively for Vegetable and exotic farming to Self Sustain just in case lah!!!

    As for the rest of Mr Chan’s rebuttal I “ditto” 100%

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  • Sojoürner:

    patriot of TUMASIK: Our Pigs are mainly sourced from Bulan an Island bought by the Salem Group and EXTREMELY well managed by a Singapore PLC to supply fresh Pork…

    an offshore Island or 2 can be sama2 leh!!! for Chicken and Pig farming…leaving Kranji Farmland exclusively for Vegetable and exotic farming to Self Sustain just in case lah!!!

    Full agreement. Pig farms are also sprawled along Punggol including Chua Chu Kang areas where the mangrove swamps are. The pig wastes are washed into the now CLEANED Punggol river which flows out to the sea. And I heard during that period, a lot of sick pigs are being made into Bak Kwas and sold! Not only the wastes but also the whiff can be detected for miles. I am sure N. Chan and his gen. won’t like this!

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  • Shanmugam's healthy democracy:

    (RE: Dr Tan Wu Meng admitted in the op-ed that Pritam did not mention Alfian Sa’at by name, Pritam’s speech, in context as read in the Hansard, was never intended to express support of any form for Alfian Sa’at, and Dr Tan Wu Meng CONNECTED the “loving critics” line in Pritam’s speech to his support for Alfian Sa’at WITHOUT ANNOTATION NOR EXPLANATION on how they are connected. That, in every way, constitutes defamation, libel and fake news, and if an Opposition politician/activist published an op-ed of nature against a PAP MP/minister, he/she could expect to be POFMA-ed or sued for defamation.)

    Added Law Minister Shanmugam! :
    “But when Mr Pritam Singh, as leader of the Opposition, stands up in Parliament and supports Mr Alfian Sa’at and says he is a loving critic of Singapore, then I think we are entitled to ask in a healthy democracy, which side do you stand on?”

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  • N Chan:

    Sojoürner: Full agreement. Pig farms are also sprawled along Punggol including Chua Chu Kang areas where the mangrove swamps are. The pig wastes are washed into the now CLEANED Punggol river which flows out to the sea. And I heard during that period, a lot of sick pigs are being made into Bak Kwas and sold! Not only the wastes but also the whiff can be detected for miles. I am sure N. Chan and his gen. won’t like this!

    I agree that these sanitary issues does pose a problem. But it can be solved through training, and introducing new technology via microfinancing over clearing out these farms wholesale and push our food security into the arms of global supply chains to be held in a state of hostage by them.

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  • opposition dude:

    Basically both pro and anti PAP supporters make their own points to try and make people see the party’s mistakes and achievements. Neither side will ever want to admit any good/mistake that the party has made in their arguments.

    So it’s best to leave it to the majority to decide when an election comes. The kiasees are gone case as we already know but those real fencesitters still have the brains to see the whole picture and not the one crafted by the newspapers.

    13 more days before we vote so there will be plenty to report up to cooling off day.

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  • Sojoürner:

    N Chan: I agree that these sanitary issues does pose a problem. But it can be solved through training, and introducing new technology via microfinancing over clearing out these farms wholesale and push our food security into the arms of global supply chains to be held in a state of hostage by them.

    Though intensive farms are by far most popular to raise a large amount of pigs in a very cost-efficient manner; animal husbandry has major constraint include high cost of concentrate feed (81.08%), availability of veterinary health care (72.97%), high cost of initial inputs and lack of quality piglet (60.36%), frequent outbreak of diseases (46.85%), lack of availability good breeding boar (45.95%), lack of market if only for domestic consumption …main concern is swine fever, highly contagious…seeing how the Govt. handles Covid-19.

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  • oxygen:

    THROUGHOUT HISTORY, oppression fails spectacularly – from Shah of Iran to Arab Spring to fall of Berlin Wall, to confession of failed Fidel Castro and even Kim Jun Un having to kisses the ar*e (of all person) of another failed autocrat, Gonad Trump in Singapore, his arched enemy. Xi Jinping no longer talks about his orgasmic dream of OBOR ambition after the failed oppression and silencing of the late Dr Li Wenliang Covid-19 whistle-blowing.

    PAPpypolitics supporters are blind a*slickers.

    If the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be contained within the dorm quarantine contraption, post the election, LEE jiapore is finished. How to deport the voluminous foreigners infected? Some with pre-existing health vulnerabilities still die of Covid-19 complications after discharge. Are they not infectious and dangerous to community spreading?

    Where got how many $100 billion to bail out businesses and feed those trapped foreigners forever UNTIL NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY?

    In the meantime, PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomic still have WET DREAMS of beautiful home and infrastructure construction AFTER ADMITTING THAT LEE-jiapore economy is in desperate need of “structural transformation” after being hit by a “wrecking ball”

    It seems that their passion for vote buying never ends similar to the “egg stacking” infatuation in ancient Chinese history.

    Please do a Ctrl F and key in the dialogue box “egg” and you get to read the SHORT RELEVANT PARAGRAPH ILLUMINATING the insanity of egg stacking of STATE ORGY OF OBSESSION SPENDING ON FAILED POLICY SPENDING OF WHITE ELEPHANTS similar to LEE-jiapore’s “egg stacking” beauty fabrication of false economics and political vote buying via selective estate upgrading and which is not much different from our Changi Jewel, Garden by the Bay and soon maybe Marina Bay Sands and the casinos.

    Persuasion in Chinese Culture: A Glimpse of the Ancient Practice in Contrast to the West*


    None of the would-be aspiring newbies of 5Gs speaks of forward vision, direction and policy agenda going forward for LEE-jiapore.

    I give up hope.

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  • oxygen:

    WE KNOW HOW DESPERATE PAPpypolitics are – NO MONEY TO FUND desperately retrenched peasants (which they falsely claim to supply sustenance of $23,250 per capita including infants and todlers I assumed of its boastful calculus), but in 2020 election pending STILL PROMISES more construction of beautiful homes, estate upgrading of marginal GRC precincts and infrastructure white elephants to keep the last economic wheel from felling off the cart.

    There are massive retrenchments awaiting in transport,tourism, retail and banking sectors, inevitable, post the Covid-19 lock down next easing. PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics knows this.

    What vision, direction and SPECIFIC POLICY AGENDA/INITIATIVES IN WHICH SECTOR OF OPENINGS/OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE (4Gs mostly silent on this except vaguely mentioned by Sia Suay Cotton Come Sheep in the digital space in pre-election hustings) in creating SUBSTANTIAL JOBS for the retrenched PMETS who can’t be seeking or re-employed or hired by would be employers as CHEAPY OR DIRT-PAYING interns, traineeship or other gimmicky tokenism of “new jobs” (PAPpypolitics’s sweeping vocabulary) of 100,000 new jobs promises to be created.

    And, in contrast, the would be 5G new inductees awaiting backdoor entry via GRC into the inner sanctum of political power and money grab all DIAM DIAM DIAM on the critical vulnerabilities and desperate needs for major “structural transformation” of the economy IN THEIR BREVITY OF SELF-INTRODUCTION to the nation???

    The 5Gs self-introductions gives me the eerie feelings that it is their own self-introductory “job applications” (albeit in the new political arena) – themselves fully aware of their own vulnerability/risks to sudden retrenchment in a turbulent economic outlook ahead – unless they intends to stick to their full time profession. Every sectors of the economy is going to slow down a lot and LEE-jiapore isn’t looking for or need to hire part-time political aspirants expensively with an allowance of $16K per month mouthing motherhood preachings.

    I won’t comprehend this – ever – of voters still betting their future WITH SUCH DESPERADOS of failed PAPpynomics experiment of Population Recycling Economics (Covid-19 pandemic ends that swiftly and brutally hit by what PAPpypolitics described as hit by a wrecking ball) unless they are now surviving on the last crumb of bread scornfully scrubbed off the food table top or already trapped in the indignity of prostitution survival mode.


    More of the same 6.9 million agenda or PAPpynomics scam of asset enhancement politics won’t be acceptable anymore. Beautiful homes and bankruptcy do not belong to same family.

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  • Wow so long:

    WoW so long message..uncle catch no ball.
    Hard to follow.
    keep it KISS please…to get your message across to more people.

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics spent of $100 billion in such a short time BOUGHT US valuable time to plan for massive restructuring of our economy. It is an incredulous amount of money – more than half of which is said by the emperor-in-waiting to have come from our past reserves. Where did the rest of the money come from? From some hollow log accounting deceptions? Will the $100 billion be independently audited for truth in substance or was that political theater for public consumption of election baiting? Where and what other “hollow logs” existing? Until then, are voters to trust the lack of transparency and accountability?

    Remember this – PAPpynomics makes a BIG FART of its imagined generosity (just like the ludicrous claims of Covid-19 spent of $23,250 per capita fart of fiction story telling) of the $8 billion on Pioneer Generation Package which is NOT EVEN A DISBURSEMENT OF CASH TO PEASANT PIONEERS but another hollow log accounting gimmicky.

    Military ex-generals – gender disregarded – won’t comprehend hollow log accounting applications in financial accounting deception. Neither do lawyers nor small time MDs from faded institutions aspiring high public offices – just look at their self-introductions, they can’t even speak eloquently on air – some looks more like choreographed rehearsed political dance-steps photo-shoot/video to announce their welcomed/unwelcomed arrival with nothing substantial of value to add on how to massively assist/engaged in the process of what Present Tense called “structural transformation” of an economy confessed by PAPpynomics as “hit by a wrecking ball”

    Past nomination, PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics had better unveil its detailed policy documents outlining not just empty rhetoric of hallucinatory vision (more beautiful homes and estate upgrading to priced up public housing accommodation costs for peasants and by that route more CPF extraction to pay for the $100 billion spending orgy), directionless pathway of more of the same foreign population influx, egg stacking orgy spending of infrastructural white elephants.

    If PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics does NOT come up with such detailed policy document by Nomination day, the public mind, I have compelling apprehension, will draw the unfavorable conclusion that its spent $100 billion to BUY A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY TO MERELY ORCHESTRATE AND EXECUTE ITS OWN POLITICAL AGENDA AND CALCULUS.

    Remember this, voters will not forget that many employers returned the wage subsidy offered to them. There could be many reasons – they don’t need it. Or they don’t need it because they DONT WANT IT. The wage subsidy is for only a few months covering 75% of their wage bill. They might as well furlough their employees without pay saving 25%. Or they don’t want to be burden with redundant staff post Covid-19 lock down passing.

    The $100b spending has to be justified. Or else!!

    GD Star Rating

    Through schools, PAP created snobbish Singaporeans who’d look down on lowly professions and people. Now they blame Singaporeans for being choosy, unmotivated and lazy.

    GD Star Rating
  • mountain_tortise:

    very well written and said, but will the 60 to 70% really cares ? let’s see

    GD Star Rating
  • trublu:

    Whatever justifications PAP APOLIGISTS may come up with,TRUTH REMAINS.
    We can witness the elitism in the PAPple.
    Such an attitude creates arrogant public servants who just want to be SERVED rather than TO SERVE.


    $70 to peasants when claim $23K per capita.
    I insist proper ACCOUNTING in this!!!

    Insist on GE in mudst of oandemic despite telling sgs to practise SOCIAL DISTANCING J NEVER EVEN CONDUCT HINEST TESTING?


    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    @ N Chan

    Just adding my 2 cts to your contributed thoughts, thanks for sharing.

    THE DAY PEASANTS STOP COMPLAINING, that is the beginning of the end of LEE-jiapore. We spent or PAPpypolitics claimed to have spent or spending close to $100 billion in this Covid-19 defence. LEE-jiapore tolerate no legitimate dissenting views in public space and any smell of that in distant fiction invites threats of fixing beyond tyrannical assembly laws and the works-and-jerks of arm-twisting from the pimp called POFMA to boot. Where does that got us to? I would say, right on the edge of abyss of sudden death collapsed economy smashed by what PAPpynomics confessed “a wrecking ball”. We spent or spending $23,250 per capita or $100 billion in corporate bail out mainly which equates to nearly 20% of our GDP base. No other countries in the world came close to that in my internet research.

    HOW DID WE GOT TO HERE of “wonder achievement” in intolerance of disagreeing thoughts among our peasantry to pretend know-all authoritarian rule has all answer and secured protective cover of all risks?

    ANY IDIOTIC PEASANT WOULD KNOW FROM LIFE JOURNEY THAT THE MORE YOU LEARNT, THE MORE YOU DISCOVER YOU DON’T KNOW. Zero intellect authoritarian rule shut all doors to learning and learning to learn. How not to find oneself trapped in such frightened shivering fear of no survival tomorrow?

    2. On local PMETs allegedly found to be wanting of quality and attitudes – is it all? This is a stupid “puppy” walking around with two d*cks argument of PAPpypolitics IBs. I personally know of one case of banking communication from a big local bank to a legitimately aggrieved customer – the bank NOT DENYING illegal and unlawful behavior similar to hawking of financial services and extending that into complaint resolution phase. Dissatisfied, the aggrieved customer wrote to its FT CEO and instead found himself received a written reply from quality control division (also an FT) head WHO ASTOUNDINGLY SIGNED OFF THE WRITTEN REPLY OF SWEEPING ILLOGIC AND HIS NAME INCORRECTLY SPELT OUT. I checked his Linkdh and wonder if he should be working in LEE-jiapore with his past irrelevant background unrelated to complex law appertaining to marketing of financial services. If I had a subordinate that signed out a legal document with the entity letter head AND INCORRECT NAME – I fired him on the spot.



    Because his signature is NOT REQUIRED. Common law and corporate law in Australia treats the corporate letterhead as ITS PROPER SIGNATURE in disputed accounts.

    3. On illiberal laws to disadvantage opposition politics

    Ask the IBs this question – WHAT HAPPENS TO THE COUNTRY if and when law can be square, circle, rectangular or triangular or simply lacking in probity (note that probity is different from trustworthiness). One law violator in Orchard Roads claims she is a sovereign!!

    GD Star Rating
  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Wow so long:
    WoW so long message..uncle catch no ball.
    Hard to follow.
    keep it KISS please…to get your message across to more people.

    Bro this is to REACH OUT to the fence-sitter who will read Pages of Shit & Propaganda @Shitty Times…

    An Alternate choice of Materials base on Facts NOT Spin leh!!!

    TRE should have MORE of such during this election period

    GD Star Rating

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