Opposition parties should stand together in a grand coalition

I have for a long time been day dreaming – right from the day when Chiam See Tong formed the SDP and invited us in the WP to its launch – of opposition unity. Even toyed with idea of getting both the WP and SDP to merge as SDWP.

While still dreaming, in came Dr. Tan Cheng Bock, who later formed the PSP. Could we then form a coalition, with Dr. Tan playing match maker, I thought?

Then again came another pleasant surprise, the entry of Lee Hsien Yang, who not only endorsed but joined the PSP.

I am once again dreaming – a real big dream – to do what is right for our beloved Singapura.

I now call on the three parties, WP, SDP and PSP, to stand together in a grand coalition to take on the PAP to steer our nation back to the right path.

Will I now see Lee Hsien Yang endorsing the other two parties as well, and standing together with Dr. Tan Cheng Bock, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Pritam Singh?

For the sake of our beloved nation, and if all of you mean what you say, ie to steer Singapore to the correct path, please don’t let me continue dreaming endlessly.


Long suffering citizens will love it.



* Facebook post by Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood.




16 Responses to “Opposition parties should stand together in a grand coalition”

  • trublu:

    I dare bet my last 2 cents that if OPPO PARTIES UNITE,they will garner at least 1/3 of ALL SEATS.
    Does any oppo leader or member dare bet with me?
    Even PAP will not dare to.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    trublu :Quote – “I dare bet my last 2 cents that if OPPO PARTIES UNITE,they will garner at least 1/3 of ALL SEATS.
    Does any oppo leader or member dare bet with me?
    Even PAP will not dare to.”Unquote.

    Response : Maybe you have forgotten what that man staying at Bukit Batok kept on publishing his name & NRIC out on the blog website which has a similar name to TR Emeritus website many many years back. That website name maybe named as TRE or whatever(cannot remember the exact name of website then). What that man says is that ballot boxes are exchanged out to be filled with fake slips or something like that. So most of the PAP win and most opposition lose. Until now, did anyone read of that Bukit Batok man being charged and send to jail for accusing the government of faking GE results? Seem to be covered up again.

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  • Dream on...:

    Not sure why so difficult for the Opposition to unite..
    Personal ego or Party agenda?
    Need another Leadership like LKY?
    Last chance for the Opposition..

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    A $31,590 dollars Costly marking of regret!

    Wait! Think carefully, voting is NOT FREE! It will cost you dearly$$$$$$$$.

    The last 5 years, you have lost $24,570 dollars.

    With a wrong marking, it may just cost you another $31,590 dollars.

    Total Projected Lost = $56,160 dollars
    [assuming take home pay is $6,000, 12 + 1 month per year, 90% spent, excluding personal income tax, Compulsory medical shield and shields, Leashed apartment HDB property taxes, and other charges]

    The money you so dearly needed for your kids education and food and for your retirement instead of paying to SO MANY COLONELS and given away to groom foreign students at almost $1 million a day before, not to mention jobs insecurity and they flooded in FWs for levies, FTs and CECA to take away good paying jobs from Singaporeans.

    During the time of LKY, Income tax fairly derives revenues from the working people and for those who are unable to work, the tax is zero$. Furthermore Income tax is provided with tax relieves in a way seen as taking care of its citizens.

    BUT! GST TAX THE POOR, those not working with zero income also must pay the tax as they need to eat or need medical treatments. GST benefits only the rich as the income tax rates are lowered down.

    So, think before you make the mistake TWICE! Time to Vote for Change for jobs security, children future and decent retirement security. Vote to call Singapore HOME again.

    VTO for Caring Opposition to rectify all such UNCARING policies. Say NO to Junta.

    How much are you paying! Table for easy reference below;

    TakeHome$……..Last 5 Yr……….. Next 5 Yr………….. Total
    ………………………[email protected]%………….. @9% GST


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  • Simple reason:

    Dream on...:
    Not sure why so difficult for the Opposition to unite..
    Personal ego or Party agenda?
    Need another Leadership like LKY?
    Last chance for the Opposition..

    If there are promises of million dollars pay and promotion, everyone of them will be united through and by the S-11. 钱不是万能,没有钱也不行。没钱没法使鬼推磨。有钱才能使鬼推磨。

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  • What are you AFRAID off?:

    Agree agree and Agree

    Singapore will NOT collapse when the Pappies are kicked OUT!

    Why…….you may ask?

    It’s because we still have INSTITUTIONS and CIVIL SERVANTS

    We WILL still have MOF, MOE, MID (old name) the Polis, MOM (without joteo off course), the COURTS, AG, audit dept………….Sinkies what are YOU afraid off?

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  • back to same old same old if:

    we all pray it’ll be MAJULAH SINGAPURA after GE2020…but if the PAP wins again, its surely MATILAH SINGAPURA.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    As I see it …WP-SDP-RP & PSP will take the Bulk of the opposition votes and setting aside their differences and agreeing to disagree…

    Can and HOPEFULLY form the NEXT Govt… alternatively have a hung parliament with a few PAP crossover to topple the Evil in our LIVES!!!

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  • opposition dude:

    WP likes to be left alone it seems and they are doing fine if not great. I guess SDP and PSP could join forces but we have not heard anything from Drs Tan and Chee on this.

    I imagine if these 2 parties did announce a partnership then not only would this be earthshaking it would make goondu Loong shit in his white pants as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if PAP went into overdrive and announced great plans for Singapore the day after SDP and PSP announced their partnership, it would show PAP are scared shitless and view the partnership as a real big threat.

    So Drs Tan and Chee, are you guys going to announce anything for Singaporeans to cheer about and garner a good majority of votes?

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  • @ Dream On:

    Just look at …. PH .

    What happen now.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on ST :Quote – “….

    PAP candidate Ivan Lim will no longer contest GE

    People’s Action Party (PAP) new candidate Ivan Lim has decided not to stand in the general election. The party has accepted his decision to withdraw. Read full story here.

    In a statement sent to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the party’s secretary-general, Mr Lim said:

    “I am writing to withdraw as a PAP candidate in the coming election. In recent days, there have been various allegations made about my conduct and behavior. Following my clarification this morning, further allegations have emerged against me. These new allegations are baseless.

    “I appreciate the support the Party has given to me throughout this period. I have consulted and discussed the matter with the Party leadership. I recognize that the controversy over my candidacy has eclipsed the core issues of what this election should be about – Singapore’s future and the difficult steps we have to take to recover from Covid-19.

    “The controversy has also caused intense pain and stress for my family. I cannot put my family through this. I thank the Party for giving me this opportunity to serve.”

    Mr Lee said:

    “Thank you for your letter. I accept your withdrawal as a candidate in the coming election.

    “The controversy about your candidature has been unfortunate. Ideally, there would have been a fair and deliberate consideration of these allegations. Unfortunately, the nature of the campaign is such that we do not have time for a thorough investigation. The allegations spread like wildfire online, eclipsing the serious life and death issues we must grapple with.

    “I respect your decision to withdraw as a candidate. I regret that you and your family have had to bear such stress during this period. I hope Singaporeans will give you and your family the peace and privacy to recover, and welcome your continued contribution to our society.”

    Earlier today, Mr Lim had attempted to address the criticisms levelled at him online, saying he was “determined to stay the course and to serve” if elected at the general election. Among other things, he was accused of arrogant and elitist behaviour while in the army.”Unquote.

    Response : This morning news of him says” stay and determined”. Late evening says “withdraw”. And LHL has the choice to defer GE to investigate him first, right?Defer one month GE to wait for his investigation to finish also not too long, LHL why hurry? No need to investigate his cases meh? Check him and his family whether involved in any possible corruptions too. We know KOM has bribery cases in Brazil, right? Check is a proper procedure. Pui! Pui! Pui!

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  • Opposition unite please:

    Opposition need a strong leader to bring them together..
    Look like LSY should come up and take a strong position to rally all the opposition together to put aside their own agenda and come up with a common manifesto for the opposition.One that is more credible and give hope to the people.
    Present lot of opposition leader lack the LKY leadership and charismatic power….
    TCB should give way to LSY as SG…be the Chairman instead.

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  • Way to test a Mole:

    There maybe a mole opposition party.
    How to flag it out is to see which party insists 3corner fight.

    See, it’s actually a simple game.
    All opposition has common enemy.
    They rightfully should be united knowing how absolutely totally unleveled the playing field is. In fact there is no field to play.

    Actually, opposition members good enough will be welcome to join the winning opposition parties and this is a short cut for them to contest in the next GE u see a experienced opposition.

    But singaporeans happens may back the eq and Iq. That’s why TCB lost by a few votes.

    Either that or polling agents, very important.

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  • opposition:

    Why Opposition cannot unite ?
    Personal ego and agenda….lack of leadership.
    Need a new and strong leader…Will the next LKY come out and lead the Opposition?
    LSY was a disappointment…Another NATO.

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  • Opposition can do better:

    Opposition can do better the next time.
    Form 2 parties.One WP and the rest to group under one party..maybe under PSP.
    Better chance to get more seats…

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  • Good for Singapore:

    Better still if WP and PSP merge together to form a stronger Party.
    Good for Singapore Opposition.Will represent a substantial number of Singaporeans who vote for them.

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