PPP’s Manifesto for this GE 2020

I have TWO Manifestos:

1) Local Municipal Manifestos
2) National Manifestos

A) Old Estate with Old HDB Flats

MacPherson is an old estate with lots of old ageing flats and an ageing population.

This is the place which will bear witness to the validity of my criticisms of PAP’s FAILED Asset Enhancement Scheme.

PAP has asserted that Singaporeans can “Monetize” their HDB flats to finance their retirement. Residents in MacPherson will feel FIRST HAND the problems of such assertion made by PAP.

Majority of the HDB flats in MacPherson are at least 40 years to 55 years old. How much can they fetch?

There are not much intention of SERS in the estate, only Blk 81 to 83 had announced SERS recently. Besides, many of the flats have maintenance problems with leaking pipes and such.

HIP, VERS or SERS should be planned and carried out as soon as possible in MacPherson.

The HDB time bomb is ticking in MacPherson!

B) The Ageing Population

MacPherson will also bear witness to the criticisms of mine on the inadequate investment in Healthcare system catering to the elderly.

There is no Community Hospital providing care for common illness of the elderly.

There is plenty of land cleared in the area near the new MRT station but I bet, these would most probably sold to private developers to build Condos.

The government should build a Community Hospital in the the estate.

C) Poverty and Social Welfare Service

There is a group of vulnerable group of residents in MacPherson and I will invite charitable organizations to set up TCM Free Clinic and Soup Kitchen in the estate.

On top of that, Social Work services like counselling should also be in place.

The above is my Municipal Manifesto for MacPherson.


Goh Meng Seng @ MacPherson


5 Responses to “PPP’s Manifesto for this GE 2020”

  • Pioneer speaks:

    Gms good luck for your stamina and conviction,I am sorry for you sure
    Loose your money and your pants ,you will not win,other opp parties bigger and stronger are struggling for their lives,join PSP,pvp or sdp, swallow yr pride brother

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Stated above :Quote – “There is a group of vulnerable group of residents in MacPherson and I will invite charitable organizations to set up TCM Free Clinic and Soup Kitchen in the estate.

    On top of that, Social Work services like counselling should also be in place.

    The above is my Municipal Manifesto for MacPherson.

    Goh Meng Seng @ MacPherson”Unquote.

    Response : set up TCM Free Clinic and Soup Kitchen in the estate???? Wow, not bad. Free TCM and free soup kitchen. MacPherson should vote in Goh Meng Seng rather than beast woman Tin Pei Ling. Goh Meng Seng should get his party member to wear a T-shirt with these words “Liar Tin Pei Ling – I only get $600 +$600+$100 =$1300 cash only. Where is the rest of my $22,235 per capita? Pui! Pui! Pui! Liar, no integrity.

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  • Enrich Singaporean Manifesto:

    This is a serious manifesto for enriching Singaporeans.
    Alternative parties, even PAP, are encouraged to include or support these ideas.

    1. Enrich CPF returns. Enrich Singaporean retirement.

    Look at well-managed big pension funds around the world: Canada, Australia, Norway. They make long term returns of 8 to 10%. The current 2.5% is arbitrarily set by the gov for the benefit of the gov, and very much to the disadvantage of CPF members.

    CPF members retire poor because their CPF has been very very poorly managed. CPF money must be independent managed exclusively for the benefit of CPF members.

    Members can look forward to 8% to 10% long term returns. Most members will retire with a million or more in their CPF.

    2. Enrich HDB value. Enrich Singaporean retirement with even good inheritance for their children.

    HDB value is set to $0 after 99 years. But look carefully. This gov discriminates HDB owners against HUDC or private condo owners. For the other owners, they can enbloc before 99 yrs and make a great profit. The land is extended by property developers through paying a fee to the gov.

    There is absolutely no reason for this discrimination. This gov says they need to take back land for more HDB buildings. Fine, make the enbloc for private developers to build HDB.

    HDB owners can look forward to big financial gains when they enbloc their old HDB.

    Alternative parties, please give these some serious thought. You want to help Singaporeans? Don’t stop at small charities. You want to be part of the gov and set big long term policies to enrich Singaporeans!

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  • Wah so good..:

    Wah so good plan..
    Macpherson residents,what are you waiting for ?
    Vote for GMS and you get best of both world…two party taking good care of you.

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  • opposition:

    Should vote all the Opposition in SMC into Parliament.
    Nothing to lose…
    No risk.Cannot do much harm.
    Good for Singapore.

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