Facebook has shut down FAP page

Back in 2014, an elderly lady – who was a former school teacher – asked for her CPF to be returned to her.

Later, as a video of her desperate request circulated online, the pro-PAP page Fabrications about the PAP (FAP) ridiculed her, and mocked her.

But what was worse was that the FAP also disclosed her address. It was an act of criminal intimidation by the owner of that page.

It was a vicious attack on an elderly lady who only asked for her CPF to be returned.

Yet, NOT A SINGLE PAP MP condemned the attack by FAP.

So, I am glad that Facebook has shut down this awful awful stinking shithole called FAP.

So you see, such behaviour is entrenched among the PAP ranks, even way back in 2014.

And the PAP itself apparently has given this its support, even if tacitly.

This is the toxic, arrogant, bullying culture in the PAP.


Andrew Loh




6 Responses to “Facebook has shut down FAP page”

  • #06-191 Bastard Family:

    The ladyy is asking for HER money. Why harass her? Bastards.

    Miss Theng – Lai Ah Mar Xiang chi tian er rou.

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  • garbage pap:

    100% correct.

    it should NEVER had happen.

    FB need to be curtailed…

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  • look clean and preen:

    //Yet, NOT A SINGLE PAP MP condemned the attack by FAP.//

    aiyoh ? why would the white idiots do it (condemn ???) when it is at their advantage not to do so – they are known for their wayang double standard ??? only their doggy boys are willing (or paid ?) to do the “dirty CB” work that the white idiots have outsourced out so that the white idiots can look clean and preen ????

    the white idiots are laser-sharp focused on how they want to deal with people who they disagree ? the white idiots have consistently alluded to one-party curry function system and ownself-check-ownself ??

    only daft sinkies would think (or brainwashed to think) that the white monkeys idiots would be fair in their treatment (application of standards or double standard ??) on those who may hold certain disagreeable views or acts on their rules or policies, hence posing strong ‘threats’ ??

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  • PAPpy are corrupt corporation:

    The working people’s mandatory CPF monthly contributions has been for a long time indeed, a “retirement fund” mangled by corrupted legalism. Who retires with their lifetime savings nowadays?…. other than the wealthy top 30% – who in many cases are individuals who have no utter need for their CPF savings to live out their twilight years…. unlike my poor grandpa friend slogging out 8 hours a day sweeping the streets of one industrial estate in the east.

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  • oxygen:

    FACEBOOK BETTER WAKE UP NOW instead of sucking up to the incumbent dominant power coalition or dictatorship like Gonad Trump’s threatening of violent response to grievous voices in the public space.

    Coca-cola and top names among the S & P 500 corporate entities are shutting out their advertising spending on FB.

    Coca-Cola suspends social media advertising despite Facebook changes


    IT IS GOOD TO HEAR THAT FB IS SHUTTING DOWN FAP too at this right moment.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    Fabrications About PAP a stinking shithole? Oi, don’t insult the shithole understand?

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