SDP’s Manifesto for GE 2020

The SDP launched our GE2020 manifesto in September 2019. Early this year, we crystallized the key elements into 4 yes’s and one no. These are suspended GST till the end of 2021, pay retrenchment insurance, provide low-income retirees with income support, above all put people first and say no to 10 million people on our already overcrowded island.

These remain relevant as the world has changed through the pandemic. The full manifesto launch video is available at Youtube and a summary of the event here. The printed version of the manifesto can be purchased from SDP website or if you prefer a soft copy of our individual policies, they can be found here.

Contact: Surayah Akbar (Mdm) [email protected]


Singapore Democratic Party




10 Responses to “SDP’s Manifesto for GE 2020”

  • trublu:

    ALL THE BEST ,SDP,’chia yu’!!!

    i kee chiu for you all!

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  • trublu:

    Hope Dr Chee,Prof Paul,Benjamin phwee,Tan Jee Say et all goes into Parliament.

    SDP IS A STRONG VOICE OF THE PEOple and even PAPple admitted they are afraid of SDP sgs.

    Vote SDP n have your voice heard.

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  • VTO for a better future:

    Straits Times: Singapore GE2020: This is a crisis election that will shape Singapore’s future, says PM Lee

    Absolutely right. The mediocre PAP response to the pandemic has shown (again) that PAP is a “spent force”. Singaporeans are, without a doubt, worse off since LHL became PM. Time for Singaporeans to bury the PAP with LKY so they can have a better (and a pro-Singaporean) future. VTO.

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  • Opposition Leaders:

    Opposition Leaders standing in SMC is a good move.
    Can confidently vote them in….unlikely to have much impact to existing Government rule.
    Will provide a more effective parliament with diverse views.
    Policy will be better when it is more thorough debated and justify.
    Best of both world…

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  • Harder Truths:

    The pandemic has caused massive disruption to the world economy. Many countries will never recover for a very long time. They have lost millions of jobs and are looking to migrate anywhere they can.

    Enter the Communist Island of $ingapore – where any foreigner gets treated better than the locals and gets to take over local jobs so easily. Which foreigner will pass up this opportunity?

    The leeders know zero about us, the people and less than that about running a real country. Th epandemic has proven this. If there is no change this GE then there will be no locals left. One way or the other we will be done for.

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  • SDP needs webmaster:

    When you visit SDP website, what do you see? A big photo of GCT.

    There is zero info about SDP candidates.

    Please lah, invest some time on your website.

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  • WP needs good webmaster:

    What you visit WP website, what do you see? Nice photos of the WP candidates for each GRC.

    Very good!

    When you mouse-over the photos, the nice photos of the pretty and handsome candidates disappear. So sad.

    Can’t you don’t do that?

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  • PAP Weakness exposed:

    Let’s review PAP’s Manifesto :

    Public Health And Safety Remains An Urgent Task. PAP Will:

    a)Provide free in-patient treatment for COVID-19 at public hospitals. In total, the government has allocated $20 billion to MOH in recent budgets.

    Singaporeans>> this is the Govt’s job to ensure lives are saved during a pandemic, like A&E Services and Ambulance/Fire Services. Why is this item in PAP Election Manifesto? Are you saying Opposition party won’t do this?

    b)Ramp up COVID-19 testing and tracing capabilities

    Singaporeans>> this should have been done since Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May months. PAP on purpose did not go full force into testing because it was waiting for election to happen to show PAP cares. PAP is placing politics before Singaporean’s safety.

    c)Invest in R&D for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, and ensure these are available to all Singaporeans who need them

    Singaporeans >> as above this is the Govt’s job to do. Why is this in the election Manifesto?

    d)Complete health clearance of migrant workers so they can return to work safely
    Singaporeans>> This is a PAP created problem to increase population to 10M. Singaporeans are against to 10M population, CECA and 900,000 workers in Dorms and outside Dorms. PAP’s creates the problem and justify reason to fix it.

    e)Build additional migrant worker housing with new operating models and improved standards

    Singaporeans>> This is the job for the Dorm Owners who have been making millions. Why is this in PAP Election Manifesto – is Govt footing the bill to build of such Dorms using taxpayer money?

    PAP’s Manifesto has got nothing to offer. period.

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  • Dorothy:

    All the best, Dr. Chee and Co. I Hoped you guys will succeed this time.

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  • A Senior Citizen:

    Still trying after nearly three decades?

    “Integrity once lost can never be regained”

    This will be his sixth attempt since 1992 and CHEE has NEVER received more than 40% support from the electorate. The same for the SDP he ursurped.

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