Simcord: innovations and advanced blockchain

The IT industry continues to develop and expands into more activities. The area of blockchain developments and Big Data forecasting is the most up-to-date so far. One of the companies that keep up with the times and technologies is the Ukrainian IT company Simcord.

Simcord is primarily engaged in integration of blockchain technologies, combining developments and scientific approach in creating products. The detailed information about Simcord’s activities is on its official website, where you can find a wide range of services provided and software solutions developed.

Mission and strategy of the Company

Software development is a priority for Simcord. Many customers, especially those who only start working with the Company, are interested in its development trends and activities. Its qualified specialists develop the internal infrastructure for testing the cutting-edge technologies.
The main features that distinguish Simcord from other software developers and Ukrainian IT companies are its high security standards, high-quality performance and fast system response. Advanced technologies are used and developed in Simcord in order to improve the quality of work. These technologies include digital assets and consensus building algorithms that ensure smooth operation of the blockchain protocol.

Cooperation and partnership

Business partnership and development of ideas together with other IT specialists are one of the main Simcord’s priorities. The Company cooperates with science, law and business experts. Simcord provides its employees with opportunities for self-development in the IT industry and blockchain technologies, as well as with career prospects. Thus, a specialist can expect both promotion within his/her department and development in related areas.
Simcord is open for cooperation with representatives of business communities, financial experts and public organizations. The Company is looking for advisers and independent directors, as the scope of its activities is constantly expanding.

The Company’s job offers are interesting for those who want to develop in IT:
· Java, C#, Go, Front-End, Mobile Developers;
· Web App Developers;
· Graphic Designers;
· and even Mathematicians/Algorithm Designers.

Joining the Company

The feedback of employees, partners and customers allows saying that most people appreciate how professional and dedicated they are at Simcord. An important part of corporate life of the Company is its corporate cultural ethics considered the driving force leading to success. The feedback shows that most employees appreciate Simcord precisely for this.


In the modern world, the advanced technologies allow many companies to develop successfully, and Simcord is a vivid example of this. The Company stands out against others and is distinguished by its global goals and highly professional approach to work. The main activity areas of the Company meet the industry development trends. The introduction of high-tech business solutions and integration of the blockchain technologies allow Simcord to claim the title of a promising company.




3 Responses to “Simcord: innovations and advanced blockchain”

  • Simi Lanjiao?:

    What craps above? Since when here become classified Ads?
    Got paid for publishing this advertisement? So chum!! Maybe about time to donate money. Let me think how much first then submit.

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  • Example only:

    A good example for Singapore company here to follow…
    We need to support and build more Singapore companies to go into such areas to create more high tech paying jobs in the new economy,especially for our young people.They need to develop such skills to survive in the future…

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  • Simi Lanjiao:

    How to survive sitting in front of computer everyday?
    See whether Grab can still bring them foods when nobody want to farm and cook. Eat shits to survive?

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