Brad Bowyer, your 110% committed candidate for Nee Soon GRC

Brad Bowyer (right) with Lee Hsien Yang

So, Mr Shanmugam has asked me to be honest with the Nee Soon voters in his FB post which is repeated in this Today article and as I agree with him that honesty is very important, and we shouldn’t play with words, I will put a closing statement on the matter below for the benefit of the Nee Soon voters.

The Straits Times article that Mr Shanmugam referenced in his post from June 25th had, in the paragraph directly below the one that mentions Nee Soon the following statement:

“Last night, a PSP spokesman confirmed that the party will still be contesting Nee Soon GRC, among nine constituencies announced by the party on Tuesday.”

And aside from Dr Tan’s usual caginess about final strategy in the rest of the article I think that is pretty clear.

And again as noted in the Today article, but expanded a little upon here, what the resident of Nee Soon wouldn’t have known is ever since the electoral boundary review committee released its report in March Nee Soon was on the party’s radar and by mid-April I had already been assigned into a team which has culminated in the one you see today standing.

Although I am not privy to the highest level negotiations I have only ever been working on Nee Soon GRC and over the last 2 plus months we have spent countless hours, resources and not an inconsiderable sum of money from HQ and by the team and a large pool of behind the scenes people and volunteers in preparation for, not only the campaign, but how in the event of the victory we are looking for, we would structure and run the town council amongst others.

That amount of work to me represents both a massive commitment and a massive investment in to giving the best we can for the residents of Nee Soon, a commitment we intend to follow through on and in no way is half hearted.

I am still saddened that such a conclusion was not only drawn but then given a large public airing when spending a moment to actually ask us what our level of commitment was could have answered it.

However, I have since had several local journalists reach out to me and I am heartened from the nature of these engagements that they are showing a higher level of professionalism and I look forward to a more balanced reporting of our activities before any inferences of our motives or commitment are made in the future.

Brad Bowyer, your 110% committed candidate for Nee Soon GRC.

Because you deserve better.


Brad Bowyer




12 Responses to “Brad Bowyer, your 110% committed candidate for Nee Soon GRC”

  • trublu:


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  • Flickshit=:

    Don’t ever trust the white terminates again, just vote for more into parliament to help your children and grandchildren to have a better future.

    We have suffered enough under these idiots.

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    Time to REMOVE the Evil Arrowhead of LEEgal compliance by the man who Lies and smiles… Shan the SHAM!!!

    Take his POFMA and shove it up his you KNOW where Brad…Goodluck and Blessings from above on your endeavor to REMOVE an Evil that smiles…DEMons smile a lot!!! the Democrats in US has perfected it into an Art of Deceit

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  • Tremendous:

    This oppo villager has been quite active for some time in case the villagers haven’t noticed. He can do the job and will do the job. Back him.

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  • Taleban:

    Sam throw smoke. Relocate to take on BB. Kiasu so anyhow smoke. Create fake news and tried to smoke his opponents.

    Try to hit below the belt. Very naughty of Sam. (Sam Seng)

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  • Hear you:

    Hear you…Hear you.
    You are 110% committed to Nee Soon…
    May the best team WIN.

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  • Do you trust ?:

    Do you trust a party whose leader can effortlessly fulfil his parent’s last wish but blatantly refuse to act on it ?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Voting alternative party is love of your country for yourselves and your children!

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  • Hope for Sg:

    Brad and team, go all out!


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  • 屁鸭屁:

    Really mess up the function of all his orifices. Words r really farts
    What no suing sibligs would lose LKY face! Get his wife n nephew would not shame LKY,

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  • Take heed oh good people:

    “A great man is different from an eminent one, in that he is ready to be the servant of the society…. Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.”

    B.R. Ambedkar, Father of Indian Constitution

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  • Bernard:


    I wish You and PV great success.

    Hope the voters will bid farewell to PAP and sent him and his colonies back to where they came from – earning more millions/billions than what their self paid NOT ENOUGH MILLIONS from Public Funds.

    Shameless lot and true character steaming from the Dishonourable Son.


    Yishunlites, th REST OF SINGAPOREAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS are seeking your Support for a better Living and the Future of our Children, Grand children and all Singaporean children now and future. Also, you, the Ah Kongs and Ah Mahs never to clean Hawker Centres and Food Courts Tables.

    Thank you.

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