If you believe what they say, practically everyone who opposes the PAP has an axe to grind

You must have heard by now that Dr Tan Cheng Bock formed his own political party because he has an axe to grind with the People’s Action Party (PAP).

And that Lee Hsien Yang joined Dr Tan’s Progress Singapore Party and is campaigning for them this general election because he too has an axe to grind.

It doesn’t matter that Dr Tan and Hsien Yang say that the PAP has lost its way and is no more the party of Lee Kuan Yew, that there is a need for change and Singaporeans deserve better.

All the other side wants is to paint the picture that those who oppose the PAP must be a disgruntled lot out to get back at the PAP.

You may have also heard that many supporters of the alternative parties are people on the fringes of society not doing too well in life – again, disgruntled people having an axe to grind!

Another fabrication is that alternative party politicians are crazy fellas out to spout nonsense and make wild promises. They conveniently forget who are the ones making one promise after another, which side scolds Singaporeans behind our backs and insults another country’s politicians.

You have also been told that should you vote in an alternative party, you would repent – five long years of suffering! Funny thing is, the people in Hougang have been voting for the Workers’ Party for 29 years and they have yet to repent.

And this must be their all-time favourite – only ungrateful and disloyal people oppose the PAP!

They equate the PAP with Singapore. If you are against the PAP, you are ill-intentioned and against Singapore. Worse still, you could even be called a traitor.

Do they really think that the PAP has a monopoly on righteousness and patriotism?


Augustine Low




16 Responses to “If you believe what they say, practically everyone who opposes the PAP has an axe to grind”

  • Pinky face is everywhere:

    Nowadays anything white monkeys are unable to explain or clarify what we say or ask, they have one standard reply.


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  • Poon:

    Ya sure everyone who vote opposition is a trait**! The PAP owns Singapore! The PAP supporters are patriotic! Only idiots believe – unfortunately there are plenty of them!!!

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  • Hear you..:

    OK ..OK…PAP and Singapore is not the same identity…
    Don’t confuse the two.
    May the best team win fairly in each ward….Good for Singapore.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    It has to be driven home to each electorate that PAP is not Singapore and Singapore is not PAP. This is paramount.

    It is not all about jobs. If is about how the economy is revitalised and further developed that caters to the needs and aspirations of the citizens and their children. Saying that it is all about jobs is very short sighted and arrogant.

    The people want to have a say, through their representatives on how policies are formulated and implemented. Citizens are not asking for hand outs and that mentality should be discarded. Citizens are now more sophisticated then the PAP gives them credit.

    It is quite obvious to me that if PAP remains, then Singapore will be heading downhill fast–back to third world status. It will be accompanied by a lot of suffering of the people. There will not be any channel to facilitate the aspirations of the people.

    When you get a Minister disparaging the voters why do you want to vote for him? He obviously have no respect for the voters but only put on a Bugs Bunny face in front of the voters.

    Singaporeans can do better with a change in government rather than sticking with the old and party but with inexperienced “leaders”. They are 4G very different from the 1G.

    Those MPs that did not announce their retirement ahead of polling day were not chosen by the 4G. They include people like TSS the tooth pick hoarderer. To save face they announce their retirement. That is how I read the actions on the ground.

    VTO–the PAP.

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  • Sia Suay Everywhere:

    The fact is even if the typical papig voter get scolded directly in the face by Bumbling Kee Chiu —calling them ‘Sia Suay’, they still may vote for him.
    That is the degree of fear that they are living in.
    Beyond redemption. 60 years of brainwashing.
    NKorea here we come.

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  • Pee:

    The PAP only knows how to play gutter politics…they are like the mafia. Wolves in sheep clothing!!! Disgusting and disgraceful!

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  • two third majority:

    since pap promised at least 12 oppo
    courtesy of ncmp
    like to propose ncmp increase to 47
    this appease oppo shouting
    “deny pap two third majority”
    47 divide by 93+47(140)
    equal slightly more than one third.
    Can or Not loong loong?

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  • Back to the roots of Sinchiapo:

    Perhaps we should forward the question to Hsien Yang: “Is this LKY’s brainchild Singapore Incorporated the same republican nation as that one envisioned and built by his loving godfather Goh Keng Swee and Toh Chin Chye?”

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  • trublu:

    Lets just say,if people becomes greedy,its hard to trust them again.
    Greed n arrogance permeate the PAPple ,RANK N FILE.

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  • opposition dude:

    Look at the bigger picture and you can see that PAP are really afraid of PSP despite this being PSP’s first election. Everyone knows that Dr Tan has said more than once that the PAP has long lost its way and, surprise surprise, it RESONATES with a lot of people. Dr Tan knows he isn’t talking rubbish but the PAP has to say something to try and turn public opinion against him.

    It tells you a LOT that a former party member still cares enough about his COUNTRY to spend all that time and effort to set up a party. He could just keep quiet and enjoy his retirement and not give a damn but his spirit and willingness to want to do the RIGHT thing is what will win him votes.

    As educated people, I’m sure we can tell when a person sets up a party when he has a real axe to grind vs one who sets up a party to get voted in a speak up for Singaporeans.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I prefer the parang. The weapon of choice for Asians.
    Bring it on.

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  • pro Singapore:

    Uncle pro Singapore..not pro any party.
    Will give every party a chance to get uncle vote..
    Like Durian..uncle looking for MSW type only.
    Uncle vote count OK?Don’t take uncle as a fool Ok?
    You must work very hard for uncle Vote….

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    PAP made many enemies. And makes them easily.

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  • Realistically:

    Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s joining the PSP can be seen as an endorsement and a boost to the PSP & especially Tan Cheng Bock.

    But as Tan has implicitly admitted, his chance of entering Parliament is likely to be through the NCMP scheme………LHY’s support is therefore NOT enough for him…….and as with the other so-called oppos, refuse to acknowledge their own deficiencies and lack of ideas of how to effect changes; which is NOT about denying the emperor without clothes the 2/3 majority, BUT to VTO the emperor from the Ang Mo Kio GRC.

    All I can say to the so-called oppos – all of them – don’t be too corky and face up to the realities and facts and work TOGETHER for a better Singapore, which has been turning into SINKaPOOR under the incompetent leadership of the emperor without clothes.

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  • Do you trust ?:

    1) Do you trust a party to invest your lifelong saving in a fund whose CEO refused to reveal her salary ?

    2) Do you trust a party who promote family values and cohesion while its leader fights tooth and nail with his own siblings ?

    3) Do you trust a party whose leader can effortlessly fulfill his parent’s last wish but blatantly refuse to act on it ?

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  • Plato's Platitude:

    –Plato’s Warning: If You Don’t Vote, You Will Be Governed by Idiots
    –The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
    All Hwa Chong Int students should send these quotes to their Principal.
    SinkieLand have reached that state.
    Thank Zeus, we have TCB.
    But will the voters wake up!
    Sadly…unlikely….NKorea here we come.

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