Its Now or Never

Do you just want a CHECK and BALANCE opposition?
1) Prevent increase of GST to 9% or more…
2) Stop more foreigners grabbing our jobs…
3) Prevent of Singapore law to be passed by only 1 PARTY decision…

Vote in 32 or more Oppositions:
1) Aljunied GRC – 5 seats
2) Marine Parade GRC – 5 seats
3) Sengkang GRC – 4 seats
4) Tanjong Pagar GRC – 5 seats
5) West Coast GRC – 5 seats
6) Bukit Batok SMC – 1 seat
7) Bukit Panjang SMC – 1 seat
8) Hougang SMC – 1 seat
9) Kebun Baru SMC – 1 seat
10) Marymount SMC – 1 seat
11) Punggol West SMC – 1 seat
12) Radin Mas SMC – 1 seat
13) Yio Chu Kang SMC – 1 seat

Do you want to reverse some of existing Singapore Laws?
1) Get back your CPF at age 55?
2) No zero values of your HDB flat when reaches 99 years lease?
3) Lower GST to 5% or even 3%?
4) Remove of POFMA…

Vote in 63 or more Oppositions:
1) Aljunied GRC – 5 seats
2) Choa Chu Kang GRC – 4 seats
3) Holland-Bukit Timah GRC – 4 seats
4) Jalan Besar GRC – 4 seats
5) Marine Parade GRC – 5 seats
6) Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC – 4 seats
7) Nee Soon GRC – 5 seats
8) SengKang GRC – 4 seats
9) Sembawang GRC – 5 seats
10) Tanjong Pagar GRC – 5 seats
11) West Coast GRC – 5 seats
12) Bukit Batok SMC – 1 seat
13) Bukit Panjang SMC – 1 seat
14) Hougang SMC – 1 seat
15) Kebun Baru SMC – 1 seat
16) MacPherson SMC – 1 seat
17) Marymount SMC – 1 seat
18) Mountbatten SMC – 1 seat
19) Pioneer SMC – 1 seat
20) Potong Pasir SMC – 1 seat
21) Punggol West SMC – 1 seat
22) Radin Mas SMC – 1 seat
23) Yio Chu Kang SMC – 1 seat

Just like DONALD TRUMP, If you DON’T LIKE them AFTER 1 term, just kick them out in GE 2025 !

Please love your country !

Be Brave like our Malaysian Neighbours ! Make the changes NOW or NEVER

A caring Singaporean




7 Responses to “Its Now or Never”

  • GRA:

    We should allow pappies to be NCMPs because according to ah huat this is what they can and will do:-

    They will become GRASSROOT ADVISERs and they ARE VERY POWERFUL.

    They can run community clubs, residents’ committees, officiate in the opening ceremonies of overhead bridges, childcare centers as well as oversee HIPs. They are POWERFUL! They can also use taxpayers’ monies to do all these and MORE.

    So we should vote more OPPOSITIONs in Pariahment, especially in both COASTs east and west!

    In the east you will get HENG Suay to be in the GRA. and in the West you can get Lee son of LEE yock suan, former mp of seletar.

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  • No lah..:

    More good opposition in is OK lah…
    No change Government lah…Better still have PAP Government…
    let Heng be the next PM lah…

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote – “SINGAPORE – Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh on Thursday (July 2) pushed back on the suggestions that the WP is just a lite version of the People’s Action Party, calling the claim made by Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan during a televised debate an electoral ploy.

    Asked during a walkabout in Kovan on Thursday about Dr Balakrishnan’s remarks that the WP manifesto outlined positions so similar to that of the PAP that the ruling party could have written it, Mr Singh said: “If that was the case, I hope the PAP takes up all our manifesto points and introduces them into their agenda, because that will really change the shape of Singapore, and we will have a more caring and compassionate society.”

    During an exchange with WP Sengkang GRC candidate Jamus Lim at the debate, Dr Balakrishnan had said: “It’s almost a position where whatever line or stand the PAP has taken, you basically use that as your reference point and take a half step to the left.”

    Mr Singh on Thursday pointed to questions the WP parliamentarians had asked about the corruption scandal involving Keppel Corp and fake news laws to draw the distinction between the parties.

    “These are relevant questions that Singaporeans need to ask,” he said.”Unquote.

    Response :WP has been in Parliament for many years. We have seen on news of WP performance in Parliament. The last five years WP performance is really poor. Both Low TK, Pritam Singh seem pretty quiet. Only Selvia Lim is firing more but maybe that is because the PAP is attacking her on the AHTC case and she refires back on gst. Only Ong Eng Huat seem to be the one performing well of course defending his own party on the missing estimated $22 millions Punggol East fund.

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  • John Richards:

    Hate to burst your bubble but Trump will win again.

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  • George:

    Tin Pei Ling and Tan Chuan Jin are not good, Singaporeans must vote them out !

    VOTE PAP OUT ! !


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  • Quality Opposition needed.:

    More opposition MPs is OK…
    but make sure only really good one…not anyhow type.
    Like Durian ..chose MSW type only…

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  • opposition dude:

    Unfortunately those numbers mentioned above are way too high for the kiasees to be comfortable with. The kiasees need assurance that the country will not collapse so it’s baby steps for them.

    From 6 opposition MPs in 2011 up until 9 July we now have 10. The kiasees need to see that 10 won’t cause problems before they allow another 4 to 5 in.

    I know we want to see more than 20 or even 30+ in parliament but unfortunately the kiasees outnumber us in most of the wards by at least 60 to 40.

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