Important Announcement by Simon Lim

Simon Lim

I have an important announcement to make.

My full name is Lim Kay Cheow Jireh and my friends have called me Simon Lim for many, many years now because Jireh is not a common english name such as John or Peter and it can be difficult for many to pronounce and remember. That is why I continue to use it and I am known to all as Simon Lim.

Many friends, including my many online friends who have been my regular commentary readers have encouraged me to stand for our 2020 General Election and I am greatly humbled and honoured to announce that I am standing as a Peoples Voice (PV) electoral candidate for Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC.

My party’s electoral candidates are ordinary citizens just like many of you. We are not elites, generals or scholars. We may not be able to articulate in beautiful English but we are law abiding citizens, we work hard and we look after our families. We understand the value of every single cent that we earn through our labour.

Like in my thank you speech after nomination closed, I have said that although PV is a new political party, we are not a stupid, irresponsible or troublemaker party. Our feelings and our love for our country is no lesser than the PAP’s love for this country too.

Over the years, I have commented widely on our politics and our current affairs and I have always strived to be be factual, credible responsible, and sensible with all my posts and if I had been reckless or if I have posted falsehoods, I would have got myself into trouble with either the government, Facebook or even the POFMA office. I have not.

Too many things have gone wrong with our country over the past >5 years. The pap government today is a mere shadow of the strong and very capable pap government of yesteryears that past generations of Singaporeans knew, grew up with, trusted and deeply respected.

When things go wrong in our country and they indeed have whether it is job insecurity, the explosion of Covid 19 among our migrant workers, CPF issues, liberal immigration of foreign PMEs taking away thousands of decent paying jobs at our expense, retirement inadequacies, HDB flat decay, depressed incomes, world record low total fertility rates or the ever increase cost of living etc, to take the easy way out of avoiding talking about them, too lazy to think deeper about them or simply refuse to blame the useless lhl government for their policy mistakes and failures out of blind loyalty that resulted in what is happening and more is not patriotism or good citizenry. It is the mentality and attitudes of slaves and sheep.

I have also said to my children that my life is at the sunset phase while theirs is sunrise. I fight and I hope to leave for them and all younger Singaporeans a better Singapore than the one that I inherited growing up.

If the status-quo continues, it is totally possible that in my lifetime, I will be able to see younger Singaporeans leaving their families behind to look for better job opportunities overseas just like what many talented Filipinos and the Malaysian Chinese are doing. If things on the employment front continues to be depressed and make worse by us being the world’s most expensive country under this pap government, things will be real bad.

While there is no minimum wage in Singapore for our citizens, pap ministers know how to pay themselves minimum wages at the top. It seems to me that they are left with the ability to create good paying jobs for themselves and not many others. I can easily go on and on…

If elected, we will do our level best to voice out fearlessly the aspirations, hopes and fears of the majority everyday men and women in Parliament and when votes are taken, we will never, never sacrifice the interest of the residents who have placed their trust in us by meekly voting along PAP’s party line like all pap MPs do because of their party whip.

This is a big promise that I am making and a promise that I now give to Pasir-Ris Punggol residents if I am elected. A promise that I intend to keep.

Please support the oppositions and my PV team mates who are contesting in Jalan Besar GRC, Pasir-Ris GRCs and Mountbatten SMC. Kindly encourage your family and friends to support us too. Please help us to help yourselves.

Together, we can again make ourselves and our country a proud people and an outstanding country again. Kindly Share My Post Widely. Think.

Simon Lim
Member, Peoples Voice Party


12 Responses to “Important Announcement by Simon Lim”

  • Do more:

    Do more for the ordinary man…
    Make their life better than now…
    They need decent jobs so that they can take care of their family basic needs..and our Seniors need to retire with some dignity and not so cash poor that they need to work some more at this age…

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  • Hurray PV !!:

    Finally, we can put a face to Simon Lim !!

    You a true hero and a loyal Singaporean. You have done so much for Singapore with your articles always ending with your brand-word : “Think ”

    All the best to you and PV. You are in a very good party under the leadership of Mr Lim Tean, another true blue Singaporean.

    Best wishes to you and PV !!!

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  • Simon, the sorcerer:

    Think: You’ve shown your disdain for ordinary citizens by advocating using police and even want to video them to make them comply with CB instead of understanding their situations and go on the grounds to talk to them.

    You ‘ostracized’ and in a some way ‘denigrate’ anonymous commenters on social media, saying that they should show their faces for credibility.
    NOW I know why. You tailored your comments for your personal agenda.

    Now that I have seen your face. Do I vote for you? THINK!

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  • Keepfit:

    Hi Jireh

    Good name Mr Lim. I hope that your team will be voted in to speak up for us Sporeans. And may you be well provided richly in knowledge, wisdom and understanding…

    Like what Pritam Singh mentioned, I am afraid the oppositions don’t stand much chance…?!

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  • trublu:

    Hi Jireh,i wish you (and Simon) ALL THE BEST.

    God bless you abundantly.

    May the FORCE BE WITH YOU!

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  • Save yourselves from PAP:

    Thank you, Simon, for standing under PV. I take back all criticism I made here about you. Go, Simon, Go. Hope you get into Parliament.

    PAP is surviving on the back of new citizens.

    New citizens don’t understand the difficulties that other Singaporeans face. But when they stay long enough, they also face the same difficulties. Remember the guy from China with a Stanford PhD and ends up driving a taxi? He must have migrated elsewhere.

    Many young Singaporeans have lousy or no jobs, even those with degrees from “top” NUS and NTU. They struggle to do driver or delivery jobs. What a waste of their “top” NUS and NTU degrees.

    Those with an average job are misguidedly thankful to the PAP. They should thank their lucky star instead. They should look long term and see what kind of retirement awaits them. $5 per hr job!

    Basically, only two types of people support PAP. The cronies making obscene profit, and the ignorant who don’t know what a blood sucking monster PAP is.

    PAP is making people poor.
    P.A.P. — People Are Poor.

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  • Tremendous:

    Simon, your team mates and you are not working hard enough.
    You have to go into that Parliplace to work harder. You understand ?

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  • Good luck good man:

    (My party’s electoral candidates are ordinary citizens just like many of you. We are not elites, generals or scholars. We may not be able to articulate in beautiful English but we are law abiding citizens, we work hard and we look after our families. We understand the value of every single cent that we earn through our labour.)

    Errr, all filthy rich elites do not articulate in beautiful English nor are systemic crony-capitalists law abiding citizens.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Where is Mr Tan Kin Lian. Did he strike a lot of coronavirus$$$. Why isn’t Mr Tan Kin Lian standing for General Election?

    I thought SDA also fighting for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC? So People Voice also coming to Pasir Ris Punggol GRC. So come here to kick e*** Puthucheary out?

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  • Simon my choice!:

    Simon has helped many citizens by his multiple speeches at Hong Lim park and many times more articles on TRE and maybe TOC.

    His highlighting of where PAP has not done enough has benefitted the citizens who may not be aware how Simon has indirectly improved their lives.

    We must help people like Simon represent us officially as MP in parliament which must never be perceived to belong to PAP or a person or a family.

    Simon is rock solid. Will vote for him whenever possible .

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  • Need to do more publicity:

    Opposition candidates need to make their personal presence and conviction on issues affecting the Citizens felt…

    Use all the avenues available to reach their electorate…

    Especially the Internet and social media etc..

    Now many like no sound no picture…how to vote for them ?

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  • important issues not discussed:

    Look like important issues are not much discussed or debated in this election?
    HDB zero value..CPF Policy that leave our people cash poor and suffering etc
    Maybe it does not affect all our want to be MPs candidates…It does not bother them.
    Not so hopeful for our suffering people…

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