10 million population

The idea of Singapore increasing its population to 10 million did not originate from the SDP.

We cited the Straits Times report of date where it mentions Mr Heng Swee Keat citing Mr Liu Thai Ker and his notion of a 10-million population in Singapore. Did Mr Heng refute and correct the report at the time it was published? If not, he can hardly accuse the SDP of making a false claim now?

Also, the HDB chief executive Cheong Koon Hean said that Singapore’s population density would increase from 11,000 people per sq km to 13,700 people per sq km between now and 2030. Given our land area, this means that our population would go up to nearly 10 million by 2030 (LINK).

Editor’s note: The above statement on Cheong Koon Hean is in dispute as MND has issued a POFMA correction direction against SDP on Saturday (4th July) on the grounds that “it was a false statement of fact”. [LINK]

Following her statement, Mr Ravi Philemon, Red Dot United and candidate for Jurong GRC, asked Dr Cheong what was her planning principle behind the higher population density projection. She refused to answer (LINK).

Third, in 2018,  ex-GIC chief economist and adjunct professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Yeoh Lam Keong had criticized “Dr Liu Thai Ker’s views on planning for a 10mn population for Singapore” (LINK). In 2019, he expressed disappointment “that Minister Heng, who I have much respect for as an economist and should know better, so uncritically cites this poorly reasoned view based on bad, outdated economic policy that implies a return to excessive immigration that has created so many problems over the last 2 decades” (LINK). Just yesterday, he opined that “it can reasonably be inferred from the ST article below that DPM Heng Swee Keat at his talk on March 2019 was at least open and sympathetic to an eventual 10 million population in Singapore” and that “it is entirely reasonable for Dr Chee to ask him to clarify again publicly and give reassurance of the government’s policy and resolve not to allow such a 10 mln policy outcome given DPM Heng’s recent reported glib statements and underlying economic trends” (LINK). He further expressed fear that “this shows both Minister Vivian and DPM Heng underestimate the policy and concrete policy measures eg clear immigration quotas and constant policy resolve needed to prevent us creeping towards such an inimical population scenario over the long term [sic]” (ibid).

Given the above, there is disquiet among the public that Singapore may, indeed, be moving towards a 10 million population.

We are gratified that Dr Vivian Balakrishnan categorically said at the political debate on 1 July 2020 that the PAP will not increase the population to 10 million or even 6.9 million.

As far as our ‘NO to a 10-million population’ in our 4Y1N campaign is concerned, it is mission accomplished. This is the kind of opposition that we strive to be, one that keeps the PAP in check.

We now ask voters to get us into parliament to ensure that the PAP does not change its mind and renege on its promise.


Singapore Democrats




18 Responses to “10 million population”

  • NotMyProblem:

    I remember very clearly of the protest in Hong Lim Park on the “6.9M Population White Paper”. This protest attracted almost 4000 people. I have a T-shirt for this protest also.

    I am sure Dr Vivian did not has dementia at his age, it could be the million dollar salary that makes him having selective memory loss.

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  • my2cents:

    GE2020: DPM Heng denies saying Singapore should plan to increase population to 10m


    Gutter politics trying to dig something from nothing, to distract voters from their own failings, an obvious D. Trump dirty trick.

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  • Divide n rule:

    By 2030, Singapore will have a LIVING DENSITY OF 13,700 persons pet KILOMETRE!

    Singapore has a land area of 720:kilometres!

    Maths genius anyone……….Vivian can do maths………what about the moe guy?

    Only Dr Chee knows MATHEMATICS………..what about the Angmo kio guy with Maths tripos?

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  • Numbers not important:

    The numbers are not important.
    What is more important that Singaporean has decent jobs that pay enough to take care of their family needs.
    We do not want unemployment or underemployment for Singaporean situation as at present.

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  • SIN -more nature less concrete:

    There was an international symposium reported in the Straits Times some years back. The expert recommended something like ….for optimal resource allocation, people should not be spread out but more people can be packed into cities.

    A famous expert postulated that actually the whole world population of 7+billion people can actually fit nicely into the single state of Texas, USA. (Google it and the answer is still YES)

    So therefore if local experts then did consider 10m as the target it did not sound so bad or unreasonable then, but NOW…

    because of COVID and we know that Singapore is getting hotter2 ever year because of Urban Heat and global warming, this 10m is Not only no longer viable, but the government needs to do MORE…

    Build less shopping malls and stop unnecessary building of high-end condos selling to foreigners, who just buy and locked it up, but use the land for nature , vegetables and farms.

    Build more covered walkways as the scorching heat will only get worse, and if Singapore will Not reduce building more concrete tall buildings, the URBAN HEAT effect will soon be so bad during both day and night with no respite, that Singaporeans really have to consider living underground for relief! Or turn on aircons 24/7 =$$$.

    Do not allow enbloc sale of buildings less than 20 years old as it is very wasteful but only allow enbloc if the building is dilapidated, beyond rejuvenation. So a 40 yr condo that is well maintained should Not get enbloc unless it is too costly to maintain.

    Extend all 99 yrs leasehold HDB and private condo by another 20 yrs for a small fee before govnt take back – to walk the talk and set a good example on sustainability, recycling and unwastefulness in our built environment, as Climate Change due to wasteful consumption is causing such heat effect that tropical Singapore will no longer be an attractive place to live and work if more is not done about all this.

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  • oxygen:

    THE TEN MILLION POPULATION wet dream comes from PAPpypolitics “lurking mentality” and its engagement of voters indoctrination.

    Remember Past Tense said this – like it or not, unless we make more babies, we have to import more foreigners!

    TRE STOUTLY REBUTTED THIS FART OF FICTION with a 6-piece essay demolition.

    Didn’t URA and HDB in public communication also cite the 10 million magic number besides HSK quotation of thoughts of LiuThaiKer dreamland fantasy sharing with informed public audience?


    PAPpypolitics can’t share its orgasmic eruption in the public mind years ago and now seeking to deny all facts and reality.


    The first public election debate must be read correctly as a SOLID KNOCK-DOWN punch on PAPpypolitics from SDP/DR Chee on this population controversy.

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  • oxygen:

    THE CURRENT POPULATION IS NOT SUSTAINABLE OF PANDEMIC SPREAD CONTAINMENT, how can 5.9 million earmarked for 2030 (and higher thereafter to reach 10 million inhabitants) on this little island be safe of fire escape risks and virus infection containment EVEN WORST THEN THE DORM CONGESTION RISKS SPREAD within enclosed no-air-circulation environment of underground living and working space?

    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics is astroturfing its economic insanity of wet dreams totally disconnected from reality which include sudden geological cave-in of structure above ground burying those trapped underground of collapsed rocks formation.

    An NUS professor of Civil Engineering Professor Yong Kwet Yew, warned correctly the the technical challenges include the “uncertainty of the geology and ground conditions” and “potential damage to above ground buildings”. Landed properties and whole blocks of condos above ground might just collapse over with unknown lives trapped inside.

    We have not done any diamond core drilling to test for rock formation competence of stress and pressure changes that is used to test of geotechnical risks in ALL MINING OPERATION GLOBALLY even for a small mine excavation. Without assessed geotechnical safety testing, NO MINING LICENCE WILL BE GRANTED no matter how many billions of dollars of gold is left unmined or unmineable.


    PAPpypolitics and its strange like-minded kind SEEMS TOTALLY UNAWARE OR AT LEAST OBLIVIOUS OF THESE RISKS..

    Those dead and crushed in a cave-in will be buried in there and those who survived the injury will all die waiting for impossible rescue that will NEVER COME because it is too dangerous of further disturb wallrock face risking new collapses of further tunneling.

    Remember a civil engineer body could not be found or excavated of recovery to give that poor soul a proper funeral rites when Nichol Highway MRT construction sudden gave way.

    Just imagine over 10,000 lives trapped underground waiting for rescue that won’t come include whole families trapped in deep level MRT tunnel waiting to die?

    Anyway, 10 million population is ECONOMICALLY UNSUSTAINABLE of costs escalation of limited resources and food inflation beyond unaffordable accommodation. LEE-jiapore will die of loss of its economic competitiveness in this costs over-run caused by over-population.


    They won’t be able to explain this hence the backdown for political convenience now.

    WILL THEY BACKFLIP AGAIN AFTER THE ELECTION, We have to ask them at that point in time!

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  • Seniors' Struggles:

    Poor seniors- living in fast paced Singapore! Now they are asked to jump through hoops to learn new tricks like Digital payments. With all the scams going on everyday in the multi millions, what is wrong with just paying with good old cash?. We don’t trust e-wallets and young people are condescending to us when you try to learn from them.

    More Digital Clinics please for seniors to learn what they want to learn n not just learn the stupid PayLah, but don’t force it down our throats if we don’t feel comfortable to!

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  • Zhenzidan:

    No need to keep begging voters to send you into parliament. Don’t beg from people who got no backbone, who are like children, offer them some sweets they follow you.

    If I were SDP, I would tell the voters.

    “We never make up stories, but PAP accused us of spreading falsehoods. We dare to stand by our stories even with the POFMA threat. Why? Because we have the GUTS and COURAGE!

    But you, the voters….do you even have the courage to vote us in?”

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  • SIN -more nature less concrete:

    Excuse me, something wrong ? Comments 2 hours ago still did not appear?

    Also your format is more read friendly than OnLine citizen . Your fonts are bigger n darker whereas I dont go to online cit. as difficult to read. Hope you Dont copy ONline’s grey color print format.

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote – “India coronavirus cases hit record high amid monsoon rain

    India has the third-most confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world.PHOTO: EPA-EFE
    MUMBAI (REUTERS) – India recorded its highest single-day spike of coronavirus cases on Saturday (July 4), with over 22,000 new cases and 442 deaths, as infections rose in the western and southern parts of the country amid heavy monsoon rain.

    The western state of Maharashtra, home to the densely packed financial capital Mumbai, has the country’s highest total, recording 6,364 fresh cases of the virus on Saturday and 198 deaths from Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

    India has the third-most confirmed cases in the world, exceeding 640,000 on Saturday, according to health ministry data. It follows the United States, Brazil and Russia.

    Officials in Mumbai warned residents to stay away from the coast, as heavy rain was predicted for the next 48 hours. The monsoon typically cause waterlogging in many parts of the city and could scuttle coronavirus containment efforts by causing a further rise in infection numbers, experts say.

    In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the second worst-hit state in India, the number of cases crossed 100,000.

    India had imposed one of the world’s harshest lockdowns in March to control the virus spread, but it has been eased in phases in recent weeks to restart economic activity.

    Epidemiologists warn India’s peak could still be weeks or months away, suggesting the country’s already severely overburdened healthcare system will come under further stress.”Unquote.

    Response : Singapore better pull out all the Singapore funds that has been invested in India. Indians cannot solve their corona virus which I already highlight long ago. Singapore should send Halimah Yacob to India to replace the stupid head Modi, PM of India. Go and ask Halimah Yacob to control their 1.3 billions populations there first before solving corona virus. If Halimah wants a companion, don’t forget to pull beast woman Josephine Teo Li Min and her family there too to learn how Indians produce so many beasts. Josephine failed to produce more babies target in Singapore after previously enjoying her luxury “official” paid trips to first world low population countries like Denmark and South Korea misabusing tons of public funds also no need to go to jail meh? Pui! Pui! Pui!

    Don’t forget to send beasts Iswaran, Tharman, Shanmugam, Indranee Rajah and Puthucheary back to India too to guard our Dbs bank investments there before all those Indians in India start to create a big riots (even bigger than Singapore Little India riot) to start robbing our Dbs banks. Who knows, part of our CPF money may be store there. Pui! Pui! Pui!

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  • Yoda:

    Divide n rule:
    July 4, 2020 at 2:01 pm (Quote)

    By 2030, Singapore will have a LIVING DENSITY OF 13,700 persons pet KILOMETRE!

    But Heng said “population is not about physical
    space ” What does it mean?
    and “population is “about social space”! Can somebody define “social space” for me?

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  • FarkPappies:

    During election, pappies love to ask questions to opposition in such a way that :
    Damned if u do, and damned if you don’t, the Pappies just want to win rhetoric only. E.g. the NCMP.
    So, advice to opposition, just say “we reserve the right not to comment on this”.
    But Pappies will follow up with “the voters deserve to know your position”. Then ask the Pappies back too how they can resolve all the current problems, let’s bring the offensive back to the Pappies too!
    Hey u Pappies, u don’t represent us voters yet, until u r voted in, so don’t anyhow speak on our behalf! Fark You!

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  • Safe & Peace:

    No 10 millions population then who buy our products, who rent our property, who build our house, clean our Singapore? Why China so success and got so many money donate other countries? Because they got so big population. Every person just only eat 1 bowl rice, your rice business can earn profit like nobody business. Every person just pay only $1 rmb tax can already, government will got high big budgeting surplus. Another point is also because they don’t have opposition party disturbing government focusing how create jobs and income for their citizens. When parliament got many opposition party ask many questions and government must answer, then where got time left for ministers do important jobs?

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  • Not Safe and Peaceful:

    Then why other countries don’t need to have big population as base and can continue to prosper?
    Why use China only to compare?
    That’s because ur fucking greedy pappies policies r destroying this country now!
    Give u absolute power to do whatever u want in this country? In your dreams!
    HSK has no clue what EC plan he has for EC GRC as he fumbled during his nomination speech while MSG even quoted ur master’s name wrongly but quoted his brother as PM on national tv, LOL, time for pappies to panic, don’t forget the proposed GST increase! U want that? Cum in your face!

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  • Rajkumar:

    It is astonishing that a full Minister has the audacity to perpetauate
    to act offended and attack Dr Chee , when there
    Is a ton of evidence that PAP never refuted the 10
    Million target .
    Why was this not refuted , rebutted or corrected ???
    The 5.9 m figure was discussed in Paliament ,, one MP even resigned
    because they disagreed .
    I will never allow myself or my family members or my friends
    to vote for a government where a Minister behind
    ‘No we did not say that’

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