PAP will lose more GRCs – time for change

Hello all, now its finally the time for us to decide what kind of government we want soon. I am very happy the opposition has got its game together and field very good candidates. They are no longer fighting with each other, and managed to avoid 3-corner fights mostly. With the excellent performance by Workers Party (WP) in the Debate, I think swing voters can trust WP with another 1 or 2 GRCs! This sentiment is especially strong online with younger voters! I wish to remind all Singaporeans to please make your vote count and do not be afraid to support the opposition!

Here’s my prediction:

Workers Party to retain Hougang and Aljunied, with even better numbers. Hougang (WP 65%) and Aljunied (WP 60%)

Sengkang GRC (WP 58%)
East Coast GRC (WP 52%) tough fight but I believe Nicole Seah can do it!
Punggol West SMC (WP 52%) also tough fight as Sun Xueling is popular on the ground

PSP will be able to win Eash Coast GRC (PSP 60%) with TCB at the helm.

SDP will be able to win Bukit Batok SMC (SDP 55%) against Murailli.

Finally, we will be able to see a more dynamic parliament with a weakened and humbled PAP, while the diversity of opposition parties will bring in truly diverse views representing all Singaporeans, not just the elites. We have suffered so much usually, please take the chance to spread the message and promote opposition candidates, so we dont have to suffer usually. I am tired of complaining about the horrible jobs market that made us locals choose a career in the gig economy. Please do the right thing this coming elections.


A Singaporean Son.




17 Responses to “PAP will lose more GRCs – time for change”

  • Too optimistic:

    A bit optimistic for WP..
    You from WP ?Many not impressed with WP performance so far…
    Still opposition should fare better than the last election.
    The ground not so sweet for PAP this time…

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  • Safe & Peace:

    If your predicting can become true, Singaporeans will be refugees! See WP candidates, all so young! Young people what they know nation building? Think masa masa!

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  • PAP's scam exposed:

    This is Singaporean’s Dream.

    My prediction and wish is the same too.

    We need Dr Chee very badly into Parliament. PAP is dead worried for Dr Chee who will be the best person to question PAP’s pro-Foreigner policies, bring jobs to Singaporeans but not just free training, which does not give jobs.

    Govt has been blaming Singaporeans for not using training grants, but giving all the jobs to foreigners.

    Vote for more Opposition and secure our children’s future.

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  • vote for a better fairer SG:

    keep positive folks..just put your big fat X on the alternative parties’ box..
    thats all you need to do..
    if your’re still undecided, i dunno what to say.
    God cant help us with this..only WE SGS can make a change…and the change begins with you and I.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I hope the Oppositions can take down these GRCs;

    West Coast
    East Coast
    Tanjong Pagar
    Holland-Bukit Timah

    Once this is done, PAP will abolish GRC. Then PAP’s MPs will wake up in Parliament and start speaking up for the people, not for the party.

    All Singapore voters, it is all up to you. Don’t blame anybody. Don’t blame LKY for not waking up from his grave. LKY’s son, Lee Hsien Yang tries to help,
    but still your move!!!

    This is your last chance as more foreigners will become Singapore citizens and your children and grandchildren will be slave to these new citizens.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Has the Wind of Change Finally arrived???

    I Truly Believe so with the crying Lie in Parliament denying his Arrogance and Integrity and VINDICATING himself with support from Goh who said I will sue till your pants drop if you are NOT my brother…

    Is this a Govt. that Rules in Fairness or a Vindictive one that rules according to their whims & fancies???

    You are welcome to have Idiots and people with Vendetta and NOT the People’s welfare in MIND!!!

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  • ai yo yo stop barking:

    @Safe & Peace

    False red herrings and strawmans everywhere!

    One small WP team the super big PAP cannot handle? I will be more worried about the intellectual capabilities than some young people trying to “masak masak” despite them having superior advantage in resource and numbers. In fact, it is shouting “incompetent” loudly.

    Safe and peace for all? Maybe from external violence. But internal destruction and chaos from financial ruins and chains and cooker stress, coupled with unjust and unfair systemic corruption? Not so safe or peaceful anymore to any thinking beings.

    So what say you?

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  • Hans:

    we were once young so old people must step down, now is the young who take the lead .
    look at the world today , successful businesses are by the new young people . except change with the new world.
    Singaporean is one the world most educated people but very shallow in the political knowledge . I am ashamed of them.

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  • Highly Educated Join Oppo?:

    The important question is why are there so many highly educated Singaporeans joining the Opposition Now ? Why don’t they join the PAP as it is a safer and guaranteed option ?

    Is LKY prediction going to come true ?

    It will be happening as this is only the beginning.

    Keep banging on them Oppo. Good Luck

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  • George:

    Tin Pei Ling and Tan Chuan Jin are part of a political party that must have their rule ended, Singaporeans must vote them out !

    VOTE PAP OUT ! !


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  • oxygen:

    @ Safe & Peace

    You can stay alone in the PAPpy bunker and wait for the tsunami of turbulent change to roll in and drown you.

    Safe & Peace: If your predicting can become true, Singaporeans will be refugees! See WP candidates, all so young! Young people what they know nation building? Think masa masa!

    If PAPpypolitics understand development economics, Past Tense won’t have rebuffed Professor Krugman in 1990 and regretted not taking heed of sound economic advice in 2010 (when he famously said – we grew the last 5 years solely by importing foreign labor)

    By 2015 Present Tense admitted that our economy maxed out.


    What happened to (the “nation-building skills” of PAPpynomics) wonder called “Swiss standards of living”?


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  • Biggest stumbling block:

    Before Covid, 2 A level sittings combined to enter backdoor Cambridge LHL was navel gazing at his father handiwork and legacy and so fail to prepare Singapore for the day, not to mention for the future!

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  • vote in oppositions:

    It’s now or never!! folks!!
    Please pause awhile to think!! Why would all the good men and women have come out this time around to join the opposition camps and take on the mighty PAP??
    The main reason is that they have seen enough of the bulls and cocks of the present lot of clowns and would like to see the end of those circus acts!!
    These men and women who come out to join the oppositions have everything to lose and if we do not support them and give them our votes, we will be doing a disservice to them!! Support them!! vote them into Parliament!!
    They will be our voice in Parliament!!

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  • Majullah Oppositions:

    Your predictions are generally quite close. Well, WP did win more GRCs.

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  • Opposition did better:

    As expected,Opposition did better this time.
    Ground sentiment favor them this time.
    However WP winning Sengkang GRC was a surprise…expected PSP to win West coast GRC.

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  • opposition:

    Opposition did better as expected.The ground not so sweet for PAP this time.
    Still the swing at West Coast GRC of nearly 27% is not normal.
    A wake up call for PAP.

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  • bro effect is also important:

    //The ground not so sweet for PAP this time//

    most likely, this is going to be so going forward ?? like someone said to this effect, oppo is not such a ‘dirty word’ this time round (& i guess going forward in the future for sinkie land) ???

    the bro-bro effect is also important – he came out openly on many matters seemingly too ‘taboo’ for many daft sinkies to openly talk about ???

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