Personality and courage

Singapore witnessed a surge of reliable and capable alternative candidates at the election this time. They are caring and authentic. Many have awesome quality and qualifications. But what is more important is their availability to speak with a strong spirit for the sake of Singapore.

Fighting for the opposition needs a good personality and courage, a nature that may not be necessary if they become a pap candidate. This shows the willingness of opposition candidates to sacrifice for our country. Alternative candidates often face unfair, slander on their personality, and obstacles from family and friends who are worried. These candidates are stepping forward to seek justice and equality for all. They are determined to speak because they are worried about the future of our country.

The with pap candidates who have no prominent features. For most pap candidates, entering the political arena looks like a step for a career. They are supported by big party machinery, receiving ‘makeover’ and prospects entering parliament with the help of a minister.

Do we really want a parliament that is only a stepping stone from holding the right position in saf or public service or body related to the government to bear higher political positions? Do you have paper qualifications and “guidance” received for years to create a better or better leader? Has the pap system improved our 4 G leaders performance? Do we want to keep the “original nobility” (natural aristocracy) Pap?

Pap member pap enjoyed a smooth career, and some had a chance to be a cabinet member and held a political position with a good pay. While others hold the director’s position and various other high positions. They rarely speak in Parliament, rarely question important issues, and they vote according to the instructions and will of the party, for prioritizing party discipline. Loyalty like that is be in various ways. For them, entering the political arena looks like a countless career step and not a sacrifice or to be filial to the country.

The path chosen by dr tan cheng bok is not suitable for them. Dr Tan who is always independent is among the extraordinary parliament members who dare to express and express his opinion. Due to the practice of being aware while asking questions or while debating, many simple pap parliament members tend to think in a group.

Opposition Parliament members will question the unpopular policy. They will be against any pap trial to raise GST. They can question the minister’s salary and conflict of outrageous interests in temasek and elsewhere. They will continue to question the oppressive laws and stem the rights of freedom of speech and public assembly. Voicing their opinions and questioning a brilliant question is how they will protect us from abuse of power and help create transparency and accountability. “self check for yourself” (ownself check ownself) is not effective.

Parliament member party dismantle $ 22 billion boost production for pandemic Covid-19 is actually a loan capital. They challenge the constitution revision that changes the conditions of how we choose our president. The list of issues they are talking about is very wide: corruption in glc, hdb rental, MRT damage, our cpf, Justice Administration Act, disruption prevention act and pofma.

For the sake of accountability, we need representatives of our people in parliament ready to speak and cut the truth behind the pap claim. We need them to be our voice as well as our vote representative in Parliament.

Make sure your voice is truly heard in Parliament.
Vote for the opposition.


Lee Hsien yang

* The author is a member of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP).




15 Responses to “Personality and courage”

  • Squarely on you JT:

    The curve ball COVID was served by mishandling and the referendum was about COVID affecting our jobs due to poor and weak handling – the referendum is squarely on incompetent handling of COVID – makes not mistakes job and COVID were Inter-linked .. JT Is about to shake it off .. is this the kind is leaders – brushed it off and carry on

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    Dear Hsien Yang,
    Even Oppie had good quality people, Oppie will still lose. Hahahahahahaha

    Just like when TRE ask for donation to keep the sites going, all the Oppie Supporters ran away. Little money comes in.

    Oppie Supporters are like Hong Kong pro democracy leaders, all BIG Mouth Talk BIG only. Thunder very loud but no rain.

    When it is time to show action and accountability, Oppie Supporters, like stupid Hong Kees, all ran away with their tails tuck in between their legs. …. hahahahahahahaha

    I had facts.
    1. 原姿晴:精人走頭 傻仔送頭
    (Canto translation: The smart ran away with donated money, the stupid do jail time)

    Hahaha…Cowards Oppie Singaporeans even dare not ask question to my master PM Lee PAP activists marching on the ground…hahahahaha

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ GE20 GUARANTEE$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “Due to the practice of being aware while asking questions or while debating, many simple pap parliament members tend to think in a group.”

    That’s a serious problem. Just this Covid-19 pandemic has shown the danger of group thinking. The taskforce has a medical adviser, he had to look at the face of his boss before he could recommend any action to the liking of the boss. When the boss said no mask unless sick, this adviser also recommended the same, without any professional integrity.

    Everyone knows Covid-19 is asymptomatic, the taskforce calls it symptom-less. Even WHO said this; “Temperature screening cannot detect all cases of COVID-19, since infected individuals may not have fever early in the course of infection or illness, such as during the incubation period or just before other symptoms begin, even though they may already be infectious. Some people may reduce fever with a fever-reducing medication if they are concerned about the possible consequences of not coming to work. Relying on temperature screening alone will not stop the spread of COVID-19 at work.”

    So why shopping malls have to close entrances/exits, allowing only one entrance/exit to facilitate temperature screening, patrons and shoppers have to negotiate a maze of barricade to enter the malls! Retailers in these malls are also affected. If the virus can be detected by fever, isn’t this the symptom?!

    Can the task force recommend or dare to recommend something else??

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  • limpei:

    Thank you, Mr Lee. indeed there are many jiak liao bee pappies

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  • limpei:

    say no to jiak liao bee MPs and ministers

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    As shown above, Lee Hsien Yang has already spoken. Everyone in West Coast better vote Tan Cheng Bock, PSP in. Don’t forget to vote in Dr Chee Soon Juan in Bukit Batok and Lim Tean in Jalan Besar. Our CPF fund cannot be hold up without allowing us to use to pay our housing loans arrears from our medisave/special account when our ordinary account is depleted. Singapore has tons of billions reserves yet can continue to hold up our CPF isn’t right! LHL does not even need to check on our CPF wrongdoing laws! Something is very wrong with LHL government system that employ all the women as top head when they are wi**** women beasts!

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  • Asd:

    I think i would like to say thank you prime minister Lee Hsien Yang for your contribution to the nation Thank You

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  • Hope for Sg:

    Fully agree, Mr Lee Hsien Yang.

    We can clearly see that these alternative candidates LOVE Singapore and are CAPABLE, COMMITTED and COURAGEOUS to come out and want to make a difference for the lives of our people.

    We should encourage and support them by voting them in.

    Our beloved country can only move forward with fresh faces and new ideas from these candidates.

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  • Xia suay ministers:

    say no to jiak liao bee MPs and ministers

    Top of the list includes JT, ganny, disGrace, ah chan, bala.

    These half baked chaps must be replaced in this GE.

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  • Brave new world:

    I think i would like to say thank you prime minister Lee Hsien Yang for your contribution to the nation Thank You

    Also special thanks to mango sago.

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  • Yang is right:

    It’s proven so fast. Candidates in alternative parties are really courageous.

    They know they are being put into a microscope.

    Singaporeans, we can’t allow politicians be put in constant fear of saying something wrongly. How can there be any meaningful discussion?

    Shorten NS – accused of undermining Sg defence, traitors lah, all kinds of rubbish label
    System not fair – accused of contempt lah, racist lah, defamation lah, all kinds of rubbish label

    These are very good issue to raise, discuss and explain. Not take the hammer and kill the person who raise the issue.

    Voters, please, save one another. It is saving yourselves, and your families.

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  • On multiple intelligences:

    A lot of knowledge in any kind of an organization is what we call task knowledge. These are things that people who have been there a long time understand are important, but they may not know how to talk about them. It’s often called the culture of the organization…. Twenty-five years ago, the notion was that you could create a general problem-solver software that could solve problems in many different domains. That just turned out to be totally wrong…. It’s important to underscore that it is not mediocre test scores that have caused the major problems in the U.S. In fact, it has been unnecessary wars, ranging from Vietnam to Iraq, and also unfair financial practices on Wall Street. And these were brought about by “the best and the brightest” many of whom were educated at my own institution.

    Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard University

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  • Harder Truths:

    The COVID-19 crisis caught the clowns with their pants down. They thought they had another easy 5 years. Many things have since come to light. Other things we have know about have blown up in their faces.

    Yet for all their foolishness and elitist mentality – they may still win the majority to make sure nothing changes. People should not get too elated or over-confident – like last time.

    This time – if they win – we will all be tagged like animals and whatever small freedoms we still enjoy will be taken away. Mkae no mistake this regime is capable of turning the island into another North Korea.

    So do not let your guard down. There is still a long way to go.

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  • Don't trust pap politicians:

    Pap fellows are typically career people except for the naked emperor.

    Their hearts and motivations are NOT for the citizens but only THEMSELVES, millions pay package and power.

    DisGraceFool shamelessly wants to be paid millions to support her family’s high lifestyles first before willing to serve the public.

    GY and LHH literally vanished into thin airs after losing Aljunied. They didn’t stay behind and fight back especially for those who had voted for them. They are interested to move on to other lucrative careers.

    Before entering politics, all said they want to be a voice for Singaporeans its BS!


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  • trublu:

    I strongly recommend you vote the following to represent us in parliament.

    GO ASK PAPple how they allocate the $100 Billion.





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