What voters need to know to prepare for polling day during pandemic GE2020

With General Elections (GE) 2020 being the 1st election to be held during a pandemic with public health concerns and safe distancing measures, we have compiled a list of things that every eligible voters should be aware of, from various official sources.

This will also be the 1st GE where the voters will be sacrificing their health and maybe even lives to vote for the future of the country.

Polling Card – Before Polling Day (10 July)

All eligible voters should have received their polling card in the mail before Polling Day (10 July), latest by Thursday (9 July).

Eligible voters who have not received their polling card by Thursday have 2 options:

  1. Print out the ePoll card online via the Services provided on Elections Department’s (ELD) website using SingPass,
  2. Seek over-the-counter assistance at a community centre, community club or the ELD.

There are also time slots and polling centers allocated for eligible voters, which can be check online at ELD’s website.

Overseas Voters – Polling Day (10 July)

For Overseas Voters: If you have registered as an overseas voter, you may cast your vote at one of the ten overseas polling stations. Besides the overseas polling station that is allotted to you, you will also be allotted a polling station in Singapore, where you can go to cast his vote if you are back in Singapore on Polling Day.

The ten overseas polling stations are located in Singapore’s consulates, embassies or high commissions in Australia (Canberra), China (Beijing), China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom (London), United States of America (New York), United States of America (San Francisco) and United States of America (Washington D.C.).

Local Voters – Polling Day Safety Measures (10 July)

There are new measures introduced to ensure the safety and health of voters during the pandemic GE2020.

  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Distancing measure of 1 metre must be strictly adhered to.
  • SafeEntry is not required to enter the polling stations.
  • To reduce possible congestion at the polling station, voters are encouraged to vote within the time-band allocated.
  • Voters may bring along their own pens to mark the ballot paper or use the pens provided at the polling stations.
  • Hand sanitiser and disposable gloves to handle your ballot paper will be provided at the polling stations.

Special Arrangements for Senior Voters

Voters aged 65 and above are allocated time-bands in the morning (8am to 12pm) to minimise interactions with other voters. One family member voting at the same polling station may accompany the senior voter.

If the senior voter is unable to vote during the morning, they may vote in the afternoon and the election officials will give them priority and assist them if necessary.

Voters With Caregivers

One caregiver, who must be a valid voter at the same polling station, will be allowed to wait in the priority queue with the voter in a wheelchair. If help is needed with voting, the Election Officials will guide the disabled voter through the entire voting process.

The caregiver will proceed to cast his vote separately from the disabled voter and meet him at the exit. A person who is not eligible to vote at the polling station is not allowed to enter the polling station.

Unable To Vote During The Allocated Time-Band:

For seniors who are unable to make it during your allocated time-band, you can vote anytime from 12pm to the close of the poll at 8pm on 10 July 2020. However, you may have to wait longer to vote. Do make an effort to keep to your allocated time-band to help prevent crowding.

IMPORTANT: While time bands are allocated for voting, all eligible voters are technically allowed to vote anytime from 8am to 8pm at designated polling stations.

Voters Who Are Unwell Or Under Stay Home Notice (SHN)

Since voting must be done in person, those who are hospitalised, feeling unwell or under SHN may choose not to vote and may apply to restore their name to the Register of Elections after polling day.

However, voters who are feeling unwell or under SHN at home and still wishes to vote, may vote at the special allocated time-band of 7 pm to 8 pm. During this hour, election officials will be taking special precautions such as donning full personal protective equipment and sanitising polling equipment and contact surfaces after every voter’s use.

There will be designated facilities for voters under SHN at designated facilities, away from other voters. Voters under SHN will have their names automatically restored to the Register of Electors if they do not vote in this election as ELD has their records.

Voters Under Quarantine Order (QO) Or A COVID-19 Patient

COVID-19 patients and voters who are on QO for COVID-19 will not be allowed to vote. As ELD has these records, their names will be automatically restored to the Register of Electors for the next election.

Important For All Voters On Polling Day

Please do remember to bring your:

  1. NRIC or passport for identity verification,
  2. Polling Card, and
  3. Mask on at all times.

Worried about your vote being ‘monitored’? Read this in-depth article (Your Vote Is Secret) that TRE carried in 2016 for a better understanding of how the system works.

Every vote matters, so do your part for Singapore and cast your vote wisely.


* The above lists are by no means comprehensive. Those who are in doubt are strongly encouraged to check with the ELD.




6 Responses to “What voters need to know to prepare for polling day during pandemic GE2020”

  • Whitened Justice Bao:

    Song dynasty has a very famous Justice Bao that help the people to fight off corrupted officials.

    Singapore also has very famous whitened justice Bao.

    Voters: you support whitened justice Bao?

    Disclaimer: Whatever you think this is intended to mean, that is not the writer’s intention.

    GD Star Rating
  • trublu:

    Dont forget to VOTE FOR CHECKS n BALANCE.





    GD Star Rating
  • Final appeal about CPF:

    Singaporeans, please know that CPF is making us poor. No doubt at all.

    The investment return of 2.5% is guaranteed to make us poor. Note that good big pension funds (e.g. Norway pension fund) easily gives 8 to 10% long term returns.

    For example, if you have $10,000 in CPF at age 25, how much do you expect it to be when you reach 65?

    At 2.5%, your $10,000 will become $26,850.

    At 8%, your $10,000 will become $217,245.

    (Here is the online calculater, where you can check for yourselves.)

    You see that, even with a low amount of $10,000, CPF system cheats you out of $190,000.

    Over a life time, with annual contributions, the CPF system cheats you out of millions of dollars. I am talking about Singaporeans with just average salaries. The more you contribute to CPF, the more you are cheated.

    Voters, how can you let yourselves be cheated out of millions of dollars?

    How can?

    GD Star Rating
  • Please REMEMBER that if you DO NOT want to vote for a particular party, DO NOT write anything in the box for that particular party.

    If say you wrote “fiack you” in the box for that party you do not wish to vote for, it will be counted as a vote for that party.

    The “fiack you” remark CAN BE counted as a VALID vote unless there are also some other remarks in the boxes for other parties.

    Every vote is precious and will determine the future of the country and our descendants, so PLEASE DO NOT spoil your vote and vote wisely!

    GD Star Rating
  • best outcome:

    Vote wisely.
    Best outcome is a strong Government in place…and some really good strong opposition
    Not PAP lite…
    We need a more accountable Government to ensure Policy are more pro Singaporean and a better life for all..
    Hope to see more to be done for the poor ,needy and the Elders..
    Also please resolve the HDB zero value and CPF Policy that leaves many of our elders cash poor…

    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    Avoid putting any “X” next to the box with a thunderbolt and circle. It means dangerous

    Don’t leave a blank voting slip, in case someone votes for you during counting.

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