Half-assed standards from the Straits Times

“What she lacks in credentials, she makes up with earnestness”.

That’s the kind of half-assed standards from the Straits Times, and this is why I am not even willing to spend 0.99cts on it.

And what are these credentials that Tan Chen Chen has which the Straits Times finds so lacking, “nothing to shout about”, as the Straits Times puts it.

Oh, she comes from a neighbourhood school, she got her degree from “a night school”, and that her results were “borderline, just 60 or 70 points.”

If Chen Chen was a PAP candidate, her supposed lack of “credentials” would be spun in another way – oh how she fought against the odds, worked hard, and all this has made her appreciate and value what she now has and wants to give back to society, blah blah blah….

You are just hopeless lah, Straits Times.

Thanks to your stupid headlines, all our young kids who read your report will go away feeling diminished, that they are lesser, that they are “nothing to shout about”.

Damn, I would like to know what credentials your writer has. See if they are anything to shout about.


Andrew Loh






12 Responses to “Half-assed standards from the Straits Times”

  • Don't pay Straits Times:

    If you or any of your relatives been to a neighbourhood school, please don’t give another cent more to Straits Times or any of the other propaganda news.

    Unsubscribe now!
    And don’t buy!
    Don’t line your bird cage with it. Bad influence on your bird!

    Since they (you know who!) look down on neighbourhood schools, please vote wisely.

    When 90% MPs are from neighbourhood schools, only then will “every school be a good school.”

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  • Scam by PAP:

    PAP must be planning to fire all their guns on the eve of Polling Day. PAP will put FEAR in Singaporeans. Dont be fooled. Vote for the Opposition confidently. Opposition needs 2 more GRCs in Parliament. Dr Chee and Dr Paul need to also win to question all the crazy policies PAP is passing in Parliament, Dont forget, no PAP MP will be our voice in Parliament becos they are merely rubber stamps for their Minister masters.

    Let’s deny PAP of another 2 GRCs. Vote for Opposition !!!

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  • chiam vs mahBT 1984:

    straits times forgotten the 1984 election
    potong pasir chiamST won handsdown over
    straight As mahBT.
    Lky compared the “O” levels
    mah bow tan—— six distinctions
    chiam see tong— six credits, one pass
    yet the 1984 election result
    chiam won by a wide margin 60.3%
    over the “As” mah

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  • John Richards:

    Still got their heads buried in the PAP’s whiter than white a-holes.

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    Credentials aren’t all encompassing. Nor is it the sole criteria influencing voters. It’s about the party looking out for your interests first.

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  • oxygen:

    REMINDS ME OF LEE Li Lian, Workers Party in Punggol SMC kicked the a*se of scholarly-you-know-who, right.

    Chen Chen is far better than those befitting the descript of Chut-patterning, I-no-no-what-to-say, who-can-sing-and-dance-better-on-air,puppy-cat-pigeon-lovers and sex-in-a-tight-spot-better, sigina-ah-seng-jamban-loutish-yobbo-class-thrill-seeker and evil-hara-kiri-preaching-elistist-class etc etc etc

    My past work life was surrounded by highly scholastic achievers ranging from financial accountants, investigative accountants, geologists, mining engineers, fund managers, legal officers and hired legal guns from outside, CEOs, petroleum engineers, real estate valuers etc etc, MOSTLY USELESS but some really solid ones.

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  • Vote wisely:

    Important which candidate will do better for the Ward residents…
    Respect Citizen choice …they are not stupid.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    It all started with a man name Con YOU!!!…

    Comparing Mah Bow Tan’s excellent results to Chiam See Tong supposed “mediocre” result…

    And the Dog sitting next to the Gramophone, Barks after hearing His Master’s VOICE!!!

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  • PAP shit:

    Don’t blame the Strait Time journalist. They have no values in their lives. Imagine they don’t even know who were their parents. They came from Shit Holes and that’s why they work for Shit Times.

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  • AristoCATs - "Bravo":

    The writer fits the “Top-Ranked” { from the bottom }
    #151 Newspaper in the world.


    Remember the Ballot Box !

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  • All you Siasuay shut up ....:

    Chinese chamber of Chan and Taxit Heng from Cambridge U leh…. you people call us Shit Times right? Don’t blame us if we live up to your expectations ok siginna?

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  • opposition dude:

    Come now Andrew Loh, you really expect ST to print something nice about either the opposition or their candidates? This type of one sided reporting is everywhere during campaigning and will drive up newspaper sales for a few weeks. A pity ST can’t rely on anything else to increase their circulation since an election cannot be called for every month.

    Just stay away from the newspaper and tv. Those annoyingly stupid pickups that blare away PAP’s messages all over the housing estates are enough reason NOT to vote for them liao. They bloody go round the estate hour after hour blaring non stop!

    Go Nicole! Show us all just what you have got and how your lack of credentials are much better than Chen Chen’s!

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