Highly irresponsible of the PAP to hold a General Elections now

The PAP should not have held the general election now.

The PAP should not have opened up so quickly because now, the #COVID19 cases are climbing again.

The PAP should have listened to Singaporeans who said not to open up so quickly, and not to hold the election.

Instead, the PAP insisted on holding the election because it wants to win for itself, even if it puts the lives of Singaporeans at risk.

This is highly irresponsible of the PAP.

Can Singaporeans still trust the PAP to be the government? Can Singaporeans still trust the PAP to continue to manage COVID-19?



Roy Ngerng





11 Responses to “Highly irresponsible of the PAP to hold a General Elections now”

  • Retire them:

    We shall retire most of them!
    We shall retire most of them!
    We shall retire most of them!
    We shall retire most of them!
    We shall retire most of them!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    $$$$$ & POWER at all COST!!!…

    Elitists & AristoCraps in their Glass Towers and Walled Properties will sustain the WORSE the Evil Crown can evolve and kill off…

    the Peasants and Lower Mortal???…

    easily REPLACED by imported modern Slaves and Fake Foreign Talents who are Totally Compliant…

    VOTE the Bastards out B4 you are Snuffed out into Oblivion…and your Descendants will Live a life of Misery without having to work as Maids or FW overseas…

    They will be Slaves and Maids in their OWN Country ruled by Imported Fake Talents who will be the Compliant Majority!!!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Tomorrow or 10th July 2020 GE day, corona virus cases may drop to just two digits. Just need those corona virus to test less than 100 case this two days, and corona new cases will 100% be just two digits figure.

    Even if Roy Ngerng present his statistic figure directly for Lee Hsien Loong to see, I doubt Lee Hsien Loong will call off the General Election. This is because a lot of the money from reserves has been distributed and PAP stand the best chance at this moment to get the most seats in Parliament. So how will Lee Hsien Loong be so stupid to call off the GE jyst because of rising statistic of corona virus shown to him? If GE is delayed further, when a whole lot of people got retrench, the tide will turn and PAP will lose if GE is held later, simple as that.

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  • hostages, kidnappers, rescuers:

    The hostages, all tied up, could only watch anxiously while the rescuers battle with the kidnappers.

    In the fierce battle, the rescuers are gaining.

    Suddenly, the kidnappers shout stop. At this moment, their accomplices come out and brainwash the hostages. Soon after, the hostages are released, and they chase away the rescuers.

    One rescuer is heard crying out in frustration, “I don’t want to hear any more calls for help. These hostages deserve their kidnappers.”

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  • NotMyProblem:

    PAP made a mess of this Covid-19 control, now they ask Oppositions what they propose to do!!

    Everyone told PAP not to call for General Election during this pandemic, but PAP went against it. After circuit breaker what the task force going to call the next lockdown, ELCB? (earth leakage circuit breaker)

    I can tell the PAP, any opposition could do better, a lot better. Any opposition would tell PAP, Covid-19 is medical problem which needs medical professional to solve it, not an electrician and people who are professed in small space sex.

    Please leave out the medical adviser Dr Kenneth Ma. His recommendation was based on the liking of his boss without any professional integrity!!

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  • akan datang:

    on sat or sun gov might call for another CB…aka lockdown in ‘normal’countries.
    community cases here are rising but why isnt MOH still not testing the public…blinkers put on us.
    theyll drag on till after GE..
    quite sure asymphomatic figures may be in the hundreds or thousands….

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  • Opposition WIPEOUT:

    Dear Roy,
    On the contrary, the highly irresponsible person are you.

    Everyone here knows your hidden agenda to use democracy to advance and legalize your Poke Ass Policy. (PAP)

    But you will not succeed for everyone saw through your evil scheme.

    All Opposition will be wipe out come Saturday morning.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • More Fear Better:

    The more the fear, the better the chances for pap to win.
    Pap knows the type of people they have as voters.
    They have been putting sinkies on a diet of fear for 55 years.
    It worked!
    To them what is a few more deaths due to polling; as long as they stay in power.
    Heartless yes; stupid no.

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  • wait n see first:

    they want to know what ideas the alternative parties have, cuz PAPs are devoid of any.
    their brain cells have tanked!
    be smart alt parties…dont reveal much now.
    PAPs will steal your hardwork and later boast they thought of it first…like theyve done to SDP Dr Chee’s ideas more than once!

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  • Irresponsible but irresistible:

    General Chinese Chamber of Chan has been caught on a leaked audio dating back to 2019 (on Youtube) affirming the PAP strategy of “banking on crises” to play into the fears and concerns of Singaporeans to latch onto their votes.


    Its time to vote out the headless Covid chickens …. and heartless cocks too

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  • Harder Truths:

    Too many balls-carriers and ballsless in this election. I can already see from here all the FT queuing up in many foreign countries to get their $G passports from pappy vending machines.

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