Older generation of Singaporeans not ready for non-Chinese PM?

This statement by Heng Swee Keat offends the constitutional right of Tharman to be treated equally under the equality clause of the constitution though Mr Tharman has abdicated his constitutional right to be treated equally if he has been considered by the Cabinet for the post of Prime Ministership and denied to such position on the ground of colour. Any other considerations like race, religion and language will be considered discriminatory and will offend Article 12 of the Singapore constitution that governs our right to equality and equal treatment under the law.If Tharman does not fight for his rights and let this pass, he has failed all Singaporeans and is not worthy of leading the nation. I say this because I take my National Pledge and National Anthem.. “We the citizens of Singapore …..regardless of race language and religion…” very seriously…..And I mean it!!

It is the respect I accord to my National Flag is one of the main reasons why I continue to remain in Singapore committed to fighting for the constitutional rights of all citizens as a human rights lawyer despite the odds stacked against me.

Even in America, Obama, a Black was voted as the President.

Hence the statement below by Heng Swee Keat has institutionalised racism at the highest level and needs investigation by the police as it offends section 298A of the Penal Code for causing enmity between races let alone the constitutional right of Tharman to be treated equally. The Attorney General has a duty to act equally in all cases.The fact that certain segment of society does not like someone for his colour is plain racism. Let us not forget that David Marshall, a Jew( a double minority) was elected as the first Chief Minister of Singapore in 1955 and JBJ was the first opposition MP , who happened to be a non- Chinese Singaporean to break the stranglehold of the 100 percent PAP dominated Parliament after 16 years in 1981 and was elected to parliament by his constituents in Anson, majority of whom I understand were ethnic Chinese Singaporeans.

Let us stand together as one united citizens regardless of race language or religion to debunk this nonsense perpetuated by Heng Swee Keat and the PAP by sending the opposition in droves to Parliament to reinstate our national pride which is justice, equality and meritocracy as enshrined in our National Flag.


” A segment of Singapore’s population is happy to have an individual from a minority race as their prime minister, but the older generation is not ready for that.

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, who is expected to succeed Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong, said this during a forum at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on Thursday (March 28). He was replying a question posed by a member of the audience, who noted that Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam was a popular choice to take on the top job.

“Is it Singapore who is not ready for a non-Chinese prime minister, or is it the PAP (the ruling People’s Action Party) who is not ready for a non-Chinese prime minister?” Asst Prof Walid asked.

While Mr Heng noted that many among the 700 students who attended the ministerial forum organised by the NTU Students’ Union were happy to have a prime minister who is not Chinese, he said that this was not the case for all of Singapore.”


M Ravi




13 Responses to “Older generation of Singaporeans not ready for non-Chinese PM?”

  • lessons to be learnt:

    speaking with their usual arrogant unthinking attitude.
    once every 5years only come out and mix with the peasants…how can they identify with us?
    we shd teach them some lessons and vote in all the non chinese candidates!
    theyre just as good if not better.

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  • John Richards:

    I think there is a simple solution to whether or not Singaporeans will accept a non Chinese as PM. Just ask PM to pull out his magic wand and declare Tharman a Chinese. If PM can take an Indian and transform her to Malay just so she can be the President, surely he take an Indian and transform him into Singapore’s first non Chines PM.

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  • Ravi, sue them please:

    Many people don’t agree with the AGC advice. Even if no criminal case, how about a civil case? Ravi, can you kindly consider a civil suit? Can crowd fund before you start?

    1) Heng clearly accused older Chinese of being racists. Not just one or two persons, but in significant numbers to affect PAP thinking and behavior.

    2) Heng/PAP clearly pander to the accused racist older Chinese by choosing only Chinese to be the next PM. PAP is therefore racist in its behavior.

    3) Older Chinese’s feeling are hurt. We have been doing the Singapore pledge for decades (“regardless of race”).

    4) Minorities’s feelings are hurt. Their political prospects are reduced by the racist restriction for the PM position.

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  • PAP vs Citizens:

    did we even expect a different result from the AG?
    all other major alternative parties getting POFMA-ed left right and center.

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  • Don't worry lah:

    Singapore is prepare for the best man to be our PM…
    Does not matter which race or gender…
    Same as our President…no need to decide by race.

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  • trublu:


    HEY THARMAN,what say you?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    The purpose of GRC was (past tense) to ensure minority race representation in Parliament. Yes that was the intention. But now only the useless Chinese MPs enter parliament buy way of GRC.

    When an Indian MPs left Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC for the [s]elected Malay President, she did not insist that a minority be elected to replace her. The court ruled no by-election was needed as minority representation was only required during the election period, after that, not necessary.

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  • Older Generation:

    Chinese who were born in the 50s and 60s (older generation) are educated and more informed. We are not racists as could be implied by the PAP candidate for East Coast GRC. Mr. T. Shanmugaratnam is as qualified if not better, than any person in the PAP ranks, given his seniority, experience, and international stature as an economist. If the Chinese can accept a Malay or Indian President, they will also not refuse a non-Chinese PM if he is seen to be fair and competent for ihe job. Race politics should have no place in the country as The Pledge says “regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic based on justice an equality…,”

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  • most tru sgs are color blind:

    yeah..we dont care if he or she is white yellow black or green color.
    as long as has dedication and competency to do the tasks at hand.

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  • multiracial society?:

    the PAPgov is racist.
    sg is a multiracial country ..we learn to respect each race n culture from school days..
    even is stated in our pledge and national anthem.
    so if its so why must our gov insist on maintaining the 70% chinese citizen population ratio in sg?
    if this is not racist, i dunno what is..

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  • Too many elderlies in SG:

    Too many elderlies in SG.
    Die hard.
    Die hards of pap

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  • Chinese privilege:

    Deal with it!

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  • Best man win:

    Singapore should be lead by the best man for the job.
    More so for the top post…including President.

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