Slow And Steady Wins The Race

It was an election result that everyone expected. As usual, Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (“PAP”) ended up with 83 of the available 93 seats in parliament and 61 percent of the popular vote. Yet, despite winning an election margin with more resemblance to a North Korean referendum approving the hair style of Kim Jong Un than what might consider a democratic mandate, Singapore’s Prime Minister appeared like a chastened school boy appearing before the principle. He muttered some words about how the electorate had made its intention for more diversity in parliament and talked about external conditions like Covid-19 that damaged the economy. The Prime Minister’s post election comments can be found at: [LINK]

Why would a Prime Minister of a ruling party in the middle of an economic meltdown appear like a chastened school boy after a thumping electoral win? The answer could be found in the fact that instead of wiping out the opposition, the ruling party lost another Group Representation Constituency (GRC – a particularly unique Singaporean feature Westminster Democracy, which involves four constituencies being molded together and you get four MPs for your vote – which means that its possible for a heavy weight minister to bring in fresh blood into parliament on his coat tails). Just as the loss of Aljunied GRC had come with the costs of losing then Foreign Minister, George Yeo, the additional loss of Sengkang GRC came with the loss of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary-General of the National Trade Union’s Congress (NTUC – our only union), Mr. Ng Chee Meng. The party that celebrated the most was the Workers Party, which had up to that point received minimal press coverage.

You could argue that Singapore politics has had a turning point. The ruling party can no longer take winning GRC’s for granted and future election results are more likely to be like 2011 rather than 2015, which saw the death of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the Nation’s 50th anniversary. The bad news for the ruling party is that the main opposition party, the Worker’s Party has been very good at holding onto seats that it has won. Mr. Low Thia Khiang held onto their first win in the Single Member Constituency (SMC) of Hougang for nearly 20-years before jumping over the Aljunied GRC, which they have held onto in the last two elections (2015 and 2020).

The benefit for the ruling party is that ministers no longer guarantee electoral success, which means that new candidates will have to fight harder and smarter to gain votes. The ruling party, which has gained a sense of belief that elections are a given, there is the reality of having to change its mindset to a changing world. Policies will have to be sold in a more consultative manner rather than in a “Me, smart and you stupid” manner.

While the ruling party will have to go through a bit of a cultural change, the biggest change that the election gave us was in the nature of opposition. The biggest winner of the evening was the Workers’ Party, which had its position as our main opposition party cemented. While the Workers Party has remained the only other political party to have seats in parliament, it had been quiet throughout the election.

The attention was focused on the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), which was led by former Presidential Candidate, Mr. Tan Cheng Bok who had been endorsed as “the leader that Singapore needs,” by non-other than Mr. Lee Hsien Yang, the Prime Minister’s Younger Brother.

The story of the Worker’s Party’s success is highly instructional for entrepreneurs. The party has worked on the “slow but steady” strategy, a strategy that should be credited to its former secretary-general, Mr. Low Thia Khiang. The strategy is simple, to win seats one at a time. The Worker’s Party faces criticisms on a regular basis from both sides. The government has a way of lambasting Worker Party MPs for being quiet in parliament. The more radical elements criticize the Worker’s Party for being “PAP lite,” and not proposing anything terribly different from the PAP.

Despite this, Mr. Low and his team have understood that the most important element in the game is seats in parliament. For the Workers Party the key is to win seats and hold onto them. Speeches in parliament and talking about holding the executive to account are pointless if you don’t have seats in parliament. Hence, Mr. Low ensured that his team worked hard enough for their respective constituents to ensure they would hold onto their seats.

What makes this such an effective strategy is the fact that the PAP has been effective in running the show and takes great pains in drumming in the message that its not worth changing a winning group. The subtle message (which is not very subtle in as much as the government has famously withheld funds to opposition held constituencies) has been voting opposition will turn things to crap.

Hence, while we may want to irritate the ruling party or we vote opposition to protest certain things, we’d always give the main votes to the PAP to ensure our standard of life continues. However, by winning seats and holding onto them, the Worker’s Party is showing that it can run things despite the handicaps of lack of resources, law suites etc. This counters the ruling party’s argument that it holds a monopoly on managerial competence.

The seeds of change in the nature of opposition politics have been sowed. Within three elections, it looks very likely that there will be an opposition party that campaigns on the premise that it is capable of forming and running a government, as opposed to the current situation where opposition parties’ campaign on the premise that they’re there to be opposition to the ruling party.

The business analogy best explains Singapore’s political landscape. We have the former monopoly player in the shape of the PAP, which dominates just about everything. There is the sexy start-up which looks good and has a great visionary founder in Tan Cheng Bok, with the backing of a rich VC in the shape of Lee Hsien Yang. This is the player that everyone talks about.

The Workers Party is by contrast, a slow growth business. The initial founders have spent their fortunes building the ground-up infrastructure and product and the current and future generations test and expand markets.

The records speak for themselves. Sexy start ups are sexy but unless they’ve built a real business and prepared for life after the hype, they tend to fade. Think of We Work as a cautionary tale. Then there are the former monopolies that have had to undergo painful changes in order to adapt. Those that have succeeded have continued to thrive, like SingTel, those that failed have ended up costing tax payers billions – think of the Detroit Big Three. Finally, there are the businesses that grow slowly but steadily, getting their products right. Think of Apple as a positive example. The lessons are there, it’s just whether we want to take them.


Tang Li

*Although I’ve been based mainly in Singapore for nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of being able meet people who have crossed borders and cultures. I’ve befriended ministers and ambassadors and worked on projects involving a former head of state. Yet, at the same time, I’ve had the privilege of befriending migrant labourers and former convicts. All of them have a story to tell. All of them add to the fabric of life. I hope to express the stories that inspire us to create life as it should be




30 Responses to “Slow And Steady Wins The Race”

  • Eyes Wide Open:

    Like it or not Hougang SMC and Aljunied GRC are now strongholds of WP with many diehards. Sengkang GRC has now been invaded with guns ablazing.

    With PS appointed as Leader of the Opposition, I am sure WP will make further inroads in the next GE. Keep it up WP!

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  • PAP fly kite:

    First time contesting parties like PSP have made huge inroads.If the PAP does not WAKE UP they will have many more GRCs going to the opposition, like Sankang. The PAP MUST realise that GRCs are not a strength but a huge weakness.They can no longer parachute their paper generals into them and have them elected into parliament.

    This 2020 elections is a SLAP on PAP arrogant face.Arse LOONG said the people have given a CLEAR MANDATE, yes they have shown the PAP that their policies DO NOT RESONATE WITH THE COMMON MAN.
    The PAP need to rethink their strategy about having elections in a crisis and about GRCs.
    It is pertatic to see the future PM Ong Sweet Cake only garner 53 % Of the votes. Citizens of Singapore DO NOT BUY INTO THE BLUF that SIngapore is NOT READY FOR AN INDIAN PM,the votes have shown otherwise.

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  • opposition dude:

    The election was an eye opener for sure. PAP being old and slow and backward kept harping non stop on jobs jobs jobs for 9 days straight. Talk about being loh sor huh? And its nonsensical NCMP s*ake oil didn’t sell at all much to its own dismay ha ha ha.

    And goondu Loong’s naive thinking that he would win handsomely in a crisis backfired too, it shows you that he is worse than useless. So much for wanting a strong mandate now huh? Hee hee hee.

    Sure, he now says he will do this do that but we have heard it all before countless times. Actions will speak louder than his words ever will so I’m just waiting for him to get over his disappointment before he is back to his old weasel self. Please don’t forget he has another 4 to 5 years to screw everyone again since he has got 83 seats hor.

    I expect GST to be brought forward and 4 years of consecutive transport fare hikes at the minimum since PAP loves raising the cost of living here. Following on from that we can also expect S&CC charges, childcare fees, ERP and anything else they can raise to be raised. Got to get back that $90 billion as fast as they can you know.

    And he says he is staying on after stroke man’s dismal result. This is good news for the opposition because he won’t change his ways of doing things nor his arrogance. You can expect either some new policy or some tweak to be announced in the coming months with no consultation and the usual glowing press report on just how good it will be. As they say, been there done that (a billion times).

    We won’t see a humbler PAP because it’s not the way the party does things. What we will see is the old PAP we all love to hate and this is because they are too used to doing things the old way to ever change.

    Change is hard because it forces one to be out of their comfort zone.

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  • PAP fly kite:


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  • PAP's game over:

    On CNA new this Sunday morning, Minister Shanmugam mentioned PAP will reflect on the young voters for alternate voices in parliament and the poor results of 61.2% for PAP. Shanmugam was looking fragile, sickly and shaken by the surge in votes to SDP and WP.

    Singaporeans said NO to CECA and POFMA via the ballot boxes. POFMA is the brainchild of POFMA and Minister Shanmugam should take full responsibility for the bad election results for PAP.

    PAP is no in a leadership crisis. Minister Heng has lost his credibility as future PM with a borderline score of 54% votes in East Coast. Heng will have no respect by Singaporeans and world leaders with a mere 54% vote count.

    Not other Minister deserves any respect other than Tharman, who was already discounted by PM with his damaging remarks “Singaporeans not ready for an Indian to become PM”.

    PM Lee’s self-created leadership problem is haunting him. PM Lee has no face to become the next Minister Mentor.
    Shameless President, PM and a useless 4G team !!! – this is the state of PAP today.

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  • Sexy start ups small minds:

    (The Workers Party is by contrast, a slow growth business. The initial founders have spent their fortunes building the ground-up infrastructure and product and the current and future generations test and expand markets.)

    “Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play. So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.”

    (Immanuel Kant, Metaphysics of Morals)

    Workers Party are founded not on self-serving profit-oriented business aspirations lahhh ….

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  • Boh Kia See:

    The election results is not something for the PAP to crow about. In fact they ought to have lost the election. They won because of the uneven playing field that they created.

    It is well known that opposition patties has the odds stacked against them. this is even more so given the pandemic situation in the country. Then there is the POFMA that distracts opposition parties from the election. It seems that the PAP is immunised from complying with PROFMA.

    I will not consider that the PAP won on the merits of their performance or foresight. Simply by manipulating the election process under which alternative parties operate.

    My view that with the PAP still in power, the country will begin its slide to the third world status. The people will feel it soon.

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  • Samuel S:

    Slow and steady wins the race. Despite accused by Singaporeans of being non aggressive and confrontation, WP has worked towards being recognized as responsible party, hence slowly break through PAP dominance. I voted and will continue supporting WP.

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  • 4 gee:

    Fake news,tangli.
    Put HSK at SENGKANG,Oppo will still win.
    GY said after conceding loss at AJ in 2011,GOT TO GO WITH THE FLOW.

    Yes,it is a CHANGE OF TIDE!
    Sgs at SENGKANG,YOUNG n old voters ,decided they WILL NOT BE AFRAID anymore,just like AJ n go for it!

    Ng Chee Meng,Lam,Amin are not as heavyweight as GY,LHH?

    Any decent oppo like SDP or PSP would win as WP did.

    To me,going back to 39/69 for Oppo/PAP is merely erasing away the LKY EFFECT OF 2015 and going back to 2011.

    The REAL IMPROVEMENT comes mainly at SENGKANG.
    The rest of Sg,the young voters need to take courage still by looking and emulating SENGKANG YOUTHS.

    I guess WEST COAST YOUNG also saw a fair bit of younger voters swinging from PAP to PSP.

    Hope to see more such swings next GE OR BY-ELECTION.

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  • 4 gee:

    Btw,hope the formalised LEADER OF OPPO and “SHADOW PM and ministers” will not turn into WAYANG KULIT?



    Can WP STOP A BILL in reality?
    Its still 10 vs 83?

    Waste of time in truth
    Dont get deceived nor feel euphoria.


    Meanwhile,stop wasting more public resources on wayangs.
    As for me,if PM Lee is sincere about real debates and having opposite viewshe should consider abolishing GRC.

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  • talk too much:

    don’t forget PSP and SDP whipped up the voters to vote for the oppositions, WP did well with their efforts but must not forget PSP and SDP at least did not create a 3 corners fight . I am sure WP leader knew this too.

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  • PAP kenna hammered:

    Thanks to Dr Tan Cheng Bock and LHY’s active involvement in GE2020, the pap took their eyes off the hammer. Especially with Dr Tan’s party, the PSP fielding so many candidates, lhl was at a loss which oppositions he should focus on and be wary of.

    WP was also very smart to keep a low profile with their new candidates like Jamus and Nicole. There was complete silence about Nicole’s participation until nomination day. And when pap found that out, they made a last minute desperate move for DPM Heng to move to their East Coast team.

    Heng was so sway to be arrowed. He must be so confused judging from the unbelievable and unforgettable horrible speech that he made on nomination day.

    It was laughable how the pro-pap fans tried to defend him by saying that he was brave to take the bullets for his party. As if he was given a choice lor. Turning up at the nomination centre just 15 mins before nomination closed, and had his name handwritten on the team’s sheet, obviously he was being ‘pushed’, resulting in his tongue tied and giving an embarrassed speech!

    Now on social media most are talking about how unworthy Heng is of becoming our next PM. Has pap won a 5 member GRC but lost the trust of the people after Heng’s unconvincing performance in GE2020?

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  • 4 gee:

    Using taxpayer money to STEAL IDEAS and HROUND SENTIMENTS by formalising OPPO SIDE with LEADER?

    Bills still cannot be stopped.
    Pritam,if paid a HAND$OME SALARY ,besides MP ALLOWANCE,would tend to protect his newly ” APPOINTED” job,wouldn’t he?

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  • Breakaway Republic of Sengkan:

    So the Sun does rise from the East.
    The New Breakaway Republic of Sengkang have residents that know what is good for them.
    The old foggies of Macpherson actually gave TinPot 72% of the votes.
    We are indeed two different nations.
    Old foggies are voters that will take their allegiances to LKY-piggies to the grave; no matter what the alties offers.
    Jamus and gang now have their work cut out for them.
    They have the support of all thinking voters <45.
    Time to prove themselves in and out of Parly.
    To the great loss of the nation, Paul Thambyah is not in Parly.
    How many TinPots did get in through the coat-tails of GRCs.
    This nation belong to the <45; yet power does not reside in them.
    Time to start a Petition to lower the voting age to 18; and join the rest of the modern world.
    Or do the piggies want to bring this Nation to the grave with the old foggies.
    Time for Singapore 2.0
    –'“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • 4 gee:

    Pritam would then become an ” obedient” puppy trained to bark at its master pretentiously?

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  • 4 gee:

    Of course,if Pritam takes the “OFFICE” for token $1 until 39 pct of votes becomes 39 pct of ALL SEATS.

    Meanwhile,i am not for it.
    Money can change people.

    If enough oppo MPs like 39 seats,then,me thinks PRITAM deserves to be put on OFFICIAL PAYROLL as he can upset any scheme of PAP to pass BILL$.

    ELSE,it is another wayang to deceive.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Politics in an UNEVEN field is just that…”UNEVEN & Evil”…

    Slow & Steady or Sexy even Volatile will seem an IMPOSSIBLE task to ACHIEVE an UPSET…what with ISD-POFMA and A Pliant Court & LEEgal system that hear Civil suit on behalf of their Masters???…

    Senkang result is a Silver Lining for the Millennial Generation & Patriots to take NOTE…

    be more Pro Active towards what is happening around you…Stand Up and speak out with no Fear & Rational Thinking…The Team is young, outspoken and most of all “Daring and Intelligent”.Sad that Nicole miss it by a neck to kick out an idiot but did EXTREMELY well against a HeavyWeight???

    The Old Timers in the alternate Parties can be the Light for the young MG leading them through a Dark Tunnel…

    3-5 years is NOT too long a wait…Be Prepared and Pound the Streets NOW and not wait…much can be Done and much will Happen in 3-5 years

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  • 4 gee:

    WP,if accepts the role will just become a “FEEDBACK UNIT” effectively.


    Can PRITAM N WP do it?

    Time is not ripe yet until there is NO SUPER MAJORITY.


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  • 4 gee:

    Oppo side with 10 seats vs 83 seats is far from desirable.
    Pritam please be LEADER OF OPPO for the ALTERNATIVE rather than busy yourself as a Feedback Unit Leader.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G citizens think they have all the time in the world to ‘slowly’ change their minds. The world does not give them that choice. A response to a threat must be fast, address the problem directly and protect local-born first and foremost.

    The CoVID-19 is a first hand example of massive failure by a bunch of parrots and fearmongers. Yet they got voted in – again – with a super-majority to do as they please. Society is almost broken down to the point where people cannot recognise what $G used to be like.

    Many born in the last decade will never know a $G without FT running the show and accept this as normal. $G citizens have just removed one type of colonisation and replaced it with another one.

    There is already the next threat – world economic depression, massive loss of the economic engine that $G depends on for FT growth. The response will be to bring in more FT to solve the problem.

    This kind of ‘tortoise’ mentality is destructive. A small island cannot afford the problems of economic instability, overpopulation and social unrest. These will come because people have made sure they come. Like CoVID or cancer, the effects will be sudden and disastrous.

    If the performance of the mentally-challenged clowns just this year alone is anything to go by, $G citizens will be picking up the pieces of a failed economy and society in the near future. You can already see the signs.

    We most likely do not have another 5 years.

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  • Sg is doomed with 4Gs:

    The 4Gs are a pack of half baked JLBs, each not able to punch above their own weight. Erection was supposed to be their showtime.

    As it turned out, naked emperor has to come out and do all the talking, persuading, promising right to the last broadcast.

    Mango sago even named his boss wrongly as LHY.

    Cotton sheep dared not accept the invitation to debate when being challenged back.

    Ong ye goon used kid for his video campaign.

    Stroke man east coast, east coast, ad infinitum.

    Ah loon said he has to stay on to see Sinkingpore through the pandemic.

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  • Billy ma:

    With the conclusion of GE2020, it also bring to a closed the utilisation of lky by lhl & PAP to attract votes.

    It’s over. The lky gun is empty.
    Sayonara. Let the lky really RIP.

    Well, maybe the only time lky name be throw about is the saga of that old house. This fight is far from over.

    I can see lhl panicking. This may be the 1st time he got to stand on his own 2 feet. And it’s a terrifying experience for someone who has never be his own person.

    It’s time for him to go.
    But then he got a wife to protect. And a fight with his siblings on hand.

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  • 李阿斗:

    跟一个拥有13亿人口的大国签署 CECA 协议 , 这项协议包含上百个专业行业 , 允许他们输出所谓的”人才” 来这里就业 , 两国政府肯定达成着某种形式的交易 .

    几十几年来 , 这项协议对新加坡本地人的就业机会已经造成了什么样的负面影响 , 有关当局肯定不会透露 , 但是我们的工人就 “春江水暖鸭先知” 了 .

    曾经有个朋友对我说 , 他去面试一份工作 , 在面试室外面有几个”外国人”也在等待面试 , 在他们知道他是本地人之后 , 取笑他说:”他不会有机会的” . 不是因为他不合格 , 只是因为他可能要求多一点工资来养家糊口 .

    那些还在找工作的本地人 , 一定有遇到过这样的经历 , 我相信这已经成为一种常态 .

    如果政府认为他们所说的话和所做的事情绝对正确 , 那么他们应该获得90%的选票 , 更不会失去另一个 GRC 了 .

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  • oxygen:

    IT STARTS WITH A RIPPLE of one GRC lost in 2011, then the tide now of 2 GRC fortress succumbed to defeat. Awaiting next is a TSUNAMI rolling in in 2025 – from Workers’ Party and PSP juggernaut inaugural whack-the-scum politics right on the face of PAPpypolitics.

    PAPpypolitics is a walking corpse ready to fall over any moment – it is long past of use-by date of arrogant authoritarianism of power abuse and oppression of peasants with these mantra

    - never mind what the people think, we do what we like…progressing to

    - never mind what the law says, we do what is convenient

    On the economic front, PAPpynomic is a smouldering rubble of burnt ashes of crashed economy. Instead of restructuring the economy since 2005, it took the easy pathway of plucking the lowest hanging fruits via the cynical population recycling economics model of substituting falling productivity with cheaper foreign labour. It has become unsustainable as competition outside keeps advancing of their competitive edges leaving us to drown and die or IMPORTING EVER MORE AND MORE CHEAPER LABOR JUST TO KEEP AFLOAT.

    4G did nothing to change direction nor have they are political power or base or legitimacy of instigating change from within. They all coasts along pretending or totally ignorant/oblivious of the rotting decay going on. They are what Professor Ackoff said as INACTIVIST/INACTIVISM even as turbulent change roiling outside at an escalating turbulent change.

    4G are mostly deadwood in crisis management. Covid-19 managed them instead of they managing crisis evolving and engulfing their paralysis. How amazing to read JT said what matters is not her when she was pre-election the Manpower Minister making every critical decision.

    The balance few of 3G must leave the stage by 2025 or soon thereafter to make way for new blood infusion. Inside 3Gs a lot of deadwoods still hanging around sheltered in GRC bunkers for another 5 years of paycheck.

    4Gs are proven incompetent of economic management and crisis handling. Flubbing East Coast already told the nation this before polling – our financial position will be a lot worst in a few years than now!

    There will be a POLITICAL VOID OF EXPERIENCE and likely BROKEN CONTINUITY in that transitional change of baton from 3G to 4G and even worst from 4G fumbling failings to 5G virgin newbies.

    5Gs are as loud and mute and deaf as earthworm as crisis management erupted of Covid-19 Pandemic destroying a large chunk of the dilapidated economy. PAPpypolitics edifice is broken.

    Given time and strong challenge, it will collapse faster from here. The failure of 3Gs is life-ending for PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics.

    The picture of that is on the wall for all to see.

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  • oxygen:

    1G overstayed its political longevity – same thing happened in 2Gs and 3Gs. The world outside spin faster of turbulence at an accelerating rate.

    The lack of experience means 4Gs are not ready to be tested by crisis.

    When covid-19 came, they were caught staring at a frightening drama, paralysed of quick and decisive response to the dorm pandemic. It fall back to 3G again, there is thus A BROKEN CONTINUITY of real transfer of power, authority and competency testing of 4G meant to take over from 3Gs after the 2020 election cycle.

    How can they pass on this void of skills and experience to 5Gs in the future in a far more challenging and turbulent world matched only perversly by the lack of political experience in governance?

    Most of the 3Gs must be consigned to the backbench BUT CAN 4G handle the next crisis that is waiting to confront them?

    POLITICAL LONGEVITY OF OVER-STAYING IS VERY COSTLY. Neither can legacy dreams – THE WORLD OUTSIDE CHANGES FASTER than you strap your next shoe lace and talents cannot be groomed either.

    oxygen: There will be a POLITICAL VOID OF EXPERIENCE and likely BROKEN CONTINUITY in that transitional change of baton from 3G to 4G and even worst from 4G fumbling failings to 5G virgin newbies.

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  • 2025 WP conquer the East:

    It’s quite predictable that WP will conquer the East in 2025.

    The Easterners are getting more and more courageous, ignoring nonsensical fear-mongering.

    WP is steadily making waves…heart-to-heart with Core Citizens. Even newcitz of 10years begin to realise that Change is badly needed to improve their livelihood.

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  • Opposition:

    For Opposition to move is better to have only 2 Parties.
    One WP and the other all combined with PSP…
    Will be more effective Opposition for the next election.

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  • $100 B Heng:

    Slow and steady?
    Wins the race?
    Sgs dont want to wait till the cows come home.


    WHEN IS SG BOLEH going to happen?
    Pakatan Singapura Party?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    IT STARTS WITH A RIPPLE of one GRC lost in 2011, then the tide now of 2 GRC fortress succumbed to defeat. Awaiting next is a TSUNAMI rolling in in 2025 – from Workers’ Party (including PSP & SDP)…

    It has become unsustainable as competition outside keeps advancing of their competitive edges leaving us to drown and die or “IMPORTING EVERMORE AND MORE CHEAPER LABOR JUST TO KEEP AFLOAT.”

    4G did nothing to change direction nor have the political power or base or legitimacy of instigating change from within. They all coasts along pretending or totally ignorant/oblivious of the… “rotting decay”… going on. They are what Professor Ackoff said as INACTIVIST/INACTIVISM even as turbulent change boiling outside at an escalating turbulent change.

    4G is mostly deadwood in crisis management. Covid-19 managed them instead of managing the crisis…

    Inside 3Gs are a lot of “deadwood” still hanging around sheltered in GRC bunkers for another 5 years of their Million$$$ paycheck.

    4Gs are proven incompetent in economic management and crisis handling.IDIOTS!!!… Flubbing East Coast already told the nation this before polling – our financial position will be a lot worst in a few years than now!

    Given time and strong challenge, it will collapse faster from here. The failure of 3Gs is life-ending for PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics.

    Picture & Writing is on the wall for all to see.

    Total agreement Bro!!!

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  • PSP not bad:

    West Coast GRC swing of nearly 27% for PSP is not bad…although still not enough to win.Doubt WP can do better than that there.
    Not be surprise if PSP West Coast Team win if stand in Sengkang GRC instead…maybe even in Aljunied.

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