The future for Singapore is bleak after GE 2020

Here are my views about GE2020.

1. The popular vote for the People Action Party dropped from 69.6% to 61.2%. It is a large drop of 8.4%. The PAP is not popular.

2. I am surprised about the strengh of the Worker Party. They managed to hold Hougang and Aljunied with bigger margin and to win Sengkang GRC. They clearly have the strong support of their residents. The action taken by the govt against Aljunied Town Council did not dent the support of the residents.

3. It is disappointing that the Progress Singapore Party did not win any seat. Their team in West Coast almost made it. They lost by a small margin. Their candidates in several constituencies managed to attract a high vote share of arund 40%.

4. It is also disappointing that the Singapore Democratic Party did not win any seat. Their leaders, Chee Soon Juan and Paul Thambyah, contested in single member consituencies and managed to win over 40% of the votes, but that was not enough. The GRC teams fared rather poorly.

5. People’s Voice also fared quite poorly. This was a surprise to me, as their social media presence was of a high standard.

6. The Singapore People Party fared badly. They lost their base in Potong Pasir and did poorly in Bishan.

There appears to be no future for the smaller parties. It seems that only the PAP, WP, PSP and maybe the SDP have a future. The SDP has tried for many years and does not make any headway. I wonder if they will still persevere?

The PSP did fairly well, but the result was disappointing. I wonder if they can continue without Dr. Tan Cheng Bock?

The future for Singapore is bleak. The PAP is not able to rally the people to meet the challenges of the future. The other parties cannot do much either.

Do you agree?


Tan Kin Lian




24 Responses to “The future for Singapore is bleak after GE 2020”

  • opposition dude:

    I do not agree with Kin Lian’s assessment and here are my reasons.

    The PAP’s head has decided he will be around for a while longer, I assume this means another 4 years at the minimum. He won’t change his ways of doing things and this will just reinforce our impression of the party being all the negative things we see them currently.

    We always maintain that we need able people to run the country. There is widespread acceptance that WP has found good people and needs to nurture them. No one says anything good about PAP’s candidates and we have seen how inept the 4G have been.

    There is a lot of work to do for the PAP in terms of jobs and foreigners. Unfortunately they won’t do much because they stopped caring a long time back. What is going to happen is in this election cycle PAP continues to screw up more and more and when the next election arrives more opposition will be voted in.

    Singapore’s future isn’t bleak. Kin Lian says it’s bleak because the inept PAP is governing and isn’t doing a good job of it. Should they be forced into a coalition government then they will have to do a much better job since they will have to share power and not expect their partner(s) to just blindly agree to policy changes without consultation and discussion. It’s easy to say Singapore’s future is bleak based on this one election result.

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  • Wake up call:

    A wake up call for PAP Government.
    Need to address the much unhappiness on the ground.
    Solve the unemployment and underemployment issues.
    Many families has difficulties to cope with the high costs of living ,make worse by the Pandemic.Also many seniors has very little savings for their retirements needs…especially if their only main assets is the HDB with Zero value at the end.
    Not sure how the WP MPs can help to solve the real problems the people are facing now ?
    Would be interesting to see their contribution for the next 5 years.
    Reality and dream is often different.

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  • Wake up call:

    The performance of the PSP West Coast team is a wake up call for PAP.
    A swing of nearly 27% is unheard of…
    A wake up call for PAP…

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  • Sengkangite:

    Dont worry,Dr Tan is only 80,still can go on till way past 92?

    So,i see Dr Tan slowly takes PSP to greater heights and reaches far beyond West Coast.
    To me,winning 48+ PCT AT WEST COAST equals to winning AJ at 80 pct in effect!

    EVEN DR CHEE is making inroads.
    Netizens n others need to help clear the smearing of MSM against him.
    Imagine DR TAN,DE CHER,DR ANG N Prof Paul woth Lim Tean in the HOUSE?


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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    Some parties fared better, some worse. I think more Spore voters can tell shit from shinola – discerning.

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  • SaveSG:

    WP sets the pattern right from the start when Mr Low TK using his ability to connect with the HG predominantly Teochew residents & won the SMC before he looked at GRC. He selected credible candidates who were successful in their careers & created suspense when he launched his strategic move to win Aljunied GRC with his “secret weapon” in Chen SM! With a stronghold at these 2 constituencies & renewal strategy with Mr Pritam as Sec-Gen & fielding younger capable candidates managed to clinch another GRC Sengkang with predominantly younger voters!

    With proven track record in Parliament & Town Council management, WP will be in strong good position to select capable proven candidates to take the Eastern part of SG to be a formidable Opposition Party at the next GE!

    With PSP rooting for the Western part of SG & SDP the rest of SG, PAP supermajority in Parliament will be denied at the next GE!



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  • pap clown lies everyday:

    what bleak?

    only a brainless fool says bleak.

    on the contrary, sunlight is starting to shine into the dark sheep tunnel. because sheep is waking up.

    light shines because sheep wakes up? and not sheep wakes up because light shines?

    in cotton producing sheep, YES, light shines both ways, when sheep wakes up. sheep wakes up light shines. light shines sheep wakes up.

    in GE2020 it is sheep waking up first and light shines.

    now that sheep has woken up, the light NOW is going to shine ever brighter as more sheep wakes up due to light.

    what is the light – OPPOSITION becoming the true government of parliament, renaming it from the pap rotten parleement.

    so bleak? what a cock to say bleak when light has started to shine and sheep has started to wake up and light is going to shine brighter and brighter until parleement is renamed parliament.

    so long story. what is the short point? short point is, tan kin lian is talking cock nonsense.

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  • Joke:

    I don’t see the opposition or people voices have won because none of then will fair any better than pap dealing with the economy. Once you build up, followed the LKY ways, like your HDBs prices will have to face the day of unraveling. Given the circumstances and the fourth generation who will pay the price of arrogant growth and prosperity, or after 50 years of on the throne with as much cursing swearing and sucking up to, i think PM lee is very happy for anyone to take on his burden(recession) LoL. Suckers!(as if opposition will be your saviour lol)any blunders or wrong decision can’t all be PAP fault now because their hands are all in the cookie jar lol

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  • seeking for equilibrium:

    //The future for Singapore is bleak. The PAP is not able to rally the people to meet the challenges of the future. The other parties cannot do much either.//

    if you do not plan (built in mechanism) for things to transit nicely ? then changes (transition) will self-organise in a more messy manner ??? the white idiots have been ‘selfish’ all this while right tokking about ownself-check-ownself one curry party function and yet going for 6.9m or 10m open-leg policy right (well CONVIT99 has exposed their so-called highly talented long-term vision minded competency right ???) ????

    humans like any organism or system (including climax and weather) are one of the many factors which are always seeking for equilibrium among themselves (and this equilibrium does not necessary mean a better outcome for mankind) ???

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  • oxygen:

    THE SWING TO THE OPPOSITION starts with a ripple, then a tide and then A TSUNAMI sweeping PAPpypolitics into the dustbin of history – this will come.

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    2025 tripartite contestants = PAP, WP, UF
    No more small, frail ones.

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  • would not be bleak:

    where got bleak ? white idiots and gang are the best lar ? thought the white idiots and gang said that ownself-check-ownself one party curry function is the best for sinkie land so said the white monkey idiots ?

    bleak ? did not for the last five years that the white idiots would have planned for the next 10 to 1000 years (long term right) that sinkie land future would not be bleak ?

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  • Doggie:

    EC, BB and WC has many new citizens. WC and BB also has many PG/MG that only regonise the lighting.

    Demographics do not favour the opposition there.

    PSP had a bright future, provided Dr Tan can find a successor. They have a solid team and a additional star candidates in the mould of Jamus or Nicole would have been a difference. The presence of PSP shatters the myth that the western part of SG is a stronghold. If there are any other opposition party other than WP that could get into parliament as full mp, that would be PSP.

    Note also most Sinkies do not like confrontational politicans. This is why PV did poorly. Note now Dr Chee has changed his strategy a lot and his results improved, even he had fallen short.

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  • Count Honestly:

    Is popular votes for PAP 61.2% or 56.4%? Please be clear!

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  • ShakeRattleAndRoll:


    yeah…parliament sessions will be exciting to watch in the days of the late wp MP Mr JBJ.
    he shook the house down.. God rest his soul.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Yes, yes and yes. Just look at all the pappies who hung on to their seats. They all look like Ivan Lim. Recently I loudly advised my professional working friends despite earning a good salary not to have any children.

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  • Light Shines in Sengkang:

    Based on events over the last 10 years, one might readily agree with TKL that the future is bleak under the new PAP. The confusion which arose over the initial handling of the pandemic and the explosion of C-19 at the FWs’ dormitories do not inspire confidence. Perhaps the fall in percentage is a reflection of this. Without the votes of new citizens (if we assume, are PAP supporters), would the outcome of the GE have been different? WP’s win in Sengkang could be the dawn of first light breaking through. They have to do well in Parliament and in their Constituencies to inspire a new generation of Opposition leaders.

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  • be careful of pap trick:


    yeah…parliament sessions will be exciting to watch in the days of the late wp MP Mr JBJ.
    he shook the house down.. God rest his soul.

    pap controlled tv aka mediacorpse selective showing. better read the handsard for truth.

    pap is nothing but a bunch of S$m stealing lying cockroaches. and pap controls all the so called 4th world media such as mediacorpse states times and all such which we avoid.

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  • Jman:

    That is the real issue.

    There is quite a bit of support for the opposition. And opposition supporters have become exceedingly intolerant of views that differ from theirs, and many seem to talk as though a person who votes for PAP agrees with and supports every single aspect of what the PAP does.

    What concerns me most is that on the economic front, from the revenue perspective, the opp parties has almost nothing more than a motherhood statement on supporting local SMEs in their manifestos. There is little more on the future direction of the economy other than this. And the opp parties campaign almost entirely on spending ideas to make life less of a burden, which is not in itself wrong, just that there is a gaping hole in the opp strategy on the economic front and it does not seem to bother many.

    This is not to say that the PAP is all that much better on the economic strategy for the future either. The PAP hasn’t any much more on this front lately.

    This atmosphere bodes ill for Singapore in general. The employment difficulties haven’t been around for all that long, and it is already so emotional. If these difficulties go on longer, and people face difficulties over a longer period, this is likely to intensify.

    There is also the reality that (i) companies are reaching directly to customers, and cutting out middle men which previously employed many Singaporeans; (ii) companies are becoming flatter, without middle layers which previously employed many Singaporeans; (iii) companies are adopting AI and digital solutions at a fast clip, eliminating many jobs; (iv) costs are high here, due in so small way to high land costs, which is driving much business to other Asian centres.

    The Govt cannot do much about (i) and (ii) and (iii), as these are global trends. And those alone will cause a lot of pain for Singaporeans. But it can and should do something about (iv).

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  • Sesame Street:

    oh boy…TKL at it again….talking thrash

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  • Dear Jman:


    Dear Jman,

    your comments/opinion are all valid/defensible except for one little portion:

    “many seem to talk as though a person who votes for PAP agrees with and supports every single aspect of what the PAP does”

    Although I do not know if people really think that way, I do know for certain that logically, a vote for PAP in power means a vote/agreement for all that has ever been (their style of governance). Why? Because you are still giving them the rein (aka support) to continuing doing it, and right now the circumstances are hugely in favor of those in the inner circle.

    The aim of your voting (if you are serious about wanting the country and you to prosper) should have been to firstly introduce resistance to their inner club of riches and non-accountability.

    When the balance of power is disrupted and shared (aka competition), then you can declare that the OPPOs supporters treat PAP voters as agreeing with all they are, because your can vote for the OPPOs to kick their butt since:

    i. they now have real skin in the game (not some baby-proofing governance that only encourage/glorify mediocrity and personal stakes in the wrong way!)
    ii. the OPPOs actually have a stronghold in the government itself that can threaten the PAP’s power share if they fucked up
    iii. you are showing the parties, OPPOs or PAP or whoever la, that you actually dare to vote the other side to make them lose their pot of gold!
    iv. with these competitive arena, the mediocre will run faster than light, and only those that are up for the fight will go for it.

    Voters have only once every 4-5 years (currently!) to have a chance at changing the way politics is run, and a chance to refresh the talents set in the government. Thereafter, you have no more say (other than by-elections and whatever crap laws they will come up with) until the next time. How to guarantee the governance will work for you other than to introduce competition and actual skin in the game throughout?

    Do you, or anyone, know of a better way?

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  • 100 millions +++:

    The 100 millions +++ is a time bomb that will blown the den wide open n substantiate GCT pay own self millions n ownself legalized entitlement which unfder raw democracy n not own self check own self nepotic garbage. GCT has open the greed with ghu.mongou.s apetite. Pre self demand self entitlenent n self endowed open the flood gate of glorillarized greed begining with 250k for negative billion investment with threat of fixing poor yeo with the nepotic chieftain. Then followed the glorilla inspired slap n a mousy bootlicker muted acceptance n an cheapskate reward which further demostrated definitively not Meritocracy as most have climbed up the fake branches of make believe but Meritocratically faking polapacrazy aka bootlickingfrenzy aka brownosingcrazy. LHY n LWL didn’t elaborate how compliant bureaucracy took roots in nepotic camp. Compliance only effective with men with weak intellects n completely lacks of confidence which will not n cannot exist if meritocracy prevails. It is pure nonsense to imagine the elites of a nation would deprave themselves to bootlick, brownose etc… No, No, No. Ask Micheal Hor, a former law academic in NUS who has to leave a bootlicking ambient to be really headhunted meritocratically. Talk to Oxford fellow Thum why he is not returning n be meritocratically accepted into high academic post. Ask zLi Shangwu, why stay in Harvard n not be counted elitistically. Check on how internationally well accepted professionalS fare while they were with the career bureaucracy.

    Until the 100 million question is clearly n honestly explained whether true or fake, the self check big joke will remain as a time bomb to explode right in the den. Some netizens deliberated that the imbercile is uncomfortable with 10 or more. Why should he be uncomfortable ? Would complancy circuit broken n like a bad pressurised cooker, go crazy with hissing n steam leaking from all direction. Even then if no illegality hidden agenda, why fear? The Chinese like to tell their young. If do no evil, why afraid the spirit knocking on your door at midnight. Yes if no evil, why hide, why need to depend on polanpas n incur in conflict of interest illegality . Why so mute? Will the muteness last or one day will pay more not only pants drop but more! Repent n return to be saved. Sinners aren ‘t saved by Christ without true repentance. They leave the repentance out like pap telling half the truth to lure!

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  • Stop CECA:

    Stop CECA employment clauses PAP votes will be raised by 5 percentage point.

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  • Bright future lah:

    The future is bright for Singapore.
    Best outcome…a mandate for PAP with less vote and a stronger Opposition.
    Best of both world.Hope WP and in a smaller extend PSP will not disappoint this time.
    Must say the nearly 27% swing at West Coast GRC is quite impressive.

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