Good Governance or Bad Governance

There are misconceptions on Socialism and Democracy as to which is better or bad. Our prejudice and perception are due to our knowledge, education and understanding of the differences. References and comparisons were made with the American model and the Chinese model, both have its strength and weakness, which is stagnant and which is evolving. Both barely 70 years with poor human rights.

Singapore is definitely not democratic as much as we would like it to be, we do not take care of the underprivileged like socialist. We are rojak, neither here nor there. Instead of adopting the best practice, we have the worst of the east and the west. My hope and wish that we can evolve to have selfless politicians with good governance.

The Singapore’s government talks about Chinese philosophy but in practice follows the American’s thinking, it is probably due to family upbringing of Asian culture and education with Western values. Culture and values would evolve over time, time do not change the fundamentals but can tell the differences. If we looked back to the earlier politicians of 1G and 2G, and today’s 3G and 4G, the differences are getting wider. Many said the PAP is not what it used to be and had lost its way.
For we, the citizens of Singapore, what matters more is good governance or bad governance. By observation or measurable achievements. It matters when the citizens are living in poverty, agony, oppressed or simply in pursuit of happiness. LHL promised to delivery PAP promises, we anticipate not to be disappointed …. again.

Many of us can list a hundred or more mistakes that the government had made in the last 2 decades all for the best of interests for we the citizens of Singapore, some at the expense of the Oppositions. But many do not see or feel any improvement and have gotten worse. Minimum wages and unemployment insurance make senses for a developed economy but many excurses were raised by the various Ministries on why it cannot be implemented blah, blah, blah, and no solution or alternative to do otherwise. And we begin to wonder if they really are for the best of our interests when jobs are lost to foreigners, under-employment and underpaid are happening around us. We begin to doubt the government’s objectives or hidden agendas, what the hell are Ministers doing and why are they lying to us?

Calling Pioneer and Medaka Generations can be seen as a mockery with our immigration policies, criteria are too loose and too easy to be a citizen. Angered the natives who called Singapore home. Nationhood and national identity are not built overnight, economic immigrants have to earn it. All it takes is 6 months on employment pass to allow a foreigner to apply for PR, getting a PR for a year and can easily apply for citizenship. A new set of rules need to be set, or native Singaporean’s citizenship have no value and values. Why are the government selling us out? Planning for 6.9M or 10M populations, why not openly admit their thinking? For we the citizens of Singapore, this is bad governance.

Our support of PAP and trust in the government have gave them misconceptions that they can rule as they liked, change the constitution and create new laws all in the name for the best of our interests. Arrh, this is bad governance, we have made bad judgement in voting for PAP, we only have ourselves to blame. We knew what is bad governance, we would like a government with the abilities for good governance.

Look at the PAP line-ups of 4G leeders like HSK, CCS, JT, LW, etc. I say jialat! If Singapore has to depend on these jokers to govern, I say fat hope, my vote of no confidence. Singapore cannot suffer another 5 years with bad governance, with Covid-19 pandemic and the biggest recession we have ever experience, we need real leaderships. There may be some hope if Mr Tharman is appointed as the next PM?

WP can no longer be a co-driver, the 10 MPs & 2 NCMPs as opposition parties need to carry the aspirations and the weights of the nation. Expect to be intimidated, humiliated and bullied, fight the fights for the citizens, expose the dirty tricks, bad ideas and bad intend against the people. We have high expectations for both the ruling and opposition parties, we can judge and see for ourselves what are good or bad governance.

Our corrective actions in 2025 are to vote for men and women whom would bring about a good governance. Our collective actions are to vote for alternative parties whom can bring about change, compassionate to want to do good for the citizens of our island, Singapore.


M Gen




14 Responses to “Good Governance or Bad Governance”

  • Billy ma:

    PAP candidates are in it for their own personal career advancement as their main & only goal.
    Serving the citizens is but just incidental & even so it’s more to impress their PAP bosses than anything else.

    How many know or recognise who’s the minister for trade & industry. Or how about the name of your own PAP mp.
    In fact, I just know who the ntuc chief was only after he was in the news for losing the election at sengkang.

    This is a good indication how PAP ministers & mps don’t really bother whether Singaporeans or even the residents they suppose to serve know or recognise them or not.
    What matters is whether lhl acknowledged them. The source of what PAP ministers & mps want is from the hands of lhl.

    So what system you called this? East or west.

    I think the so

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  • WP please read:

    WP, the responsibility has been thrust on your lap. You have become the Shadow Prime Minister and the Shadow Cabinet. You have no choice but to assume the role of an alternative government. You are in this new role because more and more Singaporeans prefer you over the “lost-its-way” PAP.

    As the writer above says, no more sitting at the back and acting as a co-driver or a backseat driver.

    You have to perform as an alternative government, questioning PAP and advancing your alternative policies.

    One strong advice: You have to gather good advisors, people who can advise you on alternative government policies. They may or may not be suitable for MP, doesn’t matter. It will be a great bonus if the well known advisors can speak up for your policies.

    PAP will be pushing you on alternative policies and doing its best to trip you up and televise all of your lousy performance. You have to perform. No other choice.

    Singaporeans are looking up to you!

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  • IMHO, as long as there are plenty of 2Gs that are still alive, I don’t think there will be much changes in the current political landscape as these group of people knows only the party and nothing else. They only recognise the lightning symbol and do not read alternative media, so it’s hard for them to change their mindset. This may also explain why teh party is still able to retain most of the seats despite many SMCs and GRCs are experiencing close shave, even though the ground don’t small so sweet for teh incumbent.

    However, given that the 4Gs and 5Gs are more educated and growing up to be eligible to vote, we may see more alternative voices in Parliament gradually as nothing the party do will convince them otherwise because the party cannot and will not change even if they wanted to.

    The late Mr Lee said that one fine day, there will be a change of ruling party but I reckon it may take another 2 GEs.

    What do you think?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    $$$ is found in every PAP MPs & ministers Pupil not counting having Lie Con You eyes too, Slitty, pure Evil & Power MAD!!!…

    Try to remember that the Evil one does is reflected in your face as you aged…

    Look Closely at all the Evil & Greedy PAP ministers “FACES” Current & Retired and you will find 80% of them ageing with evil clearly STAMP on their faces taking the cake is non-other than the Father & son team with a close relative not far behind Admiral SHIT…”The Greater and Lesser Evil” with the Owl (Burong Hantu) as their Angel-in Waiting…Hooting them home in a Gun Carriage…one gone the other??? …

    “Look who is BACK @Istana!!!” Exclaimed on 26th August 2017

    DEADLINE Due unless Repentance & Repayment be DONE!!!

    Evil KNOWS no Bound but will and MUST be Paid through Karma & Retribution

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  • StandupAndBeCounted:

    unless our citizens grow up mentally and not be politically apathetic, nothing is gonna change.
    many are still relying on PAPgov to rule their lives..omg..until how long?

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  • The Devan Nair Institute:

    The fear of Fear….

    C. V. Devan Nair, Former President of the Republic of Singapore, wrote in 1999 about how one type of bullying in Sinchiapor politics began. Here’s hoping GE 2020 marks the beginning of the end of this type of gutter politics. President Devan Nair said:-

    “It is just as well that I release this requiem now. If not timely yet, it will be soon enough. Here goes, for good or ill to myself:

    Some months after I was kicked upstairs to the presidency of the republic of Singapore in October 1981, there was a by-election in the parliamentary constituency of Anson, which I had held prior to my ill-fated elevation. I had won that seat with a comfortable majority of some 80 percent of the votes cast. The PAP’s candidate in the by-election was a relative unknown, while the Workers Party put up J.B Jeyaretnam. To the consternation of the PAP, Jeyaretnam won.

    The day after the by-election verdict was declared, I had lunch with the Prime Minister. I was amazed at how he fretted and fumed like a caged fury. As I saw it, Jeyaretnam constituted no threat at all to the PAP whether in parliament or outside it. For one thing, despite Jeyas courage, he displayed a woeful lack of economics. He clearly never knew at any point of time how Singapore clicked economically. And it was as plain as a pikestaff to me that in five years of free performance in ‘parliament against the likes of Dr Goh Keng Swee, Mr Lim Kim San et al, he would stand exposed in public for his abysmal ignorance of economics.

    In truth, if I had to cope with J.B Jeyaretnam as a hostile delegate at regular National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) Delegates Conferences, I would have given him all the rope and more he wanted to hang himself with. And after free and open arguments over three days of conferencing, I would have beaten him hands down at the ballot box. I knew this, as did the workers. For they knew that in the colonial days, Jeyaretnam had never stood on a picket line. I had, not once but several times, not only stood on picket lines, but also bedded down for the night on the gravel with the workers whom I led.

    “I told all this to Kuan Yew. Nothing I said sank in. He fretted about a potential critical percentage drop in PAP votes across all the constituencies that could eventually bring the PAP government down, and he wouldn’t stand for it. Only later did I realise that this was the moment that started his formidable brain box ticking away furiously at the fecund gerrymandering schemes he was to introduce later to ensure that all opposition parties would be put in a Gordian bind that would make it impossible for them to ever achieve control of parliament, unless an Alexander came along. Such a possibility appears impossible now, unless it takes the awesome shape of shattering geo-political circumstances already building up around Singapore.

    Immediately, however, Kuan Yew’s attention was concentrated on how he would deal with J.B Jeyaretnam in parliament….

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  • Devan Nair Institute cont'd:

    …. Immediately, however, Kuan Yew’s attention was concentrated on how he would deal with J.B Jeyaretnam in parliament. I was quite alarmed at some of the things he told me at that lunch. “Look,” he said, “Jeyaretnam cant win the infighting. I’ll tell you why. WE are in charge. Every government ministry and department is under our control. And in the infighting, he will go down for the count every time.” And I will never forget his last words. “I will make him crawl on his bended knees, and beg for mercy.”

    Jeyaretnam was made of sterner stuff. To his eternal credit he never did crawl on bended knees, or ever begged for mercy. And it is to Lee Kuan Yew’s eternal shame that Jeyaretnam will leave the political scene with his head held high, enjoying a martyrdom conferred on him by Lee. Lest I be misunderstood, let me state that Jeya more than deserves the crown of the martyr for his indomitable courage and dignity in the face of the vilest persecution.

    Even greater human spirits than Jeyaretnam had refused to bend their knees to Lee Kuan Yew. It is my considered view that the greatest human being living in Singapore today is one who declined to surrender to the intimidation of prolonged incarceration and restrictions imposed on him without trial for a total period which exceeds that suffered by Nelson Mandela. And here was the mark of true greatness. He emerged from the experience like a god unembittered. His name is Chia Thye Poh. And it is Lee Kuan Yew who emerged from the episode as the knave and fool of his own mindless vindictiveness, while the real conqueror smiles benignly – unnoted, of course, by the local media. For only sound waves from the Istana Annexe are picked up and regurgitated by His Master’s Voice.

    There is no political justification for obliging the Workers’ Party to close down. And not a shred of moral justification. What lies behind the move is among the most brazen vindictiveness ever shown in the political life of Singapore. It merely adds one more nail in the coffin of the PAP’s reputation when the true history of the party will be exposed to the world, as it surely will be one day in the coming decades of the third millennium. As mankind accelerates to the abyss, the shining memories of the past will certainly not include Lee Kuan Yew and the department store dummies he boasts today as his acolytes. He clearly does not possess the foresight to avoid such a fate.

    I gladly salute J.B. Jeyaretnam and the Worker’s Party at this highly deserved requiem, even if I never once had shared their platform.”

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  • WP and PSP:

    No more co-driver role for WP.
    Should do the job the voter expect from them…no more excuse with 10 MPs.
    PSP can give them some support as NCMP…

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  • SG media ranking:

    ST turns 175. But what is it’s Ranking?

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  • EducatedIdiots:

    Flawed conclusion again. No one is good. Everyone starts from there so they start looking for “good people” if not, like religion, “instant righteousness” via association. You are only good according to your bias or self interests/self deception.

    If PAP accepts you, you are good. If WP accepts you, you are good. If SDP accepts you you are good.Up north, none of the above are good men in their politics. In totality, they form the evil in our world.

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  • Dun Bluff Mi U Tink I 2pid?:

    WP please step up. Work with the 2 PSP NCMPs to win grounds in parliament.

    Win the East Coast while PSP win the West Coast. Send in at least another 10 Oppos MPs into parliament in the next GE!

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  • xoxo:

    insoLOONG as there us abuse n adulteration n RAPE,the PEOPLE will suffer under the PAPpys?

    PAPpy-governance n PAPpynomics stem from poor n greedy government.

    It is as simple as this.

    No good government,where got good governance,no matter how they pretend.


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  • Realistically:

    @ The Devan Nair Institute:
    July 15, 2020 at 11:51 am (Quote)

    >>He clearly never knew at any point of time how Singapore clicked economically.<>“Look,” he said, “Jeyaretnam cant win the infighting. I’ll tell you why. WE are in charge. Every government ministry and department is under our control. And in the infighting, he will go down for the count every time.” <<

    Unfortunately what LKY said, IS STILL VALID…….which makes the selfishness of those so-called oppos, especially the wayang party who has received much acclaim for wresting Sengkang from the PAPie office holders, more apparent……..poor sinkies of Aljunied & Sengkang GRC and the Hougang SMC.

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  • Realistically:

    @ @ The Devan Nair Institute:
    July 15, 2020 at 11:51 am (Quote)

    >> Immediately, however, Kuan Yew’s attention was concentrated on how he would deal with J.B Jeyaretnam in parliament.<<

    JB Jeyaretnam made the political mistake of bringing out the issue that HDB lease contracts were awarded to only ONE law firm…….and probably other lucrative contracts, as to the emperor without clothes saying as to how he would buy his supporters' votes.

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