Are imported cases worrisome?

You may read in the MOH report that there were 5 imported cases a day. This may seem a high number, compared to the infected cases that are detected in the community (i.e. outside the worker dormitories) every day.

Do not be misled into thinking that the visitors have a high rate of infection, compared to the local population.

Currently, about 1,000 people arrive into Singapore every day. Every arriving person is tested. The imported cases therefore represent 0.5% of the arrivals.

If we carry out a random test of the people in Singapore, we are likely to find more than 0.5% infected.

If the rate of infection among the incoming visitors is lower than the local population, the current practice of closing the border seemed to be illogical.

It is also harmful to the tourist trade, the economy and the business sentiment.

I hope that the people in the ministerial task force pay attention to this point. Maybe, it is a bad decision to close the border and cause so much harm to the economic and to the livelihood of hundred of thousand people who are badly affected.

It is also a waste of the 95 billion that has been spent on relief measures on the circuit breaker.

What do you say?


Tan Kin Lian




21 Responses to “Are imported cases worrisome?”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Why WORRY be HAPPY!!!…you put the Pimps & Prostitutes back in POWER…

    So???…why WORRY lah!!!…

    3-5 years of Happiness & Sunshine with occasional Lightning & Thunderstorm to Ponding, not Flooding @ Orchard Road sending the Rats out from their Hole to Celebrate the Idiots who voted for them !!!

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  • Bad Boy:

    Imported cases worrisome ?

    Guess it is … at least for your favourite China it is. China deny all their citizens working overseas countries from going back to Mainland unless you specially book your own plane which cost a bomb 5 figure each person. Never send transport to fetch them back. High , mid or low level workers same treatment.–4526976922656274&luicode=10000011&lfid=1076035835973192


    So TKL you can donate some cash to help them out since u always praise Communist.

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  • 陈大婶:

    It was more than 100 billion and of course bad decision to close border and harm Economy.

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  • xoxo:

    All we know is that ,prior to TESTING DORM SWELLERS,these dwellers were MINGLING WITH sgs in the malls ,super-marts,hawkers and other public spaces.

    There has been NO NATION-WIDE TESTS CONDUCTED ,and to me,this poses THE REAL LATENT DANGER!
    Its like *time-bombs*?
    Or mines in the fields of Cambodia…

    Beware sgs,keep safe.

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  • Arriving Here To Work?:

    We already have a high rate of unemployment among Singaporeans. Most of these people who returned from India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam etc are returning to Singapore to work and they bring in the COVID 19 from their country of origin.

    Can’t we stop these people from coming back to work and force their employers to recruit jobless Singaporeans ?

    PAP what do you think ? How are you going to give jobs to unemployed Singaporeans then ?

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  • Pofma news:

    So what is the TOTAL NO INFECTED in the COMMUNITY as a todate?

    Any answers?

    Or is this reporting a COLLOBRATION of POFMA news!

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  • Halimah Totally Useless:

    Open the border and you’ll get a flood of chow CERCa Ah Nehs flooding here.
    Right now most the imported cases are those returning from India and in HK, most are from Pinoy Land.
    We do not need these low value imports and make the situation worse as it is.

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  • what the heck:

    the 1st wave of infections is still on yet gov warning about 2nd wave!
    say what?
    just admit they cant handle this pandemic.
    shd have spent that 100$bils on relief programmes for tru sgs better..
    everyday same old rubbish we got to read on the whatsapp updates app..
    no good news :(

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  • NotMyProblem:

    If it is true that 1000 people enter Singapore each day, I just like to know who are they and why are they allowed to come in? Who paying for their quarantine or hotels stay?

    Why are we importing the virus when our own internal cases still not in control?

    Do we have a magic solution now after so many hindsight? Do we still need to rewind the clock?

    Why is there a need for temperature checking when Covid-19 is asymptomatic (task force called it symptom-less)? If the illness can be detected by temperature checking, what symptom-less?

    When Singapore can be like New Zealand? Its PM Jacinda Ardern already did her “little dance” over NZ’s victory over the virus month ago!!

    Any body, just any body, please explain!!

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL

    BACK TO YOUR SILLY BURPING AGAIN, the pandemic starts with 1 transmission and wildfire from thereon. So your neat mathematics of calculation probabilistic tabulation is not the logic yardstick.

    It is, however, a matter of risks-taking which the rest of the world is willing or unwilling to bet on collectively. Changi Airport is opened, BUT WHICH DEPARTURE AIRPORT AROUND THE WORLD is busy with big fully-loaded departure flights, destination LEE-jiapore.? And if there is detection of infection on board, who is taking over the quarantine isolation and providing of healthcare needs.


    Even Fauci told the world that he is NOT taking a plane flight or eat out in his favorite restaurant.

    Would Fauci get on a plane or dine out? Here’s what he says

    With infections still roaring with hundreds daily, which other country dare to share our “open border” welcome of visitors WHO MIGHT FLY INTO LEE-jiapore and not able to return to their homeland thereafter if infected.

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  • testing not enough:

    Should have done more testing like China.
    Then can open the economy faster and reduce the serious damage to companies,jobs and economy.
    Now hard time ahead …especially with loss of jobs.

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  • ccs still talking blur:

    the new useless cabinet..hearing them and their the chief clown speaking i wanna scream!
    going from bad to worse -the quality of our sgov.

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  • uselesstankl:

    Should this be Tax Payers problem ???

    Pls ask yourself,



    Is MOM in CAHOOTS ???

    I cannot think otherwise !!!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    ccs still talking blur:
    the new useless cabinet..hearing them and their the chief clown speaking i wanna scream!
    going from bad to worse -the quality of our sgov.

    Please don’t blame the government.

    Blame those voters of East Coast GRC, West Coast GRC, Tanjong Pagar GRC, Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Bukit Panjang SMC, Bukit Batok SMC, etc.

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  • Worry:

    More worry about the hard time ahead..
    The damage to the economy and livelihood will be terrible …worst than the Pandemic.
    Will create more new “Poor”.

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  • Testing:

    Need to quickly test all the FW and the vulnerable groups for Covid-19.
    After that the rest of the population.
    Need to open up the economy fast and with confidence so that the economic impact will be much reduced.
    The cost to jobs and livelihoods is worse than the Pandemic..$100B is not the real costs..the damage will be for a long time even when the pandemic is controlled worldwide…
    Action Please.

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  • If you look at the cases and trends around the world, it completely defies logic that the number of infections in communbity is so unbelievable very small at a single digit when it was always the Work Pass holders who kenna.

    Ignoring the foreign workers dormitories that are actively being tested, there can only be 2 possible explanations:

    1. People in the community are not actively being tested and those who kenna only then report sick, suggesting that it is entirely possible that there are hundreds of asymptomatic carriers roaming freely in the community.

    2. That Sinkies are naturally immune to the virus that causes Covid-19 or that the strain of virus in Sinkieland is toothless and harmless.

    What do you think?

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  • Superspreader:

    All it takes is 1 asynptomic case to pass through immigration undetected to start a cluster and from there to multiply into other clusters. Quarantine is still a must if you let visitors in, and there should be no transit passengers at the airport waiting for transfers. When you have a massive number of people coming across the causeway to work without having to be quarantined, there is a danger of a second wave. At this time the “tourists” you get will be your FTs coming in to work. Which tourists will want to spend their vacation in a quarantine facilities or hotel room for 14 days?

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  • Unreal:

    Why are they still not finished with testings in the dorms after so many weeks? How many thousands more to go? It seems odd that the daily numbers are still in the hundreds but the community cases are only in the tens. Is it possible that the wider population is largely untouched by the virus when these dorm residents are doing work in the community?

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  • Magic Wand:

    ….”Coronavirus: 4 in Bukit Panjang transport hub cluster are drivers

    …According to SMRT, three of the drivers contracted Covid-19 in their households.”Jul 27, 2020 ST.
    ….Very very strange.
    SMRT knows exactly where three of their drivers contracted Covid.
    Yet it is a depot cluster.
    3 drivers living in separate households, contracted virus from 3 different households,worked in same depot.
    What are the odds?
    Better buy TOTO.

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  • Yoda:

    TKL youe concern is misplaced! It’s the Foreign Workers Dormitory infection that is WORRYING! It has not abated – it’s close to 500 infections for 3 days!
    How come the deaths are not prominently displayed in the daily announcement by CNA?? TKL, do something usefull!!

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