Domestic tourism also can spread Covid-19

With Singapore planning to encourage local tourism. Vietnam is a lesson to be heeded. Covid-19 loves crowded spaces.

Vietnam has been lauded as a success story, having acted early to close borders and enforce quarantine and contact tracing.

It recorded just over 400 cases and no deaths. (Related post: Covid-19: Ang moh runs up US$85,000 bill)

Nearly 100 days after its last locally transmitted case in April, four new cases emerged in Vietnam: all from a tourist attraction. Vietnam had been encouraging local tourism to help the economy.

Vietnam has closed the city of Da Nang to tourists after four new locally transmitted coronavirus were recorded.

No tourists can enter the city for 14 days and extra flights are being laid on to fly out up to 80,000 visitors.

Restrictions are also in place in the city.


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6 Responses to “Domestic tourism also can spread Covid-19”

  • Dun Bluff Mi U Tink I 2pid?:

    SG is so small. How to have domestic tourism?

    Travel from Changi to Tuas? From Woodlands to Sentosa? Pulau Tekong? Pulau Ubin?

    We are still in Dorscon Orange and stuck in the first wave. Few hundred cases daily. Not sure how the million-dollar ministers are going to solve this Covid issue. Or they don’t intend to do anything.

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  • PAP ain't d Solution:

    If the Multi Task Force says domestic tourism don’t spread covid infections, means no lah.
    Trust them. Believe them.
    Now they have a strong mandate to screw things up, but it’s still legitimate licence from the voters. So cannot argue, please.

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  • sengkang kia:

    Its not the time to think about making noney.
    Health should take precedence even over GE?

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  • “We are still in Dorscon Orange and stuck in the first wave. Few hundred cases daily. Not sure how the million-dollar ministers are going to solve this Covid issue. Or they don’t intend to do anything.”

    Precisely, if I had not been in China and experience 1sty hand the speed at which the contagion can spread, I would have believed every BS stats uttered by the MOH.

    However, since I have witnessed 1st hand the terror of the contagion in Wuhan, I would not believe a single figure teh MOH issues, unless they do a mass testing of all residents.

    It appears that the task force has chosen not to proactively do anything except for teh FTs and it is a decision which I am sure they will regret before the year is up. For those who are assisting in the massaging of the figures, they will not be spared either and would suffer eventually when a huge outbreak occurs. Figures can be massages but certainly not the virus. Until today, did MOH release the total number of healthcare workers that have been infected, and if not, why not? Is it safe to assume an approximate of 100 or maybe more?

    Every day the figures by MOH mostly FTs and one or two sinkies nia, you think can believe meh? Virus got sign agreement with the party to only infect FTs issit?

    Just look at Hong Kong and China, the pandemic’s 2nd wave has already started and Sinkieland is still stuck in the 1st wave.

    I think these idiots really believe that the strain of virus in Sinkieland is toothless and harmless and afraid of the party?

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Futt:

    Covid 19 is scarier than AIDS. You don’t have to F someone to get it.

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  • Deadly virus:

    The virus is deadly. So is the damage to the economy and livelihoods.
    Have to balance the two.
    Open the economy but take maximum precaution .
    Need the cooperation of everyone. No easy answer or solution.
    Look at the jobs lost…worse will be coming. Even worse if the economy is not open .

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