Suicide cases in Singapore

This is so depressing news.

According to CNA online, the number of suicide cases in Singapore among those aged between 20 to 29 remains highest last year.

71 people in that age group committed suicide last year, ie, about one in every 5 days. Moreover, suicide remains the leading cause of death among those aged 10 to 29.

According to SOS, 2017 also saw a record elderly suicide of 129 in Singapore.

I ask what has happened in Singapore under the pap government when so many elderly people and especially young people who are just starting out in life chose to end their own lives in record numbers and mind you, those figures are figures reported by credible sources such as SOS and CNA.

Let us get this straight. People do not commit suicide for fun. Although those who chose to end their lives are unknown to most of us, I suspect that behind the facade of a modern and prosperous Singapore, many among those seniors who chose to end their own lives led very painful and suffering lives prior.

Among younger people, the inability to handle relationship problems, mental health problems and/or the inability at facing challenging circumstances could be the leading causes. In short, Goh Chok Tong’s much touted rugged society hot air has given way to reality and when harsh realities bite, they bite hard.

In the face of our falling birth rates, high suicides among our seniors and also our young citizens, how on earth could the pap government under that useless and dishonourable son claims to be a good government?

Even hardcore and unthinking sucker supporters need to wake-up someday too. No?



Simon Lim




17 Responses to “Suicide cases in Singapore”

  • xoxo:

    Oh,Chase that rainbow?
    Only for kaki-nangs.
    As for the poor sgs,you die your problem.

    Dont believe,GO ASK YOUR FATHER.

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  • life is getting harder:

    still the selfish 61% fail to see or acknowledge whats reality in our sg.
    younger n younger people are losing jobs everyday.
    i think the PAPs should use the SKILLSFUTURE scheme to retrain and upgrade themselves first.
    go on.

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  • Protect Atas People:

    When psychological treatment wasn’t even in the list of “essential services” during CB, it already tells us that mental health is not a national priority.

    To the heartless rotten PAPayas whose hands are stained with blood, money not life is their priority.

    Can’t believe that the one who shared PM’s bed still dared to say, “Everyone has to answer to their conscience, the Almighty, and their karma in time to come.”

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    During the 80s, Arts & Social Sciences grads could not find jobs and got violent shelling from paarents. Now the pressure is even 100 times worse. Guess who gets due credit for these suicides?

    Luckily the people from SengKang realised this.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Communist Island does not allow people to live as individuals with their on aims, aspirations, expectations and hope for their future.

    You are a wheel that must fulfill whatever purpose they tell you is yours. You cannot have any individual belief and behaviour outside of the prescribed inculcation programme.

    You are then required to backstab everyone to reach this level set for you.

    If you cannot, then you are a failure, and they will never let you forget how wonderful the FT are to do what you are unable to do. In reality, you see the FT merely bullshitting their way to success, and you cannot do such things but you are constantly told this kind of practice is a virtue and not a sin.

    There is no hope for young people today to dream and do great things. They must become commune workers or debt slaves just earning a living to survive another day.

    Suicide is not undertaken when a person is thinking clearly, but when depression becomes their normal existence out of hopelessness. The older people force them to comply or conform. So many young people become depressed.

    The voters and mature people are to blame for this and they will get their just desserts – karma is waiting just around the corner now. Time to pay the piper.

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  • 61% sheep producing cotton:

    from kindergarten to nus under pap BS.

    how not to become stupid?

    talk to any sheep parent who proudly declares child is in pap nus ntu smu. BUT jobless. interviewed by ceca ah neh manager who prefers ceca village clan member.

    one neighbor woman loudly says bad things about pap because her son needed to waste time in NSF and after nus could not secure a job. YET when GE came, she voted pap, saying MP is this good MP is that good.

    with such sheep in residence no wonder pap continues to milk them for cotton.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    None to BLAME but the System of “The Best”…and the Idiotic Sheeple agreeing to pressure their children to excel when they Just Want To “Be Normal”…

    Murdering through LEEgal Abortion is NOT good enough…

    Go into the Rainbow and look for Gold…if NOT go and DIE…

    You don’t deserve this Elite Society Created by a Devil’s Advocate name Lie & Con You!!!

    RIP… those murdered and left the world under distress…you are in a Better World than the one you left behind by Force or Voluntarily

    The Evil will be PAID in FULL!!!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the new paper :Quote -Worker in stable condition after allegedly slitting his throat at dorm

    A migrant worker allegedly slit his throat on Sunday morning at a dormitory in Sungei Kadut. The 36-year-old was seen lying bloodied at a staircase landing in the dorm.

    A police spokesman said they were alerted to the incident at Block 53 Sungei Kadut Loop at about 7.30am and apprehended the man under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act.

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said it was aware of the incident and that the man was attended to quickly.

    He said: “The dormitory operator and Fast Team (Forward Assurance and Support Team) on site reacted quickly and treated his injuries. He is now in a safe and stable condition.”

    Further checks by MOM found that he did not have salary arrears and there were no indications he was in distress prior to the incident.

    His food and accommodation were also provided for…


    Last Friday, another worker was also apprehended by the police under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act after he was seen standing on a window ledge at The Leo dormitory in Kaki Bukit.

    In a video uploaded to citizen journalist website Stomp, the 27-year-old is seen standing on the ledge as others in the dormitory shout and try to pull him in.

    The MOM spokesman said it was also aware of the incident that happened at 25 Kaki Bukit Road 3 just past midnight….

    The latest incidents come after a spate of cases on July 24, when the police responded to three incidents involving migrant workers in the dorms within a span of four hours.

    A 37-year-old worker was found dead at 512 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, and the case has been classified as an unnatural death with no foul play suspected.

    MOM has urged workers to reach out if they require assistance.

    “MOM advises all workers not to put themselves in harm’s way if they encounter problems,” said the spokesman….”Unquote .

    Response : Is this also Goh CT Swiss Standard ?The Swiss Standard is Swiss Standard of Suicide too.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    @ Simon Lim,

    You know what is China suicide rate and numbers ?

    Every countries have suicide. Sometimes, its financial, or emotional or psych issues e.g. depression ….
    And most commit quietly without signs , … If at the scene coincidentally one will try to rescue.

    Btw , great asia, red bean or tkl never raises topic of China suicide rate to Sg here but instead talk about tik tok. Nabay u think sg stupid.

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  • even if u dont care, think:

    even the poor fws cooped up in those virus-trap domitories are threatening suicide.
    a lot is going wrong.
    please 61% wake up before its too late.
    this is what happens i feel when humans are treated as mere dispensable digits.

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  • limpei:

    Minister of sustainability!!! can you help these people!!!

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  • John Richards:

    Henry David Thoreau famously stated in Walden that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” He thinks misplaced value is the cause: We feel a void in our lives, and we attempt to fill it with things like money, possessions, and accolades. We think these things will make us happy.

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  • Shemale Pondan:

    such issues we cannot see around us… We also dont know how many in real numbers.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    China workers cannot fly back to China. Why ? Because mainland China dont accept them coming back to mainland for the fear of imported cases. Thats why plane tickets charge them damn expensive and not because sg wants to charge them this price.

    China dont even bother to arrange their own planes to fetch their citizens working all over the world back mainland. Its not that they dont have the monies and oil prices all time low.

    India obviously lack the $$$ and planes but as Modi encourage their people to practice yoga and meditate. Not letting ones imagination run wild.

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  • Reality:

    Life has become harder for these group of people.
    Sad situation but true.
    Need to address the issues before such suicide cases get worse.

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  • Bad Boy:

    @ PAP mandate strong ,

    Precisely .

    Just take a look at this oversea student video why she decided to stay in US and not return to China besides plane cost a bomb 5 or 6 figure ( though she can afford it ).

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  • depression:

    Need to address the depression problem cause by the Pandemic.
    Does not matter whether Singaporean or FT.We are all human.
    Take more proactive action to help before more unnecessary death.
    All lives are precious.

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