The hot sun kill the corona

I made the statement that the hot sun kill the corona virus.

Someone asked me to justify this statement, as we are getting over 300 new cases a day. He asked if these cases are fake?

Hello friend. The corona can still survive in the human body and in air conditioned room. So, not all the corona are killed by the hot sun.

Even for the corona that survived, they are mild. You can see clearly that over 300 people are infected each day, but few went into intensive care and hardly any of them died.

The corona is more serious in some countries, as they are reporting large number of deaths every day. But it is mild in Singapore and is not causing any large number of deaths.

We should not be over-concerned about the spread of the corona. It does not cause much harm.

We should not over-react to the spread by continuing with the circuit breaker or imposing the travel ban.

These measures have a serious impact on the people and their livelihoods. Many of the businesses will be killed by these measures. More people will lose their livelihoods.

I hope that the insane ministers will realize the damage caused by their decisions and take steps to relax the measures. If they don’t, I hope that more people will realize that there is no need to be over-concerned about the spread of the corona – so long as the death rate remains extremely low.


Tan Kin Lian




16 Responses to “The hot sun kill the corona”

  • OMG!:

    The hot sun must have killed a lot of brain cells.

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  • Great Asia:

    I made the statement that the hot sun kill the corona virus?!!!

    Shallow monkey Tan, your statement should be: Corona virus can’t survive long in China.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    ONE death is ONE too many for uncalled Death NOT by Natural Causes…

    Tan Ahhhh!!! meaning well is NOT knowing well leh!!!

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  • But:

    But even sg relax ( as some countries adopt a more relax approach and others lack the capabilties to tighten ) , other countries dont see eye to eye.
    One country is China. Can Mr Tan exercise your influence over China and CCP since u support Xi?

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  • many factors still unknown:

    Brazil is a hot country how come the virus is running wild there? 2nd most infected place in the world now.
    probably cuz the healthcare facilities arent adequate or people refuse to follow mask/safe distancing rules?

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  • opposition dude:

    The number of deaths is low so let’s keep it that way uncle Tan. This virus is not to be fooled around with. Just because people report mild symptoms and most recover doesn’t mean we should let our guard down.

    Because if what you say is true then the whole world might as well ease their lockdowns and get back to normal liao. Why bother having so many preventive measure since you say the virus is mild and doesnt kill that many people?

    You won’t be saying the same shit if you kena the virus and was in ICU plus being quarantined for weeks I’m sure.

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  • oxygen:

    XIAO KOW LUAN PUI (mad puppy anyhow bark) yet again. Pogo gold mine located some 300 km from the nearest civilisation in Fairbanks, Alaska, had to undertake quarantine and other control measure when some of its mine workers were tested positive for Covid-10 infection.

    This is to protect the mine from total shut-down and contaminate the sparsely populated Alaska in the Tundra.

    Northern Star confirms COVID-19 diagnosis

    Northern Star Resources said an employee at its Pogo mine in Alaska, US, had tested positive for COVID-19

    and it is not the only mine in remote tundra zone – almost totally isolated from civilisation that needs quarantine isolation.

    ” Several of Northern Star’s North American peers have reported positive tests among their workforces, including Kirkland Lake Gold at Detour Lake, while Kinross Gold and IAMGOLD reported COVID-19 diagnoses of workers in their respective Toronto offices.” according to the same weblink.

    I believe the Head Offices contamination could come from travel/contact of personnel to and from mining camps of HO staffs.

    If Canada and Alaska is so fearful of spread of Covid-19 infection originating from remote mining camps, IT IS SERIOUS.

    Here in this thread, XIAO KOW LUAN PUI thinks it is not serious. He must be the only genius and informed mind on the subject of Covid-19 pandemic and its risks/damage consequences of allegedly “not serious”

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  • Seem worst in cold region:

    Seem the Virus situation is worst in the cold region.
    Could be the Virus survive better in the cold or stronger in those countries.

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  • xoxo:

    Every life is precious.
    Corona Virus linked to pneumonia.
    And,pnemonia is not a disease to be taken lightly.
    It stays for lifetime like a time-bomb waiting to strike like a cobra when least expected?

    Remember,many in-patients of hospitals died from pneumonia even if they had been admitted for other reasons?
    Dont be complacent.
    Maybe TKL would like to mingle with the FOREIGN WORKERS IN THE HOT SUN at their dormitories???
    Based on your assumption, you should be fine as corona virus will shy away under the sun???

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    Which one is worse?

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  • Goh Chok Tong is a FAILURE:

    “Don’t be sour grapes” says Goh Chok Tong to netizen who commented about ‘Swiss standard of living’

    Woody Goh is playing “fast-and-loose” with the facts. First, he said “Swiss Standard of Living” in 1984 as a target for 1999. (He did NOT say “Swiss per capita GPD”). Second, as a trained economist, he should know there is a big difference between “standard of living” and “per capita GDP” (and he knows it). Woody Goh should be honest and admit he failed. He should also have discussed/explained it in his book “Tall Order”. (It appears it was really a “too tall an order” for him. He overpromised and did not deliver.)

    By his “sour grapes remarks” Woody Goh is indeed CONFIRMING that Singaporeans only have 1st World per capita GDP, NOT 1st World Standard of Living.

    In his book Woody Goh should have also explained what he did, if anything, as Senior Minister to help Singaporeans achieve a Swiss Standard of Living. He had plenty of time and was paid millions for the post.

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  • Yoda:

    “We should not over-react to the spread by continuing with the circuit breaker or imposing the travel ban.”

    TKL, you’ve never heard of Karma??

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Aussie now covid resurfaced and spreading.

    Even resort to S$5000 fine and send in military forces to ensure aussie people follow measures.

    Should Sg follow as example and implement same actions ?

    How Mr Michael Barr ? What say you ?

    How Mr Zhenzidan ? What say u ?

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  • What:

    @TKL. How do you know if a person’s internal organs eill still remain at original normal after infected with the virus? It’s the irreparable damage done & deterioration that inflict more pain and suffering, physically, emotionally & financially. Don’t play play with wrong careless advice. See the dominoe effects of “Don’t wear masks when you are not sick”?

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  • Balance:

    Need to balance the two.Health and economy.Both are important.

    Take maximum precaution and safest path to open the economy.
    Best to test the whole population to understand the extend of the Virus spread before opening further.
    Need to expand our testing rate…too slow at the moment.
    Too many cases already at the FW Dormitories.

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  • testing not enough:

    Need to speed up the testing for the whole population asap.
    Need to open the economy asap with maximum precaution after the full testing before we reach the point of no return and the economy permanently destroyed.
    Sad to see so many business that takes years to build destroy by this Pandemic.

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