Why our ministers and Office holders are all multi-millionaires

This PAP IB explains why our ministers and Office holders are all multimillionaires, and why ordinary people are not.

Yup. The elitism in the PAP and its rank-and-file is entrenched, and reeks like a rotting corpse. The likes of Calvin Cheng and Tan Wu Meng are proof.

This is the PAP today – lost in its own delusions, exactly as Ngiam Tong Dow said 10 years ago:

“I suspect we have started to believe our own propaganda. There is also a particular brand of Singapore elite arrogance creeping in.”

This “elite arrogance” is no longer just creeping in. It is now endemic in the PAP.


Andrew Loh


24 Responses to “Why our ministers and Office holders are all multi-millionaires”

  • The Art of Taking:

    Some day, someone is going to write about Singapore’s unique Art of Taking.

    Where people can openly take without legal corruption.
    Where people can confidentially take without legal corruption.

    You have to wonder why other countries cannot copy this Art of Taking. Are their politicians dumb, or their voters wise?

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  • what lies:

    all the newcomers believed the propaganda crap when they took citizenship.
    many must be regretting or already jumped ship to greener pastures.

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  • sg is doomed:

    61% are still loyal believers.

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  • Protect Atas People:

    There’s only one reason, the one and only reason. They r millionaires bcoz of their ability to intelligently and successfully brainwash daft people like the many PAP IBs that they must be paid millions or SG will be finished.

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  • xoxo:


    Chinese says *PIAN CHIAK,PIAN CHIAK*?

    Guess they have more *HINDSIGHT* so they pay themselves more than those with FORESIGHT?


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  • From the Quran:

    In the name of God Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    By the Night as it conceals;
    And by the Day as it manifests in glory;
    By the creation of male and female;
    Verily, the ends you strive for are diverse.
    So he who gives (in charity) and ,
    And (in all sincerity) testifies to what is best,
    We will indeed make smooth for him the path to Bliss.
    But he who is a greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient,
    And denies what is good,
    We will indeed pave for him the path to Misery;
    Nor will his wealth profit him when he falls headlong into the Pit.
    Verily We take upon Ourselves to guide,
    And verily unto Us is the End and the Beginning.

    Therefore do I warn you of a Fire blazing fiercely;
    None shall reach it but those most unfortunate ones
    Who give deny Truth and turn their backs.
    But those most devoted to God shall be far removed from it;
    Those who spend of their wealth for self-purification,
    And have in their minds no expectations of favours from anyone in return,
    But only desire to seek the Presence of their Lord Most High;
    And soon will these attain to complete satisfaction.

    (Chapter 92: The Night)

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  • Boh Kia See:

    This attitude has been apparent for many years. It is not new. When people take money that is above what they can contribute, they gloat about it. In this case, they don’t gloat verbally but show it in their attitude. The attitude rubs off on the kids as well.

    Those in the IB support it because they are paid very well to promote this culture with the underlying objective of waiting to join their ranks as well. The know the gravy train just as the Son of Pongol knows it. So does Edwin Tong.

    Singaporeans are gradually waking up to this and now there is a glimpse that supporting this culture will also endanger their kid’s future too–unless of course, they take the route of the gravy train which the Son of Ponggol can certainly help there.

    There is a glimmer of hope for Singapore. Let’s ensure that the base for awakened citizens expands to the next election.

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  • Self-Serving:

    They are what they are simply because they pay themselves. Ownself pay ownself.

    Shame compared to other countries with bigger land area and population.

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    Don’t take it to heart what the IBs say. They are mind controlled zombies. They can’t tell shit from shinola.

    Some of them came to my door. Insited on plying us with flyers even though I declined.

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  • Uselesstankl:


    ” PARASITE “

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  • Pseudo-Beggars in Sg:

    Those millionisters are living in the clouds, oblivious to the poor on the ground. Pseudo-beggary like peddling of tissue papers are becoming rampant in public places.

    Oh! What a good governance, taking care of Sporeans’ wellbeing, indeed!

    Chehhhhhh…. This is the Swiss Std of Living as promised three decades ago. Well done!

    A socalled first world city. Yet, more and more people are driven to the point of Swisscidal! The number of suicides keep climbing every year. A big, big sign of an epic failure of ‘Good Governance’

    The Disability Assistance Scheme is still $100 per month since its introduction some 10 years ago. And it’s a wellknown fact that prices of essential goods had risen significantly. By now, the amount should double to $200.

    Is this what is called helping to alleviate the suffering of the poor, the sick and the needy?

    What a shame!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Delusions? I think not. The Clown Circus is doing pretty well the last time I looked. It is the stupid majority of voters who are the real losers.

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  • Billy ma:

    PAP ministers are not there because of wanting to be rich.
    They’re there because they can be richer.

    PAP ministers know that they’ll be multi millionaire while in office & can earn even more after leaving office.

    Go ask lim boon heng wong kan seng & gang who are still drawing millions after stepping down.

    So PAP ministers are long term planners & long foresight.
    Unfortunately for Singapore & Singaporeans, these people are just looking after themselves & their own family.

    The Swiss standard that PAP told to Singaporeans years ago really is for PAP ministers only. And they’d achieve it years ago, for themselves of course.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    It is well known and admitted by PAP’s MPs and Ministers that they are in politics because of wealth, fame, power and impressive resume.

    “Serving the people ” is only their song title.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    Yip said he was initially with the company as its Director of Customer & Business Strategies.

    “I was instrumental in leading significant improvement to customer relationships, driving incremental business and establishing long term strategic directions for ESA. This laid my foundation to eventually lead ESA as the Managing Director,” he claimed.


    Is this the garbage we get from NUS and RSAF ?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    SIMPLE!!!…LEEgal Corruption lah!!!

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  • Prudence in Using Public Fund:

    In any State Governance, instead of exercising Prudence in using Public Fund, the Art of Taking can easily morphed into Plundering and Squandering without an iota of conscience; like nobody’s business.

    Some done in the open and most done discreetly;undetected.

    That’s how Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

    Fret not. All that is taken shall burn together with The Takers in hellfire and brimstones.

    Retribution awaits.

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  • believing in your own lies:

    There are many that have are more hardworking and ability than those there and are not millionaires.

    There are many that are are of less or none of the above traits and yet are still millionaires/billionaires

    Intelligence, creativity, talent and wit, in its various combination or own standing, are also traits that are abundant in the world, and yet the number of millionaire isn’t of the same proportion.

    So Mr Allen, why are you shooting yourself in the brain?? Got so blind that you believe your own lies?? Your propaganda logic needs to be checked, and your tactical attempt to shame the recipient is also too obvious and lousy to effect any impact.

    A more accurate statement for the minister millionaires is becuz of the clansman-like relations, not because they are superhuman that they are truly sought after millionaires. It is a club that only the selected are privy, and not because they are truly talented, more likely because it is friends and family, which is a very human thing to do, and hence why systems (like the democracy concepts) actually exist to attempt to mitigate against it (but will always fail because of power).

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  • xoxo:

    These HINDSIGHT MINISTERS think they are the BEST N BRIGHTEST just becos they were bookworms who managed to get FREE TAXPAYER MONEY to study in expensive varsities OVERSEAS?

    THEY arrogantly despise sgs as daft and brought in hundreds of thousands of FAKE TALENTS from abroad to replace sgs at our workplaces?

    How many of these FTs have made REAL HEADWAYS for SG?
    LOOK,our own TAN MIN LIANG N BENJAMIN TEE,have put SG on the world’s stage.
    Tan in computer games.
    Tee in artificial skin.

    Just like Sim of Creative year

    s back.
    Many more sgs have to leave our shores to advance their skills n ceeativity elsewhere becos our OWN GOVT LOOKS DOWN on them.
    Our govt seems to look up to all that is FOREIGN?

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  • xoxo:


    Guess MEDIOCRES PREFER TO HAVE MORE MEDIOCRE PEOPLE working for them for some strange reason?

    Our govt is simply DAFT to the core!

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  • I love TR Emeritus:

    Whenever i’m bored and need a laugh i go to TR Emeritus and read all the kao peh about PAP and ministers. U freaking losers can moan all u want but so what what if PAP maybe in 3020 lose the majority and opposition become the leaders? U are still buay gan will forever be. U are losers because you are, not because of PAP or otherwise.

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  • Pioneer:

    Remember, during the recent GE the PAPayas begged the voters to give them the mandate. Why ? They need this mandate to retain the multi-million dollars pays. 61% has agreed to continue their world’s top salaries. Complain also no use. 5-year contract has already been signed and sealed.

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  • Reality:

    There is a big gap between the elite and the ordinary Singaporean.The pay difference is just too big.
    It is too big and not very healthy for a Society.
    Need to narrow the gap fast…improve the social net for the poor and needy.
    Very hard for them to survive on $500 pm assistance …
    Also need to fine tune our Mean Test Policy..
    Was surprise that some case when even without jobs for 6 months still expects to pay fully without subsidy for treatment of more than $100 per day.
    Something wrong with our Policy…not flexible with the criteria.

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  • Pay structure:

    The pay structure in Singapore is wrong.The gap is just too big.
    The lower group pay is just too low while a small group has too high pay compare to other countries pay structure.
    Something is very wrong with our Policy.Need to make a U turn.
    For one ,we need to tax heavily the upper group so that they do not have the incentives to pay exorbitant pay to themselves.

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