Child Abuse

Everytime someone recalls the past to justify abuse, it irritates the hell out of me.

These are the kind of people who would do well to continue to use a hole in the ground as his toilet.

We don’t cane children or slap them or abuse them – like parents in the past may have done – because we are supposed to be more enlightened now. You know, because we are SUPPOSED to be more educated, civilised, and understand children more than our parents perhaps did.

Caning children like what happened in this news report is child abuse. Period. Don’t make excuses.

And oh, it was also child abuse in the past, just that we didn’t think it was.

And oh again, you got caned when you were young? Great. But that doesn’t mean all children should be caned like you were.

I too was caned, by my father and my teacher, fyi.


Andrew Loh




10 Responses to “Child Abuse”

  • Tracey Ching:

    Hello, I am sure this writer is aware that Singapore justice legal system have canning. This parental canning is just giving the boys a taste of the what is going to happen to them in the future if they are naughty. Entertainers such as Jackie Chan and the fat Sumo Hung had publicly advocated canning their children and they have martial arts background.

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  • The Intelligence doctor says:

    “The less a person understands his own feelings, the more he will fall prey to them. The less a person understands the feelings, the responses, and the behavior of others, the more likely he will interact inappropriately with them and therefore fail to secure his proper place in the world.”

    - Prof. Howard Gardner

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  • Discipline please:

    Discipline and abuse is a fine line this day.
    Need to have a balance or we will have trouble in the future when the child grow up.
    Better to discipline them when young.

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  • xoxo:

    Problem is not about CANING itself.
    Some disciplining is good.
    Problem us about VIOLENCE -HOME VIOLENCE?
    And,INFANTICIDE is the worst form.
    Next comes sexual abuse,i guess.

    I was caned but i think my parents did it with love and restraint.
    Not so some school teachers though.
    I was once caned because my *GROUP* did badly for a test.
    Ironically,i scored well.

    So,you see there must be good reason for caning and it must be done with discipline n not violence,what do you think?


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  • Zhenzidan:

    I was also an abused child when I was young. Getting slapped, spanked caned and even punched by teachers for not doing homework, untidy handwriting and not knowing your work! Not because you misbehaved! These are what we call “abuse”. Getting bullied by elder siblings was also common those times.

    There were however some justified cases of corporal punishment, when there was this class bully who always picked fights against timid students. Once he picked on my timid friend and my friend was punched until face was swollen. This made the bully very proud. In class he will behave like a secret society chief where other gangster students will look up to him as the Lao Da (Big Brother), until this male Chinese teacher came in. He warned this bully before verbally. But of course, it fell on deaf ears, until one day this teacher pulled his hair from his seat, dragged him to the front and slammed him against the wall! Still not enough, the teacher went up to him and pulled his side burns shaking him vigorously, telling him “You better cut your hair! I don’t want to see these side burns!”

    That bully was immediately turned into a timid fiack, a gangster chief being humiliated in front of the whole class, he felt so malu, and went home immediately. The following day, he decided to quit school.

    This is what has to be done. Sometimes you need violence to curb violence.

    I myself never needed to do this on children nowadays, my loud voice and fierce looks are enough.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    But canning a 3-year-old? Errr…. No, I won’t need to do that.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    While this case of a three years old kid is pitiful, nevertheless it is good and early exposure for the kid to understand in time to come that Singapore is an unfair society. Unless he comes from an elite family background, inequities will befall him till death in Singapore.

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    Verbal abuse by army personnal, character assasination by civil servants.

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  • 61% cotton producing sheep:


    not an excuse.

    it is the cause of such misery.

    we advise anyone who listens NOT to do what pap says, which is to produce more sheep so that pap can milk more cotton.

    we advise anyone who listens this way. do you earn S$m like pap ownself pay ownself folks?

    if yes, you have no problem. produce as many cotton sheep as you want. you wont be stressed so your children are almost certain to be safe from parental abuse.

    if no, then, stop. we understand need to ffff. but you don’t get wife to ffff so that you produce sheep for pap to milk cotton. you get wife to ffff because you want to care for wife. you have children because you want to care for children. but since you don’t have S$m like pap folks in pap Singapore, stop.

    don’t harm another woman by marrying her. both you and her are going to suffer if both of you are not S$m like pap ownself pay ownself folks. worse if you marry, ffff, but DO NOT reproduce.

    marrying and having children is a person’s birthright?


    it is a curse, and unless this vicious curse is broken, the cycle continues.

    of course pap wants more such sheep. pap folks need maids drivers gardeners security guards for their clan members.

    marrying and having children is not a birthright. it is a conscious RESPONSIBILITY. if you listen to pap, you become IRRESPONSIBLE.

    so what to do?

    you need to ffff, S$50 swee swee Myanmar mei mei swee swee Msia mei mei. if you don’t make S$m like pap folks in pap island, don’t marry. with that little money left after spending on S$50 ffff, buy that car and enjoy a better quality of life.

    having children, we repeat, is NOT a right. it is a responsibility. in pap land, you cannot be responsible if you don’t have S$m to start the conversation.

    be realistic. stop the poverty cycle which is also known as the stress cycle. YOU don’t marry to make another woman suffer. you don’t marry and make children and the make them suffer.

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  • I beg to differ:

    However in the east, theres this 虎媽 虎爸, ….

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