Need to rationalize public transport

The minister for transport Ong Ye Kung explained about the cost of operating public transport in the Bukit Panjang area in this letter to the Straits Times [LINK].

He explained why it is necessary for his ministry to remove two bus services to streamline the public transport services in the Bukit Panjang area.

But the problem is not restricted with that specific area only. It probably occur with many other parts of the island.

We have overbuilt on the MRT lines and still run a complicated network of over 300 bus services. There is duplication and low usage in many bus services

I suggest that the minister publish the figures on the deficits that are being incurred in each MRT line and bus service. This will help the public to understand the need to further rationalize the public transport services in many parts of the island.

There is a case for public transport to be subsidized. However, we still need to rationalize the system so that the subsidy is more or less the same for all services. There is no point to have some services that are being operated inefficiently with low ridership compared to other services.

I have raised this issue on several occasions during the past year. I have raised this issue on several occasions during the past year. I have observed that some services have too many buses relative to passengers. The buses seemed to be under occupied most of the time. They also appear more frequently.

I have wondered why the ministry did not study the data of rides and rationalize the frequency of the bus services. I consider that this will be a necessary first step.

I suggest that the starting point is to publish the comprehensive data for the public to be aware of the situation. The minister can then form a panel to study and recommend the rationalization and restructuring of the public transport system.

I hope that the new minister takes this step.


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Need to rationalize public transport”

  • Harder Truths:

    This is how a communist system operates. There is no supply and demand economics. Everything is planned by civil servants who have no clue what a bus looks like. Failure does not matter – the system just pushes more tax money to cover up the shortfall.

    This is just not a BP problem. It is the state of the State. This is why communist countries will never make it. $G is on the same road.

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  • oxygen:

    TRANSPORT IS POLITICS feedstock highly sensitive to votes. The idiots who voted against SDP in Pasir Panjang GRC in the 2020 GE got RAPED, so soon after giving thanks to PAPpys on their fallen knees ABSOLUTELY DESERVES what they got.

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  • Rebecca How Lian:

    Buses so frekin slow. Avoid if possible.

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  • Agreed:

    Should rationalize our public transportation bases on Data.Use Ai.

    Should make better use of Public funds and be fair.

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  • car lite is for pap folks only:

    pap all singing economy is bad bad bad, and abuses S$100b of sheep CPF money giving them to business kakis who of course welcome the extra free of charge S$.

    economy is bad? COE all up. so is economy bad?

    economy is bad? we no longer are able to buy from JB so we pandafood and we notice charges going up. so is economy bad?

    economy is bad? we checked right after GE2020. pap folks still S$m pa under ownself pay ownself system. so is economy bad?

    anyway, back to COE.

    61% sheep truly stupid in own land of birth.

    car lite is designed for pap folks and pap folk children. it is never meant for sheep and sheep children.

    after all, which employer takes bus while the employee drives car? only in sheep Singapore where the folks sheep votes into power drives cars, and bidding up COE, while sheep and sheep children 200,000 of whom are mostly jobless in land with 400,000 alien PMETs mostly bus mrt.

    what is the point?

    buy that car. stop taking pap buses pap mrt. the pap buses and pap mrt are for pap folks and their children. never meant for sheep.


    imagine living in own land of birth from birth to death never owning a car while the folks they vote into power all swee swee more than one car. why produce cotton for the people working for you?

    so stupid. sheep. and those who advise each other to go car lite when heart of hearts car lite is only meant for pap folks and pap folk children. why continue to produce cotton for pap?

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  • Hardest Truth is the Sin CCP:

    Emperor Dowager’s Crony-Capitalist Party rules Sinchiapor Incorporated. No doubt certificate-laden filthy- rich. Kiasi kiasu kanasai…

    Let ‘em sheeples pay & serve!

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  • TKL is ignorant:

    Public transport should be operated on a HOLISTIC basis. It is a public service so the routes that make money should help pay for those that do not. The important thing is that the system OVERALL is financially viable. Cannot be too calculating.

    One more thing the economics of public transport is similar to those of public roads in that “supply creates demand”. It takes time for public transport routes to gain passengers. Land along public transport routes will be more likely to be developed. This will result in more passengers for the route.

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  • More Jam than butter:


    Or More buses more TRAFFIC JAM!

    Good riddance caw!

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  • More Buses Lesser Cars:

    More buses are meant for the sheep who are tired of producing cotton for their masters all night and day.

    The sheeples covidly rush during peak hours in jampacked buses and trains. How else can they complain when aristocraptic beings have the upperhand in practcally everything.

    Sleep no more. Thou shalt rest in peace. Either you live or leave this world. No one cares. To each his own.

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