Vaccine from Russia

The president of Russia announced that they have found a vaccine and have approved its use in the country. They have started large scale production.

The western media criticized the decision. There were no data about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. The scientists said that it normally takes 18 months for a vaccine to be proven.

I hold a different view on this matter. I believe that President Putin is making the right decision as a leader. Let me explain my view.

President Putin decided to authorize the use now, instead of waiting another 6 months. I agree with this decision, because there is need to find a vaccine.

What about the risk?

Here are some possible outcomes, with my guess of its probability:

a) The vaccine will kill – 0.1%
b) The vaccine will cause harmful effect – 2%
c) The vaccine will have minor benefit – 20%
d) The vaccine will be effective and safe – 10%
e) A better vaccine will be found in 6 or 12 months time – 68%

I am confident about the first two outcome. I am sure that the Russian scientists and the President would not approve the vaccine if the numbers are much higher.

Even if they are wrong and the vaccine is lethal or harmful, it will be discovered quite soon, before too many people were vaccinated.

The benefit of the third and fourth outcomes will outweigh the risk of the first two outcomes.

Due to the critical situation facing the world now, it is best to act on a vaccine that has not been fully proven – provided that the risk of death or harm is low. The Russian vaccine probably falls in this category.

It is difficult for the scientist to take a decision to use a vaccine that is now at the first or second stage of test. It has to be taken by a political leader. President Putin has taken that decision. I hope that he is proven to be correct.


Tan Kin Lian




8 Responses to “Vaccine from Russia”

  • xoxo:

    Action speaks louder than words.
    I suggest TKL flies to RUSSIA and get gimself vaccinated instead of throwing up probability theory in the air.

    We shall then know the outcome.
    As TKL believes that harmful outcomes are so low(insignificant),it will be of no harm if he tries?

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  • Conned Care:

    TKL – You are right. Please offer this Russian vaccine to our 4G ministers first. Singaporean like to see whether they will be be that 0.1% that will be killed

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the website :Quote -”Singapore—A netizen by the name of Cheryl Tan posted on Thursday (August 13) on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, claiming that her mother died because of negligence and improper post-operation care at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). She also asked readers to share her post to generate awareness of the problem.

    Ms Tan claimed that her 70-year-old mother had been confined at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) in July of this year, as her heart valves were not functioning well as well as for irregular heart rhythm. Tests were conducted on the elderly lady, and it was found that she indeed had two heart valves that were not working properly, and was given medication for this condition.

    According to Ms Tan, the doctor at TTSH suggested that her mother see a specialist at either SGH or National University Hospital (NUH), as there are not many cardiologists at TTSH.

    At SGH, where the family decided to take their mother, the heart specialist suggested that the mother undergo “heart surgery to repair one heart valve and replace (another) heart valve,” after the mother had been on medication for several months….

    The surgery, which had been scheduled for March, was postponed to July due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Ms Tan’s mother was warded at SGH on July 20 and had surgery on July 22. However, on the day after the surgery, her mother’s kidneys started to fail, causing her to require dialysis. Ms Tan wrote, “As the heart surgeon has mentioned earlier that it is a Low-risk surgery, the risk of complications is only 1%. We couldn’t believe that such thing would happen to my mother.”

    After the operation, the surgeon who had operated on her mother went on medical leave for five days because of a fever. Additionally, the “back up (doctor) did not react on time when various complications took place after the surgery,” Ms Tan added.

    On July 24, Ms Tan’s mother went into a coma. By then, her liver function had also been affected, she had turned yellow, and her blood pressure had dropped. Five days afterward, the mother required an amputation of her right leg, as it had gotten damaged because of poor blood flow.

    Ms Tan’s mother’s condition continued to worsen, to the point that by August 5 she needed another surgery to control internal bleeding. But the elderly lady was so weak already that there was a “90% risk that she will pass away on the operation table. If don’t operate, she will also die.”

    Before the family could decide on the operation, Ms Tan’s mother died at 11:00 pm on August 6.

    Ms Tan wrote that SGH told the family that the cause of the mother’s death would be listed as unknown as the doctors could not give the reason why she died….”Unquote .

    Response :Singapore General Hospital is not the first time to mess things up.The previous Hepatitis case died so many people also no doctor ,no nurses got charged to go to jail .Go hospital become dead person ???

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Seek Bill Gates for advice on this matter Tan Ahhhhh!!!

    He is An Authority in VACCINE…Good Bad Or LEEthal!!!

    MONEY$$$$$$ is the Reason for every Plague Created in the Lab or Man’s wanton & sinful actions and a Price MUST be PAID!!!

    Be it to benefit the Pharma or The man with The Sickle “Death”…

    Live a Life you are intended for and seek NONE of these Diseases through wanton sex and Lust for things NOT meant to be…

    and…You will have “NO FEAR”

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Vaccine from Russia? So we also hear of vaccine from many other countries like USA,…. and even from Singapore. So which vaccine to buy if really got corona virus? It is just like all those medical products where one can find at Watson, Unity, Guardian,…. pharmacy. All of them describe until they are so good and attract you to buy. However most of the time after one bought a bottle of super expensive medical products from such pharmacy and take it, then one realise such products has no effects to improve your health at all. And you will then be left with a bottle of 118 pills out of 120 for which you use just 2 pills and discover it to be ineffective. And that whole bottle cost a price of over $100 per bottle. Our law run by a whole government of dumb ministers cannot even set law for pharmacy to compulsory sell a small sample bottle of medical pills of just 8 pills each for any particular product so that customers do not need to buy a whole bottle of 120 pills or higher to try that product. A lot of money will be saved for customers this way. No unnecessary wastage buying a medical product which eventually will not be finished as no cure usage to customers. And new law must be layout so all pharmacy products must give detail specifications of products, method of consumption before or after meal, what product is targeted to cure, side effects,….. This is how government can help people save money.

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  • Steven:

    Now TKL has graduated as a doctor. Maybe he should contract this virus and a dose of the Russian vaccine is given to him.

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  • Vaccine:

    @TKL. What’s the point of vaccines when you said majority of us already had herd immunity? I think the vaccines are more urgent for those who tested positive infections.

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  • Russian Vaccine:

    Let the Russian use it first..see it work or not.
    The world can wait….
    Better to be safe than sorry.

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